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  1. I think Steven was confused thinking it was a new recording and so not him. Frank probably knows Axl doesn't want him or anyone else going around talking about Steven being on the recording hence the "No comment."
  2. You're Aussie? For some reason always think of you as being from Brazil or someplace. Yeah it realistically could be one of if not the last time to see them especially with the pandemic. So while the risk of them doing the same shit makes me mull it over and question my sanity I'm probably still gonna go I just hope they add an Auckland date ffs if not we might go down to Dunedin. Wouldn't mind making a skiing trip out of it but doubt there'll be snow.
  3. @downzy If a government or elements of that government were certain or at least pretty certain or at least pretended to be certain that drone striking your neighbourhood killing your wife and child was for the greater good, you'd be cool with it? If not why not? Bottomline is America shouldn't be in those countries. If it can't survive without inflicting itself on others, does it deserve to survive? That being said I'm all for the whole better the devil we know approach and continuing to back the USA cause I prefer them to the likes of China or Russia or Saudi Arabia. But let's
  4. Hopefully I never have to put my mum or stepdad in a nursing home but if I do I hope their carers are good honourable folks like yourself. The coworkers you're describing sound like horrible anti-social personalities tbh.
  5. Let's say I decide to see GNR in November and it's a poor performance so I come on here and vent my frustrations a little bit. If that oppresses someone who 'is' satisfied and allegedly positive so they don't want to express themselves, feel personally attacked or whatever - then that person needs to grow up and I'd argue they're the negative person, not me. Like wow you get what you wanted, you're satisfied and positive but you also need everyone else to validate you by either agreeing or being silent. DD is gone. Name what other posters are supposedly super fucking negative? A very smal
  6. When they come down here we should force them to quarantine for 2 weeks in a recording studio. I'm a bit surprised they apparently don't have to quarantine upon arrival? Not sure what the policy is tbh I'm sure certain groups like Americas Cup teams had to but then again Jon Favreau seemed to just pop over suddenly. Still hoping and tbh expecting them to add more dates at least one in Auckland.
  7. 'Solar Opposites' It's hilarious. Made by one of the Rick and Morty co-creators.
  8. It's tough but my top 10 in no particular order are... Halo 3 Final Fantasy VIII Dark Souls The Witcher 3 BioShock Pokemon Heartgold GTA San Andreas Splatoon 2 Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Alan Wake
  9. I started watching that but I didn't like the tone of the presentation sort of glorifying that scumbag.
  10. That's disgraceful and as we all know he's a cunt. Trump's gone though it's President Biden now. Two wrongs don't make a right.
  11. Even if they're not killing enough of them for it to technically count as genocide it's certainly cultural genocide. They're mass raping them and doing god knows what else to those people. I know your points are right but for Biden to shrug it off and downplay it is appalling even if that is the disgraceful status quo and I'd expect more people to be disgusted by it. If Trump had done it they'd go on about it.
  12. Ah. Well, I'm not right-wing at all I voted for Jacinda and the Greens. I just don't like things like abusers, creeps and downplaying genocide so I guess that makes me crazy in the mind of ole'blackface Evan. Take it easy. Maybe go down to the park and join your little buddy in trying to 'people watch' lol. In all seriousness if you're going to cunt about with him involving yourself blindly taking his side to the point of taking lame little potshots at me then you can fuck right off.
  13. That's something Joe Biden said. Wtf are you on about, Evan?
  14. Biden sucking up to China and dismissing the ongoing Uighur genocide. What a cowardly piece of shit President Joe "I like kids bouncing on my lap stroking my hairy legs" Biden is. America, land of the farce.
  15. Huh? What about my posts? It amazes me that I have to repetitively say it's not just their use of codewords. Anyway, you think I'm a crazy idiot who doesn't know what they're talking about and even attempting to discuss this is an uphill battle. So I give up.
  16. If you can find it watch the Comet Ping Pong commercial where they don't show any actual pizza just children as the voiceover talks about how their establishment can keep a secret and uphold their patrons privacy.
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