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  1. They have definately proven that they don't need Izzy to sell out stadiums or put on fantastic shows. That being said, it is a miracle that those five guys, having put their bodies through absolute hell, are still alive and able to perform. They are all in their 50's now and that is also when shit starts to take you down- cancer, heart attacks, arthritis, hearing problems etc. It would be such a damn shame if something were to happen to one of them and they hadn't all been on stage together when they had the chance.  Especially if the problem was money. And that seems to be the case. 

    I do wish we knew exactly what was keeping Izzy away. But my guess is that there is such a weird combination of money/business and personal/friendship issues that it would be near impossible to put out a fair, simple statement.  I feel both ways about  the money issue- my gut says it's Izzy give him whatever he wants but... Izzy sold his share of the business in 97 or so, right? It must have seemed like a good decision at the time- they weren't making much money and Izzy apparently never enjoyed the lawyers and lawsuits and shit that went with the business side of things. So does he get to come in 20 years later and take a victory lap with the rest of the partnership? Izzy is my favorite member and his contribution in the "classic" years is so vast. But he has been paid very well for that contribution. He was essentially able to retire at age 32 and live off that contribution (I love his solo stuff, but since The JuJu Hounds they are hobby albums that he is good enough to share with us- I doubt he makes any money off them). 

    Anyway, i'm still betting he shows up at some point and the Izzy saga has been one of the most interesting things about this reunion. 

  2. Izzy was pretty quick in pointing out that the lyrics to his latest song weren't a dig at the band- that's a change from his older tweets. And he's been silent for over a month. It might bode well for the California shows. After all if there is one sign you are involved with the band right now it's probably silence. 

    I don't care if he's overrated or underrated or ..rated. I just hope he shows up a few times. 

  3. I have a relative who was  big on the racing scene and met Izzy on several occasions. He told me that Izzy had a French wife who had a couple of kids from a previous relationship, so they lived in the South of France, at least part time. This was around 2009. I never put much stock in it because it was second hand information and who cares but I figured that was why Izzy always made the London gigs and that wedding in France. Roxanna Shrazi also said in her book that when Izzy was on tour in 2006 he had a French woman with him and a young girl she assumed to be their daughter. I think he divorced Annika around 2000. It's pretty incredible how little we know about this guy. Good for him, though.

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