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  1. And no doubt your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th etc
  2. What percentage are they claiming you're overcharging by and how long are you taking to complete the work? If you're not overcharging, produce high quality and you're fast - maybe you're too fast. Like if you can do I dunno $500 worth of work for a design in 1 day maybe you should arbitrarily drag it out a bit and tell the cheap bastards it'll take 3 days so they feel you've put the hours in. Or maybe your competitors are fucking you cause it's a very competitive field and they're doing the same for less.
  3. Really doubt if it is real that it's human. Our crafts cannot go anywhere near 600 G's. If it's real it's alien.
  4. I'll concede that's a possibility. However, it's also possible that's by design and we're being fed smoke and mirrors. Which in my mind is way more likely in this sad fucked up world than aliens being among us. Even though aliens are probably inevitable if the universe is infinite and it's an exciting gargantuan thing to consider. It takes a lot more than someone's word to make me believe something. For me to believe in something like aliens or Jesus or whatever the evidence would have to be solid as fuck and even then it would depend.
  5. What's important is why is the Pentagon doing a total 180 telling us UFOs are real.
  6. I'm a big Axl fan and don't want anyone else on lead vocals. I just want him to fucking rehearse and sound good. But out of these two shit scenarios I went with AFD5+Melissa because she does have a beautiful voice and we'd get a different take on the catalogue.
  7. Surprisingly NZ has the capability for domestic production as we can repurpose our apparently robust infrastructure for vaccinating cattle. I don't know the details that's just what I heard a while back. Point being if we can do it Canada can. Pfizer rollout is happening here in July. I'm still paranoid about the whole thing and will wait and see.
  8. It astounds me that for over a year places have a cycle of going into lockdown and when things start to improve immediately open everything up - then things get worse again. Rinse and repeat. What needs to be done isn't being done. May as well have the Swedish approach all long. There's no virus in places like NZ and Singapore. If everyone had our approach this shit would probably be over by now.
  9. It does look pretty good let me know then if you're seeing it.
  10. That's right merely a hypothetical out of curiosity. So no need to wag fingers too hard at music lovers. I'm not an insider I have no insight into Axl's psyche just guesses and assumptions. That being said I voted for our boy's wellbeing, you villains!
  11. "Everybody's acting like we can do anything and it don't matter what we do. Maybe we gotta' be extra careful because maybe it matters more than we even know."
  12. This is the hypothetical scenario: let's assume Axl's anxiety or whatever else it may be, when all is said and done, means the prospect of finally releasing new songs/albums whether that's new new or stuff from the vault - even posthumously - is a miserable path for him to take that will only bring him torment, stress and anguish. He'll be at peace if he doesn't release anything though. However, the material would be 100% guarunteed amazing meaning at a minimum on par with Appetite and UYI and it's as many as 6 albums worth.
  13. I'll concede there's a certain irony with worrying about mankind being under surveillance at all times and getting microchipped - while using a smartphone etc instead of becoming a reclusive mountain man living in a fucking cave. But it's incredibly shortsighted, arrogant and reductive to just be like "Fears regarding 24/7 surveillance and microchipping is just primitives scared of what's new." It's that exact limited scope thinking scientists creating A.I. have and that will likely be a catastrophic mistake too. What were you doing on his land you nefarious nord?
  14. Lmfao never heard the word antipodean sounds like a posh derogatory term but yes I forget people outside of NZ, Aussie and the UK don't say cunt as much. "Look at them down there, Charles. All those fucking antipodean cunts...let's microchip them."
  15. It's Mr Fun Cunt now, actually thank you very much, cunt!
  16. Uh huh. No, I don't get offended by people disagreeing with me. I just don't like bullshit or having words put in my mouth or being harassed. But yeah I probably was too harsh, sorry @dontdamnme. Lately I'm barely here actually and when I am it's often for dark and miserable subjects such as this lol so yeah fair enough, I'm not being as fun as I could be. I do seem to be held to a different standard than other posters sometimes like not being able to mention not enjoying a TV show without some stranger hopping on my dick - all that's probably got something to do with it. Anyway
  17. Evan, come on now. You've already expressed to me that you're upset your pal Soon was banned, I get it, he was a good guy I mean he did write out letters explaining as much. Take it up with downzy if you're really that bitter and want to beat a dead horse. You don't like me now, that's a shame but oh well, I mean fair enough sometimes even I don't like me. I'm not without my faults and I actually do swear too much tbh plus I no longer enjoy the Walking Dead TV show. But as you know you've made things unpleasant between us and so it's for the best to just put me on ignore. Move on. Go out
  18. I can be high-strung yeah. But maybe open a window or better yet get a life. Just put me on ignore. Peace.
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