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  1. It looked staged because it was staged. And yeah. I watched them too a bunch of years ago.
  2. Haven't heard shit about the guy for like a decade at least. What's he up to? Still doing that AfD-coverband?
  3. If anyone should write an unauthorized biography of Axl's life, it's the people on here.
  4. Nuh-uh. Slash's in Axl's ass, that's where Slash is. I'm guessing his ass is quite big. I mean, in order to fit a full grown man in there. Must hurt.
  5. Wasn't that in that book, too? "Welcome to the jungle" from like... 2008?? Maybe. I think it was, because I've read about it before. Or maybe I read it somewhere else back in my teens (when I was obsessed with Guns N' Roses eh). Needless to say that book's shit too. Nothing produced about Guns has ever been good. I remember errors already on the first page about Axl's or Slash' birth date.
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