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  1. 1 minute ago, koldweather said:

    He gave it a good go to be fair, still get the feeling though that he was right on the edge of his voice just going totally though during the last few songs, but he powered through it!

    I bet he couldn't sing much after PC though if he needed to, that was a voice buster type effort.

    Not just Axl- that was the best paced PC I've heard in a while.

  2. For some reason (maybe because there isn't much to hide the vocals), when November Rain starts, more than any other song, I think, "Come on Axl,  you can do it! Concentrate, try harder, do whatever you have to do just nail this one song!" 

    It never works, obviously.

    But I always hope like a damn fool.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Georgina Arriaga said:

    And this is good because he is Izzy, right? You have mention the very reason why some people think he is unreliable. See?

    He wants to reach Axl so badly that is beyond pathetic.....

    Did I say it was good? 

  4. 5 minutes ago, StrangerInThisTown said:

    Here's a sad piece of truth: Many if not all GNR fans want either Izzy and/or Steven/Matt/Gilby instead of Frank and Fortus there. But MOST of those people will still go to the shows because it's not worth missing out on seeing Axl and Slash and 3/5 of GNR just because those are missing. So guess what happens when those poor fans buy tickets to shows and GNR get their money? They WIN. They have WON. The band gets away with it.

    Bringing up things like "the shows are all sold out" or whatever as an argument that most people don't care if all those aforementioned people are replaced by nobodys like Frank or Fortus is straight up erroneous. Yes those ex members won't move many more tickets for GNR because like 90% of all the people who want those people there end up going still. Very sad situation for people like us.

    Exactly. It's not just the casuals who don't care about the line-up outside of Axl and Slash. I'm an Izzy nutswinger , and I acknowledge the fact that I screwed him over when I bought a ticket in 2016. A lot of us kick and scream about it but most of us bought wildly overpriced tickets anyway and that is literally all that matters. You vote with your wallet, not your comments on a message board. The mass of business people behind this reunion understood from the beginning that it would happen that way.  GNR INC isn't about producing music, or regaining respect or making fans happy. It's about making money. We can bitch and moan about the line-up and the setlist and no new music, but if you bought a ticket or a t-shirt or a litho, then you are giving your unqualified approval to the band and the machine has won.



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