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  1. Sweet as. I'll be going to the Auckland show. Considering it's at Eden Park Axl should attempt Garden of Eden lol or at least make it the lithograph theme. Hopefully new album out by then.
  2. Doing something like that to anyone who's passed out is messed up. If true, Nikki deserves his head kicked in.
  3. I'm sorry things are so fucked up there. Hopefully not for too much longer. Heard from my aunt recently(married a guy from Missouri they live in Arkansas. Try to imagine Trump supporter types brainwashed to totality.) It's amazing what some people believe.
  4. I'd definitely like a completed version of Crash Diet and also Just Another Sunday too tbh.
  5. Me personally I love all the music not just AFD but I can understand why some people feel the way Bill does. Wish Izzy and Steven were back.
  6. I'm enjoying ABSURD and Hard Skool on Spotify idc about this whatsoever. I want a new album. But hey better than nothing I suppose.
  7. 1. The General 2. State of Grace 3. Perhaps 4. Atlas Shrugged And everything else!
  8. Yeah, definitely still needed work but has the potential for greatness. I like the positive/uplifted vibe it has, rare for GNR songs.
  9. Ugh fuck an EP I sure hope it's a full album or better yet a double album. This year ASAP. Fuck I'm so amped up.
  10. Enriching your life one post at a time. I'm in such a good mood bro. A new album is on the way I know it. We believe even more.
  11. This shits on the demo from a great height. Waaay better. It's awesome.
  12. True. Need all! Fucking need new aaaalllllbbbbbuuuuuummmmm. Not that I know of.
  13. Yup. I was actually asleep, got messaged about this which woke me up and now I'm listening over and over. Kind of in shock. I like Eye On You so if they have chopped it up I hope we get the main vocals in another song. "I know you think you're bad but who's ya Mac Daddy?" would be a very GNR outro line.
  14. I'm listening to it on Spotify on loop over and over. It's so good. I love the guitar solo, reminds me a little bit of The Garden.
  15. Yeah there's background speaking I can't quite hear. This sounds waaay better than the old leaked version. God I'm so hard. Fucking amped af for a new album.
  16. I believe so, yeah. It's basically a certainty the shows will be rescheduled.
  17. Uh yeeeah, I don't want new material that badly lol. I wonder how many people on here would literally let Axl fuck them up the ass in exchange for new material.
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