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  1. I think Izzy has been sober as long as he says he has. We have no way of really knowing of course, but he seems to have put everything into his sobriety. He did look haggard in the early 90's- like someone who exsisted on coffee and cigarettes and led a primarly outdoor lifestyle (motorcycles, dirtbikes, surfing) without using sunscreen. You can have a terribly unhealthy lifestyle in your 20s and still look pretty good, but that shit takes a toll in your 30's. By the end of the 90's he had apparently become a health nut- no cigarettes or caffeine, he was practicing yoga and meditation (hasn't it been said soemwhere that he's vegan?) and most importantly- he was mostly retired. I think Izzy seemed miserable during the Ju Ju Hounds. Miserable and overwhelmed. Not as miserable as he was with GnR, but miserable. People around him have made it pretty clear he hates the business, and he still had to deal with a record label and promoters and managers and lawyers at that point. His time in GnR was still dragging him into court cases. He participated in a pretty extensive tour- where you have to be in certain places at certain times and which wasn't overly successful in North America. He apparently didn't feel a lot of love for Ashurst and Quintana, since he never worked with them again. He clearly hates doing press, which he was forced to do. In interviews, he only really lit up when talking about his hobbies. Izzy doesn't like to work. When he stopped, he got happy, started taking care of himself and it showed. 

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  2. 53 minutes ago, BorderlineCrazy said:

    I think they do so many jams and all that shit to let Axl rest. I would take a killer 90 minute show over the one we're getting, though. Just play GNR stuff, don't play any extra shit, don't let Fortus play any leads AT ALL (especially on Rocket Queen), get rid of the CD stuff and give as a shorter but better show. Also, bring back Out Ta Get Me for fuck's sake, they were doing a stellar job on that song!


    This many times over. I just do not understand why people go crazy because they play for 800 hours a night. They could improve the shows by just tightening things up. Axl doesn't need to run a marathon across the stage during every performance.  He could do it in 1992. He's winded now. Just slow down and sing, buddy. No one is paying to hear Richard wank for precious minutes while you hook yourself up to an oxygen tank!

    And sing GnR songs for god's sake! They have run this whole thing like they are the best GnR cover band ever- which is fucking weird.  I think it's actually some sort of psychological thing with them. That's why they sounded so much better with Steven- not only is he a better fit then Frank, but with him, for those few songs, they actually felt like a real band.

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  3. 6 hours ago, Tori72 said:

    But why the loot-tweet then?

    There's no way Izzy would have wanted to be involved in a two year tour. I think his tweet was solely referring to the first four shows. And taken in that context, he's right. They didn't want to have Izzy as part of the main line up and pay him equally. For good reason- they wanted to sell a major tour afterwards. A tour that Izzy never had any intention of being an equal part of. Giving everyone the Holy Grail lineup and then trying to sell a watered down version to people being charged $300 a ticket would have been a very bad business move.  

    And in that context, what Axl said in the Axl/Duff interview was also correct. Izzy is an independent spirit. They knew he wouldn't want to punch a clock for 130 3 hour plus shows. Open fields, open planes, open gates, open lands, open sky, open mind, open race. 

    Neither of them were lying, they are just coming at things from different perspectives. 

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  4. I don't think Izzy loves giving interviews, but that would be no problem for a tour that has included little to no press. This was probably another Velvet Revolver situation- Izzy wanted to do a basic reunion with the Appetite5 plus Sorum for the first four shows, split the loot equally, and move on. Simple. Straight forward. Make some bank and give the people what they want. Axl/Slash and Duff wanted to do those four shows only as an opening shot towards a very lucrative 130 date, two year tour that Izzy was never going to fully commit to. There was no meeting in the middle. So here we are. 

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  5. I honestly don't believe that Izzy would be interested in a 2 year year, 130 date tour. That's a lot of clock punching for a freewheeling, independent guy who has been essentially retired for 25 years. I also doubt Izzy is dumb enough to ask for equal money to play 3 or 4 songs of a full length concert. I think that Izzy's idea was to have the Coachella and Vegas shows be a full scale reunion- Slash, Axl, Duff, Izzy, Steven and Matt, with others backing if Axl insisted. Split the loot equally. The problem is that Axl, Slash and Duff were planning a giant, two year tour after those shows, that Izzy was only interested in guesting at intermittently and Steven couldn't be trusted with. They couldn't very well come out of the gate with the Appetite5 and then try to sell wildly overpriced tickets for a watered down version of the holy grail lineups. So Izzy and Steven were simply offered guest slots for minimal cash. Steven didn't like it but accepted it, Izzy was pissed off enough by those first shows that he was dunzo.

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  6. 26 minutes ago, money honey said:

    Totally! (We take what we can get)

    You're welcome. I know, slightly scarlet for them being in Hello. Esp. Duff. Not very rock'n'roll. But it's clearly meant to boost the careers of Susan and the girls. 

    What did you think of the pic of Susan sitting on the inflatable pink flamingo with her feet dangling in the pool?? https://imgur.com/I23R5Kg It made me lol. Did this one slip past her into the magazine?? 


    Image result for hello magazine susan holmes mckagan

    I love Duff and Susan as a couple, they seem like decent parents and it's awesome they have been able to hold it together this long.

    But Susan's personal style is tacky as shit and always has been.  

  7. 11 hours ago, kkferro72 said:

    Yep. Seems likes ages to me too. I remember Izzy twitting that 2016 had been a great year, "creatively speaking" in his own words. I hope it doesn't mean he's done for the next couple of years. :wacko:

    Last year was nice because not only did we get four new songs, but we would get social media updates, both from Izzy himself and occasionally from his associates. We got pics of Izzy in the studio and at the guitar center, with Matt Sorum, etc. We also got some articles about him. Even if we didn't get to see him perform outside of his kitchen, he was a presence.

    Now everyone, fans and media are used to the idea that Izzy won't be joining the tour (the tour itself is old news) and he seems to have disappeared into the desert or the avocado fields. 

    What's really strange is that the more exciting time for fans might be next year after the NITL tour ends. People seem bored with it at this point. Even the show threads barely get any love. It will be more interesting when the gag order is lifted, maybe we get some Slash interviews, get to see if Duff and Izzy can patch it up and work together again, get to see if Angus can actually get Axl's ass into the studio, etc.

    For now...

    Image result for sleepy gif

  8. Izzy has many good qualities, but unfortunately reliability isn't one of them and he doesn't really have a leg to stand on when it comes to defending himself.
     -He left GnR before a major tour/release of the UYI's
     -Inexplicably abandoned Ju Ju Hounds while they were recording album #2
     -Cancels all press and publicity for his last album for a major label and goes to Hawaii 
     -Runs away from VR when they start auditioning singers
     - Backs out of New York Dolls reunion
     -Backs out of interviews for Marc Canter's book
     - Tours with NuGuns although according to Axl he only shows up when he wants to, sometimes doesn't learn the songs, leaves early
     - Doesn't go to the HOF

    Taken separately all these things are understandable. Together they give an idea of what it must be like to try to work with him/rely on him. His solo career is perfect for him because he works when he wants with whoever he wants- no expectations or deadlines. But You can't really blame anyone for bringing up his tendency to disappear/not show up- it seems to be the major quirk of his personality, take it or leave it.   

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  9. 8 minutes ago, Kris_1989 said:

    The tweet to Mygnrfoum was definitely strange.

    At first I thought it was because of this thread but now I'm not so sure. Active forum members seem to have a hard time finding this thread so I'm not sure how Izzy would find it. Maybe it was Ronin's posts that led to the thank you? Ronin was posting quite a few threads about Izzy's writing contributions at that time so that could've been it.

    And we were busy explaining to Tori what :jerkoff: was in this thread... So I don't think it was for us. :rofl-lol:

    I'm still suspicious that he's somehow found this thread, though. Remember when I jokingly mouthed off and said; if Izzy ever unfollowed John Oliver I could no longer be a fan? and then a couple hours later Izzy unfollowed him? :rofl-lol: That can't be a coincidence, right?

    I thought maybe it was you guys trying to help him with the instagram account, but yeah this thread seems pretty hidden. I forget about it sometimes. Maybe it was the Ronin posts but, those threads always contain some not very nice stuff directed at him as well.

    Maybe we got it all wrong and he was talking about this :jerkoff: specifically.  Thanks for the support over there!


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  10. 7 minutes ago, Kris_1989 said:

    But if he had signed a contract wouldn't he have shown? Unless he just said screw it and ate the fees that came along with breaking that contract.

    There was probably no contract needed to join in at rehearsals- just for the shows. Izzy jamming behind the scenes seems like a very Izzy thing to do. Hang out with your buddies and test the waters. 

    It's the same thing everyone was saying, but that particular post stays with me just because it's the first time I remember thinking,"Oh, shit." The same poster said that the drummer was up in the air at that time which would fit with Fortus later saying that Slash and Duff didn't gel with Frank right away. 

    The second time I remember thinking, "Oh shit" was when Izzy posted the John Oliver/April Fool's Day thing. That Troubador event was such a huge thing for the band and the fans, but I can't even imagine how hurtful it must have been to Izzy. 

    His most bewildering post was the shout out to this forum. It was nice and all, but why then? It wasn't around a time that he dropped a tune. And half the people here are very supportive of him, 25% are indifferent and 25% can be openly hostile. I still can't figure that out. So random. 

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  11. I found it. It was someone called @Prozacship

    That statement stood out to me at that time not because he said Izzy would be at those shows (everyone was saying that) , but because he said that Izzy didn't want anything to do with them afterwards. It's the first time I thought that Izzy was probably in rehearsals (making hangers-on believe that he was in for those four shows) but that something had gone down between them that pissed Izzy off. 

    Anyway it doesn't really matter, I was just thinking back to how crazy those weeks were. Everything moved so fast. But there was still hope. :(


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