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    18 minutes ago, Tori72 said:

    Yes I heard / read that with Morgan Freeman. First sentiment disappointment, then I was like „Girl, get real. Who are you kidding? This is patriarchy and all men in powerful positions are likely to act upon it.“ So yeah. :shrugs:

    Image result for sex monster snl

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  2. I obviously love GnR or I wouldn't be here- but their music demands a lot of cognitive dissonance from me. It's okay- I can appreciate art and disapprove of the actions of the artist who made it. Rosemary's baby has always been, and remains, my favorite movie- but Polanski is a human piece of shit.
    I love rock n' roll in general and unfortunately, if you refuse to listen to anyone with misogynist backgrounds or lyrics, you aren't going to have any rock n roll to listen to. It sucks but it's the truth.
    I find it very interesting that the music industry hasn't really been hit much by the Me Too movement. It's like there is too much to digest. I also think the water has been  muddied by the groupie element. But it still seems a little strange that, in the current environment, I went to a show where a very diverse audience- at least gender and age wise- had their hands in the air yelling, "Turn around bitch, I have a use for you" and no one thought twice about it. Motley Crue had a wildly successful final tour a few years back and let me tell you, if you ever read The Dirt you will come away thinking that 3 out of 4 of those guys should be in jail. I wonder if Julia Holcomb will be brought up when Steven Tyler dies?
    Geffen apparently had to settle many lawsuits at the beginning of Guns career- but even if that shit went public- would it matter? In rock n roll, you are untouchable.
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  3. I kind of hate weddings altogether, so all I could think is the same thing I think at every wedding-  hope you had fun, now you have to make your marriage work just like any other couple.  Didn't Harry say something like now Meghan would have the family she never had? The royal family? Enjoy the warmth of that bosom! Also, get off my lawn.

  4. I want to be all up in arms over this, but it’s hard for me care about what Axl’s nanny’s son thinks about anything. I don’t ask my cleaning lady for opinions on my work, you know?


    I do love to think about how Slash’s manager- a smart, talented, well-respected man in the business would respond to this. But we’ll never know, because he’s a fucking  professional, see?

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  5. Good interview!

    Interesting perspective from a guy who was sort of on the periphery of rock stardom. I appreciate how honest he was about the business.  

    I wish more would be written about the Sunset Strip scene in the late 70's and 80's- that scene took over the whole world for a while.

    We'll never get Izzy's reasons for abandoning the Ju Ju Hounds the way he did (or Izzy's reasons for anything, really), and I don't think Jimmy ever talked with him again, but he sort of answered obliquely in this interview- they just weren't that successful.  Too much work, for no real reward- at least on Izzy's part.  Jimmy seemed pretty destroyed by the way it ended , which is sad.

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  6. 9 minutes ago, Blackstar said:


    The question here is: Did they sell the shows without a release, new or old? They did. Would they need the box to sell the upcoming shows? I don't think so. These shows are their second round in Europe, like they did two rounds in America and sold the tickets. Moreover, most of these shows are at festivals, other bands will be there and GnR have been paid regardless of the ticket sales.

    I don't think it's necessarily about selling tickets. It's about advertising for the corporation that is GnR. It's about getting good press (or any press at all).  Selling themselves. Selling their brand.  That's what you do in the entertainment industry. The shows will end at some point and the business team will want to keep making money off the brand. Most bands do it by creating new music and giving interviews about their current projects as a band. GnR doesn't do that. They need other ways to do it.  

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  7. 7 minutes ago, Blackstar said:

    In my opinion the reissue was delayed for the exact opposite reason (plus, probably, initial reluctance on Axl's part). They didn't want to create confusion about the current band, they wanted the public to take it as it is. They also wanted to avoid comparisons and expectations. They could sell the NITL shows without the box anyway, and they can sell the few remaining shows. They did NA and SA twice, and now they're doing Europe for the second time (and likely Asia/Australia). That's why they're releasing the box towards the end of the tour.

    Some of the information on Mitch Lafon's tweets turned out to be wrong: the release date (he said it was scheduled for autumn) and the inclusion of early shows in the box. Troccoli said that the plans about the box changed at some point. Probably Mitch Lafon's sources were dated and he knew about the initial plan, which was to release the box after the tour was over. It's possible that the label rushed the release, and that's why they didn't include live material and maybe they kept it for future releases.


    I don't know... creating confusion about the current band doesn't seems to bother them in the slightest, in fact I would bet management loves it.  Did they even announce the current line-up before the Troubadour show? The show they celebrated with this:

    Doesn't seem like they cared about people taking the band as it is at any point. In fact, they seemed to encourage the confusion at the beginning. Made for good business, I'm sure.

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  8. 5 minutes ago, Georgina Arriaga said:

    Well, I don't think they are boring..I enjoy the hell out of this tour, it's just a matter of taste and expectations. 

    True. Truthfully, I only find it 95% boring. 5% interesting.

    2% Adler showing up

    2% Izzy freaking out

    1% Slash's balls popping out of his pants

    Those parts were, admittedly, pretty fun.


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  9. It's weird- both the re-release and the new pro-shot are both great advertisements for the new GnR and terrible , terrible reminders of how this is not the same band at all.  

    There are two entirely different versions of GNR- the version that lasted up until the Spaghetti Incident and the NITL version. One was an actual rock band with talent and drama and attitude and line-up changes but they were always a great rock band. The other is a corporation and marketing machine that plays music sometimes. When I think of it that way, it makes all of their current choices easier to take and understand. I come here still because I love when the first version comes up- that version was always, always interesting- that pro-shot is great. And, well, the second version is boring as hell (Oh my God, so boring) but fun to mock and if Slash's balls fall out of his pants I want to know about it for some reason.  
    Selling out the old version to advertise the new is something they have done since NITL started, but for some reason the latest mash-up seems a little more unsavory to me. Maybe because it's clear that they didn't re-release Appetite during its 30th anniversary because they wanted to use it to advertise the upcoming shows after a lengthy break from GnR INC. They knew they wouldn't be giving any interviews or have anything new to release- but they wanted some good publicity.  Granted, "Come see a way worse version of this awesome band!" seems like a not-so-great advertisement but people are kind of stupid.
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  10. I think Slash Axl and Duff all have the need to seem like authentic rock n rollers who value their musicianship above all else. I don't think they especially want to acknowledge that they have put nostalgia and the money it brings before musicianship. Their silence speaks volumes.

    Are you psyched to make music with this line-up? Do you value the contributions you will get from Ferrer and Fortus, who after all are a part of your band? They are valued members of your band, right? You do consider it your band, right? Guys? Shout it from the rooftops! 

    Or just bury your heads in the sand, stay silent and release a single from over 30 years ago. 

    No new music. 

  11. The best, most impressive thing about this whole reunion has been what the marketing company has pulled off. 

    This ding dong band went to them and said, "We're doing a reunion tour with 3/5 of the line up, no new music - we'll be charging hundreds of dollars per ticket and won't be doing any interviews/appearances- good luck!" And they have knocked it out of the fucking park. 

    That will be my lasting impression of the NITL period- great marketing.

    ROCK N' ROLL!!!!  

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  12. He doesn't have a say in how any GNR music is used.  Axl Slash and Duff can pimp out Appetite as much as they want to whoever they want and he can't do anything about it. But he'll get a nice cut because of his songwriting credits. It's in his best interest to support a re-issue. Money for nothin' seems right up Izzy's alley.  And it's nice publicity for Adler's tour that he doesn't have to pay for. Good situation for all of them.







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  13. 7 hours ago, RONIN said:

    I really don't think Izzy gives a shit either way.

    Any interest he had in this was probably for the nostalgia of AFD 5 (something he's been into since the early 2000's) and a payday. I suspect he called out the band on twitter because Axl/Duff made him look like an unreliable flake when the real reason it all probably fell through was over money. Less hardball and more about setting the record straight imho. I can't imagine he's under any delusion about who the stars of the band are and who the audience is turning out for - he was always going to be at a disadvantage negotiating with the band. If there's residual disappointment there on Izzy's side, it's probably less about GnR and more about his personal relationships with Duff/Slash taking a hit. Izzy was closest to Duff and I can't imagine that relationship hasn't been bruised by what went down.  

    As you said, he's probably moved on by now. I wouldn't be surprised if he's washed his hands of GnR completely. Izzy is content living his life on his terms. The real losers here are Axl/Slash/Duff (if they're going to be writing new material) and GnR fans.

    I wasn't talking about the loot tweet at all. I was talking about the initial "You owe me one, bro," yo soy Axl Rose, Stuck in the Middle, people who enjoy April Fool's Day are asshole's extravaganza. Not the actions of a man who didn't give a shit at that time. 

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  14. I'm sure Izzy was a little heartbroken- although in a completely different way then Adler was/is. Adler's heartbroken because he wants nothing more in life then to go back to the days of Appetite. Izzy stuck his neck out on Twitter and played hardball hoping that the fans and the media would revolt in his favor. But relatively few people gave a shit. The shows sold beautifully, they got great reviews and Slash, Axl and Duff made a ton of money and reclaimed their legacy, simultaneously negating any leverage that Izzy had in the beginning. That had to hurt a little.  That being said, I'm sure Izzy is over it at this point, unlike Adler. Izzy has created his own life he seems very satisfied with it.

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  15. On ‎4‎/‎14‎/‎2018 at 9:41 AM, Tori72 said:

    OMG, wow. I really need to get Mar Canter’s book it seems. Thanks for telling and quoting. Jeez, they were into some serious shit... Can’t believe Izzy let his girlfriend go into that house. I know, addicts. Still, that’s pretty bad.... 

    Also I read elsewhere that Dezi apparently got played by Courtney Love in the film.

    Courtney Love played Althea Flint. Althea started doing heroin in 1982 and was diagnosed with AIDS in 1983. She died in 1987 at age 33 when she overdosed and drowned in her bathtub.  Heroin is a horrific drug. I hate to think of how many people contacted AIDS in that scene, from either unprotected sex of dirty needles.


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  16. 1 hour ago, Tori72 said:

    Me again, sorry for double posting. 

    Buuuttt I found this interview and I think it wasn’t posted here before. From Kerrang with Duff and Matt.

    Also there is a mention of Duff meeting Larry Flynt and his wife once. On a FB Izzy Stradlin group one poster said that Izzy and Dezi were Flynt’s drug dealers? Never heard of that. I know BS is being said on FB groups. In case one or two of you WTCSIS (Women’s Thread CSI Staff :rofl-lol:) wanna go into that, I’d be damn interested. :P


    Desi herself says it in Marc Canter's book:

    "We were selling drugs to help support the band. One of our clients was Althea Flint. That's something that was tucked under the rug because her sister had always told us that if Larry ever found out who was selling her the heroin, he would kill them. I was always the one that had to go in the house to deliver the stuff because I was female and it was less threatening, but it was very scary." 

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  17. I love the band because of the music, of course, but also the unique personalities and chemistry of the Appetite 5 plus their connection with the 1980's and Los Angeles. Although they made pretty classic rock n' roll, I feel like they couldn't have come out of any other time and place and i love that. I'm still interested in the stories of people who were around during that time period, in that place, whether they are band members or fans, or management or whoever. You still hear juicy tidbits ever so often and that keeps me coming around. 

    I separate the current band from that band almost completely, I don't find this version to be very interesting, but I still like to hear the gossip and what they are up to.

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