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  1. The heart of GnR... all the best to Izzy!
  2. I will not get a vaccine solely to attend a concert. I will, or will not, get one on my own terms...if live concerts require mandatory vaccination proof then my money stays in my pocket for awhile.
  3. For the love of God... NONE. Merry F’n Christmas Fam. WTF.
  4. It was played multiple times at last night’s rally among other GnR plus lots of Elton John tunes
  5. Eh, I dunno...maybe we could hang out a bit. Go on a pontoon boat ride and watch the sunset perhaps. We would definitely disagree on politics though!
  6. Finally. Now we will get the opportunity to buy AXL ROSE* laundry bags, AXL ROSE* toy trucks, AXL ROSE* loungewear, AXL ROSE* bracelets and AXL ROSE* drinkware. Maybe even AXL ROSE* thong undergarments and AXL ROSE* duvet covers if we are lucky! Not sure about you guys, but I'm sick of GnFnR stuff anyways...
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