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  1. I'm a lazy ass motherfucker that can't be bothered to google OR read anything rn, but how's brexit gonna affect me, a swede (yes, the vegetable obviously) going to England again? Does anyone have any idea on whether it'll be as much of a drag as getting into the US or Russia with visas and all that, or? Like, will you need a tourist visa? Or maybe no one knows lol
  2. This thread has 69 pages and I can't be bothered to read them, but I swear if this band ever releases a new album with new songs on it that we've never heard nor heard OF before, I'll eat my cats. Or, like, obviously I would never actually eat my cats because they're my precious little babies, but I think Guns doing that is about as improbable as me eating my cats.
  3. I mean, it's this... when it's good, it's great. When it's bad it's ??? I don't know whether to cry or laugh, really. It just pisses me off. I was about to leave once. Got a truck and everything. Things worked out tho and stayed good for quite a long while And it's fine now. Idk man, I was just really really pissed off when I wrote that. Being told to shut up has me annoyed as fuck. Especially when I'm not even saying anything.
  4. Maybe, who knows? A little disappointed tho. Forgot about this site for about a year and then for some odd reason thought of WT and went in to look and... DEAD. I mean I get it tho lol
  5. Also I quit being drunk all the time. I’m like never drunk these days. For real. Only gone out once this year. Too busy working and all that. You know, I thought not being drunk all the time would help but all it got me was more annoyed with his shit. Starting to think I was never the problem to begin with. Oh, now I’m getting a bit too personal. Bye.
  6. I’m back here because right now I want to whine about EVERYTHING. Like for example why the fuck a 30+ grown ass man feels the need to repeatedly call his girlfriend (that would be me) retarded, stupid, an idiot and anything in the likes. Repeatedly. What I did this time? Said me wanting to eat healthier doesn’t necessarily mean NEVER eating anything considered unhealthy, like a fucking toast or a few pieces of sushi. Nothing surprises me anymore tho. A while ago I was an idiot for using the saying that someone “couldn’t see the forest for all the trees” (because that’s stupid - the
  7. Just because I was just thinking of this... 1. Miley curus 2. The queen of england 3. Carl XVI Gustav (for no particular reason) 4. Billie Eilish 5. Steven Adler 6. Clint Eastwood 7. Angelina Jolie 8. Tommy Iommi 9. Axl Rose 10. Lana Del Rey
  8. Come here and whine about shit that bugs you or whatever. I feel sick as fuck.
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