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  1. they are sound way better now live than before, on the begining of the tour
  2. I don't really care about his voice rn, I just love that he's looking really really happy! It's always nice to see he and Slash looking at each other and just smilling
  3. the human being is so unique but at the same time, everyone is the same HAHAHAH
  4. When I'm home, I sometimes totally randomly just scream "LISTEN MOTHERFUCKERS TO THIS SONG THAT SHOULD BE HEARD" or just go saying "ABSURD" for everything
  5. maybe his meds... he is on something for bipolar disorder and I think depression (don't know if its rly rly true, it's what I heard through the years) and sometimes these meds do crazy things to your hormones and stuff, you gain a lot of weight, you loose a lot of weight... And age just makes you look chubbier
  6. I will never learn... I was really expecting HS on this show.... But it's Guns N' Roses, I can't expect shit
  7. I sometimes think that the first CD will be the last big release by this band
  8. I don't think it would be better, I just wanna see what would come out of this line up writting and creating new music together
  9. my only true expectation is that we gotta have a NEW song, not something unreleased that we've heard, or something from the CD sessions that we didn't listen yet, but something made between 2016-2021
  10. and its really real? Don't understand why call the song JChan if on 2001 records it's already called Hardschool lol
  11. Always thought it was about a sadness and the shotgun in the name its like the guy was shot by a sad shotgun
  12. one of the things that I really wanna know from Axl is the real reason why we didn't get it in 2001, we all know that it was done...
  13. as much as I love Riad and don't dislike Scraped, I couldn't agree more
  14. I don't think it was necessary.... Glad we have the leaks, I love the drums on the Village leaks, sound so good
  15. sounded great in the 90s, now I don't like it... actually, I don't like YCBM live at all nowadays, too bad is a huge single and they can't drop it
  16. I think Bucket's work on the whole album is perfect... TWAT, Prostitute, his wibble wabble on Shackler's, Sorry...
  17. I just finished watching Rock in Rio 2001 and that must have been nerve wrecking for the whole band, they were on studio for like 3 years and just jamming and had to play for like 100.000 people out of nowhere... yes, they played a concert before but HoB has like a what? 10k people capacity? Not the same, cant imagine what was going through those guys heads, because besides Axl, Dizzy and Robin nobody had ever played for a crowd that big, I believe.... Maybe Bucket on Ozzfest with Primus but I don't think it was 100k. And it's a fun show, love to see Bucket on stage with Axl and those guys, I think is fun as hell his nunchak thing
  18. as a huge fan of CD and the whole thing that happened at that era, I couldn't disagree more...
  19. I don't really like The Seeker but Axl was seems so happy doing it that I'm kinda into it
  20. I think its funny as heck. I didn't remember all the stage props that dvd had, girls dancing, poledancing, girls on sheets, flying pianos...
  21. 5 from the CD sessions, 5 new with the current lineup... I would be happy
  22. Never really liked the alt version, the UYI I version is pretty much one of the best songs ever
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