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  1. It is finished... Maybe not a final mix but at least the first two cds from the Village leaks are finished cds with finished songs Have nothing against people that don't wanna listen or dont care about Hard Skool or Absurd... I just dont get why waste time saying "im not listening because of this and this and this" just dont listen, no need to post about it
  2. two of my favorite bands ever doing stuff that excites me after a long time and their fans just complain
  3. I think people HAVE to find something to complain about this band for happiness. if they don't change the setlist, they complain. if they change, again, complains. if they release something, complain the living crap out of if. if they dont release, complain 10 times more GNR 2021 will never be or do something like 87 through 93, if you can guys can just accept that...
  4. Imagine if they play this tonight and right after Axl announces the new album... This forum will explode
  5. guys no need for a vpn, it's all over facebook and twitter, just look around. and streaming the hell out of it when it hits your spotify
  6. me too. I wouldnt mind an EP with the CD leftovers re-recorded by the current line up and later 2022/23 a new album written by this lineup
  7. It is a new song, it's not like Absurd that it was previous played, we only know because it got leaked, if it wasnt for it.... And this just makes me think that the band really had something to do with the 2019 leaks
  8. I love it. I already loved the Village version, cant say what version I like the most but this one kicks some serious ass
  9. they are sound way better now live than before, on the begining of the tour
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