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  1. this makes my brain itch. its a tribute to the lady on the bongos, ok... but why go all the way for this? Axl found out she passed away or something and said "go look in the vault for a show in Belgium 1993, she played bongos on Used To Love Her, clean that out and put on youtube with nice words" or there's something else on the way?
  2. I looked there but didn't find anything... It's not much, but if there is a small clip... Maybe there's a full show somewhere
  3. I don't know if it was really yesterday but it was yesterday when I saw it... A short clip of Coma from the Tokyo 92 show, in full pro shot soundboard I didn't see anybody mentioning anything about it here
  4. thank you! just updated my Pikes, gonna give these a listen
  5. wait, someone help me out here... last Pike I have is Dreamthread and last album is Sigil... how many more things he released since those?
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