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  1. It is indeed a huge missed opportunity with how they're doing Nintendo Online and the lack of Virtual Console. I also really want a Metroid Prime Trilogy Remaster, Ocarina 3D/Majora 3D Remaster, Goldeneye Remaster etc etc etc. There's a lot of guaranteed success to be had. I regret selling my Switch once the new version finally comes out I'll be in videogame bliss.
  2. Had this on my radar for ages will pick it up eventually. Checkout 'GRIS'.
  3. @downzy well I finally bought it mate. Will be starting it probably tomorrow. Any tips?
  4. That's on my radar but I think first I'll get Nier Automata and Red Dead Redemption 2.
  5. Yeah I'm sure it'll be limited production. I find their performance claims hard to believe anyway...4K 240fps? Sure maybe some old games.
  6. Steam denied my refund requests. Fucking cunts. If CDPR don't fully fix the game and expand and enhance it with free content then I'm boycotting them for life.
  7. He's a lowlife. Will be amusing seeing his further decline into irrelevancy fuelled mental illness.
  8. Good point lol. It's honestly such a piece of shit.
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