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  1. "Steven lives a very confused life."

    I think Izzy has always held Steven at arm's length (seems to be the best way of dealing with him). If Izzy was upset at Slash for writing about the drugs (as per Marc Canter) in his book, I can only imagine how he felt about Steven's. Plus, it wouldn't surprise me if Izzy was a little peeved at Steven for acquiescing to Slash, Duff and Axl ("Do You Love Me?"). 

    It would be nice, though. I honestly don't care if he ever makes a GNR appearance again, but I hate the idea that he may never make another public appearance at all.

    That said, I hope this works out for Steven, too, and that it brings him some joy and peace with the situation.

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  2. I never expected new music and knew this was a way for A/S/D to fill their bank accounts so that they could spend their remaining years doing what they want without the pressures of making money. It's been obvious all along. This is the way it was always going to be. I mean, hope is good and all but the writing has always been on the wall. If they considered themselves to be a real, working band again, who were inspired by each other creatively they would have been  screaming it from the rooftops. If you don't have anything nice to say...


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  3. GnR has always been in large part about the money, since the very beginning when they were playing record companies against each other to get free meals and advances. They've always been hustlers. I don't think Izzy is all about money in general  but I do think that he is all about the money when it comes to GnR.  So it's both. GnR is his piggy bank. People talk about him leaving the band at it's height, but in actuality it was slowly dying. Lawsuits and fees were bleeding them dry- so much so that thay had to do the Skin and Bones tour to make up the money. Add that to the fact that it was unlikely at that point that both Duff and Slash would even live through the 90's, and Izzy made an excellent (but ultimately short-sighted) business decision. He came back to play with the NuGuns circus for a big fee and I bet chose Axl's side in the RRHOF debacle because he knew which side his bread was buttered on.  There's nothing wrong with any of this, he started this freaking band. But, yeah, loot.

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  4. 16 minutes ago, Zoot said:

    Ok so here’s the timestamps for the podcast:

    1:29:00 - Funny story about Izzy calling Niven about Iron Maiden’s stage
    1:39:00 - Story of Izzy quitting GNR
    1:41:00 - How Izzy is doing and if Alan is still in contact (Confirms Izzy is still with and happy with his french model girlfriend)
    1:42:00 - If he thinks Izzy is still up to joining GNR on tour or making music with GNR (Talks about the Nashville soundcheck)
    1:44:00 - Confirms it was Meegan that brought Slash and Axl back together. Also says “girls” does he mean Erin???
    1:48:00 - Talks about what Team Brazil has done for Axl
    1:51:00 - Talks about any unreleased material
    1:54:00 - Talking about Slash having a meltdown after turning 49

    All the rest was nothing new or unrelated to GNR.

    Thanks for doing that, Kris. 

    I swear the more we learn about this tour and Izzy the worse it gets. What the hell happened at that soundcheck? 

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  5. 21 hours ago, RONIN said:

    "I took it pretty hard when Stevie was out of the band. It was pretty upsetting, cos I was watching Stevie trying to get himself together after pulling myself together, and it was kinda hard seeing somebody trying when they're not really ready for it. I actually spoke to Steve probably a month ago - against the advice of the attorneys - all that fucking bullshit. That part of the business, that part of the band, is such a load of shit - it seems it fucks up so many good things. But I talked to Stevie, I'd heard he wasn't doing so well, and it was a trip talking to the guy cos I hadn't talked to him for what must've been a year.

    He was a good natured guy; I hope he can get it together. He was never malicious, he never tried to fuck people around, he was just happy playing his drums. In some ways he's a little naive, I guess. I just tried to offer a little support, y'know? I just talked to him for a little bit. He was a good drummer. He wasn't virtuoso, a Neil Peart from Rush or something, but he's a fucking damn good rock drummer, he's a good guy, and he was funnier than shit on the road. I was always laughing when I was hanging out with Stevie. " 

    Izzy Stradlin'

     Kerrang September '92

    I wonder what Izzy's feelings for Steven are now (I wonder what Izzy's feelings about anything are now).  I think the most recent thing he's said about him is that Steven lives a "very confused life." It's interesting that during Avocado Gate Izzy tweeted the version of Do You Love Me that he and Steven did together. At least I think he did. Maybe it was a fever dream. Anyway, I think it's possible that Izzy was upset that Steven didn't put up a united front with him when it came to getting their spots back in the line-up (for however many shows).

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  6. The idea that we would ever have any significant change in gun control laws died after Sandy Hook. 20 six- and seven year-olds killed and America collectively shrugged it's shoulders. But we can take a few days and pretend to care about this, I guess. 

    I don't know why the same people who bitch and moan about political correctness just don't come out and say, "Look, we love guns. We want them to be accessible. The second amendment is very important to us. And yes, your kids might have to die for it. That's the trade-off." Thoughts and prayers are for cowards.  Or snowflakes, if you prefer that. 

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  7. 3 hours ago, Georgina Arriaga said:

    In the AC/DC forum they are discussing this:


    They consider this man a real insider.

    I think GnR is mostly just a piggy bank for them. Axl Slash and Duff can get their kicks elsewhere. 

    I wonder if with AC/DC Axl has realized how much he boxed himself in  by taking absolute power over GnR. He fought for years to gain complete control over the band and when he got  it he buckled under the pressure. It must be a relief to sit back and let Angus have creative and monetary control of AC/DC. There are benefits to just showing up and having fun.

    I'm not a huge AC/DC fan but I went to see Axl front them and had a great time, maybe because my expectations were so low, maybe because it was so obvious that Axl was having an absolute blast.

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  8.  Axl absolutely needs a team of Brazilian babysitters to make it through a tour. No doubt. But he's worth it. Steven is not. Axl and Slash just brought in half a billion dollars with this tour. If either of them demanded to be carried around in a sedan chair, someone would make that happen. Because $$$.  

    Plus, Steven did what- two dates- with Duff and Loaded in Japan? He was married and almost fifty years old and still managed to get completely fucked. That was less than five years ago. That was Duff's last working impression of him.  
    Not to mention that Steven, even when sober, is one of those people who is just too much. Most of us probably have experienced someone like that. Someone who is okay in small doses, but who wears out their welcome quickly.  

    So a super annoying dude with a tenuous relationship with sobriety who might have almost killed the lead singer's ex-wife with heroin, sued the band and won't bring any money to the table? How do they sign him up?

    It's telling to me that even Izzy in his passive aggressive FP Money state would chose to work with Matt and not Steven.

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  9. I'm not sure why Izzy would have to sell his shares in the band when he left, but Slash and Duff didn't when they left. I think Izzy did it willingly. In large part because he didn't want to deal with the lawsuits and legal shit that came with being in that band. He said that he was paid part of GnR's shares until 1997, which at the time probably seemed like a great deal. Izzy knew better then anyone that the odds of the band lasting until 1997 weren't good. Frankly the odds of Slash or Duff being alive in 1997 weren't that great. He just made a short sighted business deal.  

    Here's an interview with Fortus, of all people, talking about Izzy. 



    LRI: As a big fan of Izzy Stradlin, in Guns N’ Roses and solo. He is such an enigma in the way he is so low-key. For instance, he still puts out solo albums but you never see any pre-release hype or even any indication they are coming, they just show up on iTunes or you just hear about them on music message boards. So, I must ask what it is like when he drops in? Has he offered you any advice or are there any cool Izzy stories you care to share?

    RF: There are a lot of cool Izzy stories. He’s spent a lot of time with us on the road. Izzy is one of my favorite people! He is a very genuine person, a very authentic guy and he does what he wants to do. We share a passion for motorcycles so we have a lot in common.

    He doesn’t have much interest in being in a touring rock band otherwise he’d be doing it. It was great to hang out with him and to have him out on the road with us! Whenever he comes out, it is always a treat and it is always fun! He is a good hang!

    I kind of assumed that this was true. If Izzy had any interest in being in a touring rock band- he'd be doing it. He would have done it sometime in the last 25 years. He has the means, he has the connections, he's well respected.  

    To me the biggest sign that he had no interest in being a full time member of this band in the long term is that he obviously didn't bother to get any management in 2016. No business manager would have let him flounder the way he did when he first went on Twitter and with Rolling Stone, specifically. And in order to be part of GnR INC at this point, you need some sort of management. They are a corporation. A machine.  

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  10. It's nepotism without a doubt- no way Grace's band opens for GnR or plays at the 2018 festivals without Duff's influence. That being said- who cares? Nepotism generally only gets your foot in the door. Unlikely that this:


    will become the next big thing. Let them have their fun, this is the most impact they are ever likely to have.

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