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  1. Not thinking Axl is loyal = Axl is the devil. Got it.

    10 minutes ago, Lio said:

    As for the loyalty, Axl visited Steven in the hospital and he hung out with Duff when he was recovering, I believe. Something about mountainbiking together springs to mind, if I'm not mistaken.


    Definitely. When I think of all the people that Axl has remained loyal to, Steven tops the list. 

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  2. 23 minutes ago, Zoot said:

    What stuck out to me was when she said Axl was the most loyal person she knew... If he is as loyal as she says why cut her and so many others out of his life?

    She's not incorrect. As long as you toe the line and defend Axl and his whims publicly and kiss his ass in private Axl is very loyal. He'll let you suck at the money teat for years. 


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  3. 38 minutes ago, Majestic Beast said:

    Get that lazy Izzy back to the band,what he wants anyway,more money huh,give him more money then,this dude pissing the band from the first day he left.Damnation,then  take a proper drummer,that ferrer is a complete  joke,the sound need more groove.

    This post looks suspiciously like the text I drunkenly sent myself after seeing the Chicago show. Are you drunk me?

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  4. 12 minutes ago, Zoot said:

    I'm in NorCal (Sacramento). I only go down to SoCal for work few times a month so I'm nowhere near the fires.

    I agree though. It is really weird that national news sources haven't said anything yet. Especially considering how out of control this can possibly get with the Santa Ana winds.

    Oh, good. 

    Where I'm from we have snow and ice and blizzards and tornadoes, I am used to that. I am not used to literal walls of fire. WALLS OF FIRE.  I just read that it is jumping a football field per minute.  

    Theater in Ojai:


  5. Seems like the Axl/Slash relationship is very superficial. Like that coworker you exchange pleasantries with a few times a week. It's fine, it's their lives and it has worked for this (never ending) tour. But I doubt anyone wants to rock the boat by getting them to agree on what new music sounds like. Getting them to talk about anything beyond, "Hey, do you like my naked lady shirt?" puts literally millions of dollars at risk.  

    Management has found the sweet spot. They can now be comfortable in the fact that people will dish out hundreds of dollars to see Slash and Axl onstage together. That's literally all it takes. They have 2 1/2 years of proof. Why risk it to please 5% of the paying public?

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  6. I want to be clear that I think that pursuing education is a worthwhile goal, no matter how you go about it. I also think that a person who truly loves to learn and applies themselves at a community college probably has a greater capacity for knowledge than a rich kid who got into Harvard thanks to some crazy donation from their parents.

    That being said, Duff seems to use his education the way Slash uses his top hat. It's just part of the image. If you google Meridian Rock Wealth Management you will find several articles like this. Doesn't mention that he doesn't actually have a degree in business management or financial planning or anything. Talks about him "helping fellow musicians" but how? Who? Meridian Rock doesn't seem to exist. Look at (apparent co-founder and investor) Andy Bottomly's Indeed page- the group isn't even listed. It only seems to exist in order to butter up Duff's smart, compassionate guy image.  

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  7. 2 hours ago, Tori72 said:

    How is his violence not the subject of any explanation? Of course it is. We know for a fact how horribly Axl treated Erin, she was in court. For sure all humans have good and evil inside of them. Still that does not excuse Axl's treatment of women in any way. This is not about being young and wild, we are talking sever physical and mental abuse here. 

    Even if she was manipulative as can be, even if she hit him too, nothing, absolutely NOTHING justifies violence and cruelty like that.

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    (I will never understand the stanning of this fucked up relationship.)

  8. 15 minutes ago, Tom-Ass said:

    The video intro is kind of lame.. I just feel they missed an opportunity to have a really cool intro movie for this tour.. All the videos and images on the screens are kind of corny.  

    Aerosmith and the Stones have had some cool opening videos recently that have celebrated their members and histories, etc- it really gets the fans going. I guess this band's history is too jacked to celebrate.  They'd rather keep it impersonal.

    22 minutes ago, Tom-Ass said:

    The set list is what it is.. Super predictable at this point and it was definitely my least favorite of the three shows I saw. Everything is kind of predictable and staged pretty much. From when Axl beats his chest during jungle, to what part of what songs Slash is going to jump of the risers, or Axl is gonna get on them, When Slash puts his guitar behind his head or where he is going to stand during certain solos. Everything is just seems scripted these days. 


    Good review. At this point it's like Guns 'N' Roses: The Broadway Show. Do you like the soundtrack? Do you like the stars of the show? Then you will probably enjoy it. 

    You know if you go see Hamilton you will see the same songs in the same order with the same sets and choreography and effects. You might prefer actor A instead of his understudy in a minor role, but it doesn't take away from your enjoyment of the play much. Most people don't even notice. 

  9. 57 minutes ago, MyPrettyTiedUpMichelle said:

    Well, Duff and Richard react...it's just Slash who doesn't...Oh god, don't tempt me into a 'status of Axl and Slash's relationship' convo. lol I'm so horribly negative about it and I try, try to see the positives and convince myself they're really friends...and I feel it in my bones that it's fake...nooooo...I'm not going there tonight...! lol


    Not friends. Sometimes friendly business associates is probably accurate.  Better then nothin'.

    I think Axl is on bi-polar medication and booze. That's pill and booze bloat he's got- you can always tell when the neck blows up.  He seemed pretty sedated in that interview with Duff last year. 

    I hope he's happy, too, although I wish he'd lay off the alcohol.  It would help his voice, at the very least.

  10. 29 minutes ago, MyPrettyTiedUpMichelle said:

    On a more positive note - YAY! Izzy tweets!!!  OH, why can't it be Izzy in NY and Izzy getting his pic taken with them???  Dammit.

    I like to think that Izzy tweeted specifically because he didn't want people to think that he was in a Starbucks with Duff, Rosie O'Donnell and a redditor who bangs other people's wives.

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  11. 14 minutes ago, RONIN said:

    I wish Steven would have some self respect like Izzy. Dude - you're a world class drummer on one of the best albums in history. The Illusion albums suffered without your involvement - to this day fans and critics criticize that album's drumming. Just go out there and do your thing like Izzy, you've got plenty of cash to retire so there's no point in being so servile to Axl and company. Those guys treated you like shit and don't deserve you. You don't need them to be happy or successful. 

    Izzy and Steven seem to have diametrically opposed personalities in that Steven is backward looking and prefers to live in the past and Izzy is forward looking and cares very little for the past. Their involvement in the tour (or lack thereof) sort of represents that.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Tori72 said:

    I just realized: We have tourdates until November 20th, right? And then? That's it? Reunion over. Nobody is really expecting them to write songs together or doing stuff in a studio. At least I don't.

    Maybe they go on another nostalgia tour in summer '18 or '19.

    We will have had 1,5 glorious years of threeunion, hope and frustration, yuuuuge announcements, no loot and betrayal, forum insanity, a beast of a Womens' Thread and a Whacky Thread. What will become of us all? :wacko::lol:

    Ironically, we might actually have more to talk about next year. Touring and possibly new music with AXL/DC, touring and possibly new music from Slash and Myles, Duff will certainly keep busy either performing or writing. We'll probably actually get some interviews once the gag order is lifted (if Slash isn't actually just a mute man now.) I could see Izzy waiting until after NITL to release more music since people won't stop bugging him about joining. I could also see Duff working pretty hard to repair his relationship with Izzy. Even with them touring like monsters, we've kind of lost the ability to talk about the same damn show over and over. 

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