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  1. I have a dark blue Adidas hooded windbreaker that is the fucking business.
  2. Pallbearer-Forgotten Days......fucking brilliant
  3. Wow i hope after this they'll get at least one black person to hang out with them.
  4. RIP to one of the greats, changed the way the guitar was played the definition of an innovator. Fair Warning is my shit love his playing on that album.
  5. I've got a couple, everyone should have at least one!. Dumb move couldn't they just all wear different coloured ones next time they're out in public?...what do you do then take all Fred Perry polo's off the shelves in the US?
  6. In a peak 2020 move Fred Perry has removed the yellow/black polo shirt from it's US stores because of the Proud Boys. Bit late isn't it each member probably owns 5 each.
  7. oh the hip hop thread is back eh! h
  8. Watching Sean Penn watching Shia Lebeof is pretty fun to watch
  9. Probably the uncool opinion but this my favourite Misfits album
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