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  1. Lol NZ has voted to keep weed illegal in the referendum, how stupid.
  2. You're just contradicting me! I was surprised Biden said outright they need to completely phase out oil. Obviously that's the future I was just suprised he said it clearly but talk is cheap. But yeah Regarding the moderator, you're right, she just did much better than that complete dipshit from Fox is what I'm saying. He was mindblowingly bad.
  3. Just watched the debate. Both did better than last time. Trump was winning the first half but Biden won the second and I think overall. Still think Trump will win the election. The moderator was much better than the retard they had last time.
  4. I can't be bothered trying to predict state by state but I stand by what I've always said; Trump will be re-elected. Perhaps by rigging or doing something unprecedented like refusing to leave.
  5. Day-in day-out. Trolling. Rattling off his boring mindless nothings. I wonder if in the rare moments DieselDaisy actually turns off his device, if the smirking eventually fades, if he ever has even fleeting clarity that he isn't winning.
  6. I literally just watched this. That judge and the rest on the side of evil were real pieces of shit eh? Depressing those types are still around despite the honorable efforts of the good and the brave of the past. Mystic River 5/5
  7. I'm stoked at the way the election is going here tonight. Hehe.
  8. Hold on a minute. You're saying it's confirmed all the old golden era proshots haven't been digitised yet or are you just talking about NITL footage?
  9. I wouldn't expect him to sing exactly like AXL/DC for every song. But some like Out Ta Get Me he definitely could. If I had it my way at this time at Axl's age it'd be a shorter set(with new songs and lots of rotating alts) and meaner, even if that means a little slower, vocals. He should move around the stage less too, that probably helped him with ACDC. I'd love some acoustic shows.
  10. Didn't you say you were reading through this forum? Give it time.
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