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  1. Serious question: does anyone know if there even was a Radio Edit version of this song released?! In its natural state, in all fairness, it’s not very radio friendly. If any of you mother-fuckers or maggot-filled pussies know the answer please let us know…after all it IS a song that should be heard. It kicks ass live!
  2. Gn’Rnold’s… that’s funny 😆 Happy Days are here again in the mygnrforum !
  3. He seemed happy and powered through a great show. The only thing I noticed was he was sweating a lot. Professional rock show by a professional lead singer.
  4. Forgot to mention…Slash’s solo You Gotta Move mix was the best I’ve ever seen.
  5. Hard curfew last at 10:30 pm might have had something to do with it. Think they played about 2 hours 45 minutes
  6. Got it to Wrigleyville, parked my car, walked about 12 blocks, went to Will Call to pick up my ticket, went in, checked out the merch stand inside real fast, bought a hot dog and a large Pepsi then headed to the floor. I was on the rail by 5:15 pm. Charmed life! Slash is worth the price of admission. Whatever you pay, he’s worth the price of admission. Axl seems very comfortable and the set list bitching just doesn’t mean a thing when you’re seeing this tour live. A fucking blast 💥 The guy next to me who was super cool and a long time fan thought that Witchita Lineman “must be from Chinese Democracy” and the dude on the other side of me went crazy for The Seeker…”THAT WAS A REAL TREAT” he said. Guns N’ Roses people. Thank you GOODNIGHT.
  7. I’m tired and the show was a fucking blast from Slash’s side on the rail. Definitely the smallest stage I’ve seen them play. Did anyone buy anything from the Merch Truck? I passed it in heavy traffic on I-90 about 30 minutes before doors and the driver looked stressed…hope he didn’t get fired! No way he made it in time. and yes, I took these pictures while driving but we were only going about 6 miles an hour! Only this band. G’nF’n’R !
  8. I passed the merch truck in traffic on I-90 about an hour ago. Lithos are late 😆
  9. What is it? I’ve never heard of it…
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