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  1. I looked there but didn't find anything... It's not much, but if there is a small clip... Maybe there's a full show somewhere
  2. I don't know if it was really yesterday but it was yesterday when I saw it... A short clip of Coma from the Tokyo 92 show, in full pro shot soundboard I didn't see anybody mentioning anything about it here
  3. thank you! just updated my Pikes, gonna give these a listen
  4. wait, someone help me out here... last Pike I have is Dreamthread and last album is Sigil... how many more things he released since those?
  5. Is there any truth to it? I always read that Axl didn't like MJ over the acusations Michael suffered in the 90s and that he got really pissed at Slash because he went to play on Dangerous... But it doesn't make any sense, Dangerous was released in 1991, two years before any acusations. The UYI ended in mid july of 93, the acusations on Michael got public on late august, so GNR wasn't even on the road and I bet Axl and Slash were very far from each other at that point... So, anyone knows if there is any truth to this or the "feud" didn't even existed?
  6. well, Metallica sells their shows on their site... That's why it's "worked". I don't believe that GNR cares because they just put it in a shelf somewhere
  7. And now I remember why I don't like to listen to Slash's takes on the CD songs... ew
  8. I like it but god, so many fuck ups!!!! Why this and not another show? They did what, close to 200 gigs since the Troubadour? And the audience isn't there, it sounds empty They could've done better for sure but I'll take it...
  9. This is why I hope and expect for leaks. They don't deserve our money, they deserve our middle fingers
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