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  1. I play and voicechat too it's fun
  2. What the fuck no Auckland shows? Just Wellington and Dunedin?
  3. Cheers. Hopefully the situation everywhere else gets sorted ASAP
  4. Yes. If you put in a good word with Santa for me you can even sit on my shoulders!
  5. I'll be attending. The covid situation here is pretty good plus we're getting vaccinations so it's very likely this'll happen. Hopefully they perform well and play some new stuff. Izzy and Steven would be great. Just checked on Google and apparently we've had 2,010 covid cases here and 1,948 are recovered. Plus the vaccination coming so yeah very likely to happen. (That's what happens when you don't have a small handed retard running things lol)
  6. From what I've seen on here he's quite dull and at times struggles to maintain a coherent thought let alone a discussion. I don't mind different opinions(within reason). What bothers me is DD's mindless trolling disingenuous bullshit which he doesn't own up to. Plus he decided to backstab me and go out of his way to show me he's a bit of a lowlife, so that's my experience of him and what I've been given to form my opinion. I'll call a spade a spade even if it's sadly taken out of context and I'm mistaken as the loudmouth bad guy or whatever. Anyway, I'll leave it at that before I move on
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if DD is merely a history enthusiast living on the dole who uses Google on his mother's computer tbh. If he really is an academic/historian - think about how obnoxiously sad that is considering how he behaves and communicates.
  8. Yeah that is funny lol. Still can't believe Sacha got him.
  9. The Gift 4.7/5 The Lighthouse 5/5 YOU DON'T LIKE MY COOKIN'?!
  10. So, it appears I was wrong about Trump winning. Oh well, nobody's perfect. Hopefully I'm wrong about him not going to prison too.
  11. That's surprising and interesting but ultimately just posturing imo. It won't get that far anyway. Would be happy to be wrong though.
  12. Better to accept now it'll never happen than get your hopes up. Did those billionaires serve serious time in a serious prison?
  13. The bottomline is there's pretty much no scenario where that precedent is set, by anyone, imo. If a pardon were to happen there'd first be a slap on the wrist and lots of lambasting and then Biden would rush it through and probably say something like "I'm not doing this because I like the guy it's because the country, not lengthy court proceedings, needs my undivided attention in this time of crisis. It's time for America." They'd circumvent that somehow. He's never going to prison though so it won't get that far.
  14. Biden pardoning Trump is more likely than him going to prison imo.
  15. You think powerful people - former US presidents, go to prison? At most it would result in a resignation and retiring from public life and people would be so elated that wrongdoing was even acknowledged they'd be too busy to actually make accountability happen.
  16. No way, ever. If Trump goes to prison I'll become a devoted Catholic.
  17. Oh just be depressed with me, Evan! Trump has either set the tone for America's autumn years where it becomes even more of a reality TV show farce and/or people will eagerly rush smiling to embrace the more typical sociopathic establishment they're used to that's been fucking them over for years - 'stable' 'traditional' oppression. It's a joke. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if America's being destabilized in order to do something outlandish like merge the states together with greater federal power and maybe even have them join the EU lol. Because I find it extremely unlikely Trump
  18. Don't get me wrong it would be hilarious if he did lose and go to prison but that will never -ever- happen. The powers that be, whatever side they're on or pretend to be on, will never set a precedent of accountability. Nuclear apocalypse is more likely.
  19. By re-elected I'm meaning continues to be president through whatever means, such as rigging or changing the constitution etc. Plus Biden is a terrible candidate, the electoral college, people are jaded/lazy/stupid and humans have self-destructive tendencies and want to watch the world burn. "Do you want a business as usual(which wasn't working) piece of shit or do you want an entertaining piece of shit who pisses off democrats or gives you easy access to your own personal soapbox and maybe sends you some money?" That's the main question many Americans will ask themselves. A significant nu
  20. Yeah if he doesn't win I think you're right. Either way unless there's a big nationwide revolution creating real change Trump has set a precedent that America is either going to continue being a shambolic circus via Trump types or a shambolic circus via their rotten establishment which is still depressing. Too much corruption and too many fucking idiots.
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