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  1. Im with you there, the rythm tone lacks a little bite for my liking.
  2. Well you never know he could be talking about an actual feline or a cowardly person....my money is on it being a vagina though.
  3. Well the song itself is ok at best, i do however love it's crassness and the fact it probably won't be played on the radio. I kinda wish the dreamy section went on for a little longer i found that part quite interesting, reminded me of Tame Impala or something.
  4. Followed this guy for awhile, this is fun if you wanna switch up your cardio.....and believe me you'll be blowing and getting a sweat on after 10 rounds 3 mins each
  5. Probably my favourite album of the year too, not a big "doom" metal guy in the slightest but was pretty blown away by this. Little more catchy and dare say Alice In Chain-ish in spots.
  6. 12 round banger again no doubt, they're both just such precision punchers and more importantly have granite chins i can't call it. Canelo is pound for pound the best in the world atm, GGG ain't far behind just getting a little older now so hope it happens next year.
  7. GGG v Canelo 3 please, the best boxing rivalry on the planet right now.
  8. Axl should of put out a video like that when he snubbed the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame....."i'm the peoples champ!, you can shove your award up your ass....now excuse me i'm off to assemble a halloween tree"
  9. Roys best fighting weight is between 75-80 kgs i think he was 90 odd for this exhibition, carrying that extra weight at 51 is gonna be a struggle to perform......to be quite frank i've seen plenty of guys in their early fifties looking fitter than both Tyson and Jones.....Holyfield still looks like a machine
  10. Reckless Life, but seeing he is even struggling to belt it out on that 87 Ritz bootleg there's fat fucking chance of that
  11. I don't think U-God is upset haha, if he was i'm sure he could of set the wolves on Mike at some point in the past, just like Fat Joe almost did to Roy Jones!
  12. Fuck man what are the STONED IN L.A shirts selling for, had one when was a kid that was always too big for me....probably a medium i bet they go for a few dollars.
  13. yeah look i get why you've not been a fan of the fight, personally i took it for what it was....i think everybody had a slight hope that they would go in on each other but didn't happen. Was abit like one those legends games some big football clubs play, they still pack out the grounds make some money for charity and we move on. In related news i wonder if Tyson really is going to give U-Gods mum some money to go buy some earrings
  14. i wouldn't say it was awful, i wouldn't mind seeing Mike fight again in something competitive. As for Roy again he's gone into a (exhibition) fight heavier than what suits him, hands were quick in patches but moved sluggishly....you could tell he didn't want to over commit to his punches as he wouldn't be able to move out of way of anything Mike countered with.
  15. Yeah Mike landed one or two decent shots, Roy didn't land any really
  16. Well if we get anything out of this it's Snoop Dogg is a very entertaining commentator....oh lawd!
  17. Bit one sided for me, Fury was great but man did it show up how one dimensional Wilder is......probe with the left then go for the big right hand every-fucking-time.
  18. oh you'll pay for it and you know it. The hype has been ridiculous but sadly there ain't nobody in boxing in 2020 that can create this kinda hype, among the general public anyway, that's unfortunately how it is.....and surely it won't be anymore embarrasing than seeing Wilder come out in that fucking armour, then blame said armour( and a shopping list of other things) for losing a title fight. I ain't gonna pay for it though, gonna watch at a friends house and enjoy it for what it is and not expecting some fight for the ages or anything like that.
  19. Iron Mike coming in about 4kg heavier than Roy..
  20. fuck man imagine Tyson was your old man
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