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  1. Guns are in the sweet spot right now- people will pay up to revel in nostalgia for a few hours every few years, but the band has little cultural relevance so they can act pretty much any way they want. The media doesn't need this band to get clicks- they have Meghan Markle and Beyonce and whoever the hell now. 

    Also Guns n Roses treating their fans like shit is not exactly surprising or unexpected. These guys are assholes? NEWS AT 11!

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  2. Look, TB is terrible. They have always been terrible and they will always be terrible. But everyone need to remember that the real fault lies with the band itself.  Beta is just some  uneducated man-nanny who, with a little bit of power, has acted like, well, an uneducated man-nanny.

    Without Axl letting her be an unofficial mouthpiece, she is nothing. Without Slash and Duff counting their monies and looking the other way, she is nothing. 

    This band has always thrived on creating abusive relationships with its fans. And we just keep on paying.

    "Thank you sir, may I have another?"

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  3. The idea that we would ever have any significant change in gun control laws died after Sandy Hook. 20 six- and seven year-olds killed and America collectively shrugged it's shoulders. But we can take a few days and pretend to care about this, I guess. 

    I don't know why the same people who bitch and moan about political correctness just don't come out and say, "Look, we love guns. We want them to be accessible. The second amendment is very important to us. And yes, your kids might have to die for it. That's the trade-off." Thoughts and prayers are for cowards.  Or snowflakes, if you prefer that. 

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  4. 54 minutes ago, RussTCB said:

    and that's the thing, right? They were young and thought the stuff they were saying and doing was cool. WE are all young and thought the stuff they were saying and doing was cool. We've all grown up since then; them AND us. So now we can all look back on it and say lesson learned. THAT'S the attitude Duff should have had with his responses, not that "it never happened" or "that's not what we meant" bullshit.

    Right. It’s strange that Duff doesn’t understand that saying “I was a product of my environment, and this is how I’ve changed and how circumstances have changed” would be a lot more powerful than, “LALALA NeverHappened LALALA.” But that’s how Duff operates. He refers to Susan as his “first sober wife.” The first two literally never happened to him. An interesting personality quirk that he gets away with because after all -who cares about Duff?

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  5. What if I came on here and said:

    Guys, I need some advice. I have a seven year old son, Billy. A few years ago we moved next door to a thirty five year old man, Steve. Steve is very kind to us, soft spoken , quite successful. Well known in the community. Steve told us he had a very rough childhood and so prefers to socialize almost exclusively with children. Well, just boys really. He has become very close to Billy, showering him with love and affection, buying him (and us) gifts, even taking him away on trips and vacations. Billy often sleeps at Steve's house, in Steve's bed, Steve having assured us that "it's the most loving thing a person can do." Billy seems really attached to Steve, emotionally and physically and I worry a little bit because Steve seems to have "favorite" boys that stop being "favorites" as they get older. I'd go get Billy now, but there is a series of alarms that go off when you walk to Steve's bedroom door. Anyway, people are starting to tell me that this all seems very inappropriate and that there was a multi- million dollar pay off to another little boy who alleged sexual abuse but it's not like I have proof that anything is happening, right?


    I gotta believe that the advice would be less about the legality of sleeping with children and getting proof of butt-sex, and more "are you fucking crazy? get your kid out of there and call the police."

    Also, I find it high comedy when the loving, functional Jackson family goes on tv and complains that these boys see Michael as a "blank check." They might as well have thought bubbles over their heads saying, "Goddammit,  we are finally making millions of dollars without that creepy weirdo blowing it all on gold unicorn statues and rivers of popcorn and they have to bring up the kiddie diddling again."


    Anyway, those mothers are disgusting, Michael was probably a child molester and Off the Wall is awesome.

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  6. 41 minutes ago, Archtop said:

    :hug:Thanks, I miss you all, I will try to drop in a bit more, but everything went so quiet on the Izzy front. I half wonder if he got scared off by the petition, You know like awkward about it?

    Nah. He was silent long before the petition. His attitude is, "Take the songs I'm nice enough to give you and leave me alone." Izzy has no interest in cultivating a fan base. And no one can do it for him. 

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  7. 8 hours ago, killuridols said:

    Does Grace really go to College? :question:

    I have no indications that she's still in school...... :ph34r:

    @beautifulanddamned I don't understand that video.... is it 2018 audio over 1988 video?

    It's Coachella audio over the 1988 video. I just thought it was interesting to see them mashed up. If I'm being honest, my perception of how good they sounded probably went up tenfold, when the sound came out of those young, rough guys. It's like a mind trick.  I know I am judging them way more harshly now.

  8. It's interesting-there's this general belief I think that if we got the Appetite 5 together these shows would feel more genuine- there is a sliver of disconnect now between the band and the songs they are playing. I don't know that the line up would make a difference,though. Appetite was so powerful because it was youth personified and because it was written and performed by a bunch of debaunched gutter rats who were living that life. Out to Get Me is much less impactful coming from a guy who has been a super coddled multi-millionaire for three decades. Duff is no longer Punk as Fuck. 
    I thought this was interesting, in terms of what an impact a band's persona can make on a live performance:
    Grace is never going to be punk either- it's hard to be a pampered rich "punk" and not seem like a total poser. I don't know that that is Grace's goal anyway- she's not doing punk so much as that pouty, fakey, Instagram-y thing that I don't understand because I'm an old person. There's no depth to her facade and that's understandable because she is 20 freaking years old. I blame Duff and Susan for putting her in the position  of having people yell "nepotism" at her. They should just back off and let her do her thing in clubs for the next 6 months or ten years or whatever. Stop trying to make "fetch" happen.   
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  9. 8 hours ago, default_ said:

    Will the band be there? We should make some money and pay to the angriest member of this forum to go there and while on the sky, start to rant about every single wrong thing going on. They're in the sky, nowhere to run, they gotta listen we want a new album and Frank is terrible and we want the guy from Foo Figheters. 

    As long as they finish the rant by peeing on the plane and screaming, “WHERE’S IZZY?!”

  10. 5 minutes ago, Padme said:

    We know the stadium wasn't the problem. But if Axl keeps sucking (his own words) Angus is gonna hire Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford or somebody else. This is not the 2016 Axl

    It's not even about Axl to a large extent. The more I look at it the sadder that show seemed. They clearly couldn't fill the stadium. Their sound engineers are sub-par apparently, their graphics suck, and overall the band is completely sterile.  Slash plays guitar well, but they put on a terrible show. 

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  11. I posted this in the show thread and honestly the more of it I watch, the sadder it makes me. I've posted on here several times that I much preferred the AXL/DC show I went to over the NITL show. And I'm not even a huge fan of AC/DC.  I was confused by that at first, but videos like this make it clear- they are just a more professional band, no matter who the lead singer is. They sound good on that stage. The production is better. The sound is better. They have chemistry. They are putting on a fucking rock show for that audience. They clearly didn't take the easiest, cheapest path. Anyway, different band, same stadium, same acoustics, a few years back:


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  12. That Slither is not bad. I have complicated feelings about Axl's performance, but the band powered through what was clearly a rough show for them.  Horrible sound, rough voice, unfilled stadium, vaguely interested audience-not the kind of show you want to open a leg of the tour with. Hopefully they shake it off.

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