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  1. 12 hours ago, downzy said:

    I felt it went the other way.  Biden started out strong but faded the second half.  His best areas were at the beginning of the debate on covid and healthcare.

    Both candidates did poorly on the issues of race.  It's sad that discussion of black americans almost always gets framed around the issue of criminality. 

    On the issue of fracking and oil/gas, I know conservatives and Republicans want to believe that this will somehow hand Pennsylvania to Trump.  But the reality is there's really no oil in Pennsylvania, and fracking is actually opposed by a (slim) majority of people living in the state.  The western part of Pennsylvania is very pro natural gas, but those voters were going to vote for Trump anyway.  Trump likely helped himself mobilize some of these voters who might have helped himself, I guess there's that.  But it's a caricature of the state to believe that a candidate needs to be in love with fracking to win.  The current Democratic Governor Tom Wolf ran on a green-energy platform that called for the state to move away from fracking.

    I honestly didn't think the moderator did a great job.  She let Trump continue to walk all over her, especially at the end of each statement.  There were several times she would let Trump change the topic, press Biden, and then force Biden to answer.  She gets points because Trump chose to adhere more to the rules because he was coached to do so.  I didn't see her do anything all that different from the previous two moderators.  

    You're just contradicting me! :lol:

    I was surprised Biden said outright they need to completely phase out oil. Obviously that's the future I was just suprised he said it clearly but talk is cheap.

    But yeah Regarding the moderator, you're right, she just did much better than that complete dipshit from Fox is what I'm saying. He was mindblowingly bad.


  2. 8 hours ago, DieselDaisy said:

    If it brought about the destruction of woke, I'd vote for the orange bugger.

    Day-in day-out. Trolling. Rattling off his boring mindless nothings. I wonder if in the rare moments DieselDaisy actually turns off his device, if the smirking eventually fades, if he ever has even fleeting clarity that he isn't winning.

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  3. On 10/20/2020 at 6:35 AM, EvanG said:

    The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020)

    I literally just watched this. That judge and the rest on the side of evil were real pieces of shit eh? Depressing those types are still around despite the honorable efforts of the good and the brave of the past.


    Mystic River


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  4. 9 hours ago, Tadsy said:

    Unfortunately I am talking about UYI era pro shots mate. 

    Gibbo posted the following link on his page: 

    “Guns N' Roses - Don't Cry - 1992-09-24 - Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA

    Today exactly 28 years ago, Axl singing don't cry. But as a GNR fan there's enough reasons to Do Cry.
    Because 28 Fuckin' years later we are still watching audience recording due to the fact that there's only one official release from classic GNR.

    The longest tour ever.... yeah but we haven't seen shit of it while there's tons of footage in the vault. Yet no one seems to realize that stuff needs to be transferred to digital media to prevent quality loss or even worse loose it all.“


    i responded with the following comment:


    ”I would be surprised if it hasnt already been moved to digital and stored "safely" in the vault. But your point is right.. it should be released so the fans can enjoy it :(



    ”Sadly enough it's not as fernando said they would need a lot of equipment to even view the stuff first”

    my response:

    ”Mind boggling. Have you recently got this info off Fernando or was this old news on his reddit page mate? 
    You are right, 1 official release in 30 years from this era is heart breaking.”


    he then posted an audio link of Fernando explaining exactly this. The link is still on fb mate. 


    Wow. Like tears in the rain.

  5. 4 hours ago, Tadsy said:

    I’m probably rehashing others opinions here but I think for the most part, everyone is entitled to their opinion. 

    if you look at the state of the band, how management treats the fans with contemp, the lack of music, the lack information in regards to just about anything, then the merchandise release of toys, laundry bags and wait for it... a $12k pub ball machine that non of us will ever fooking have enough money to spend on in the middle of a pandemic and you get a disgruntled fan base! 

    look, if no new music was just laid out on the table to the fans most would be put out of their misery. Let’s not forget, it’s a rock n roll band, not a secret mission to Mars! What is so fucking important or secretive that a band can’t converse with its fan base who have made them so wildly rich beyond their dreams that they can’t just tell it like it is without making out the fan base is wronging them by simply asking the question. 
    it’s insanely ridiculous and the big 3 deserve every single piece of criticism that gets thrown their way! 
    don’t even start me on duff and slash, which has been discussed adnauseum in regards to their behaviour when it comes to Izzy and Steven, and also laying down to axl and team Brazil in regards to conducting interviews and lack of information they are willing to give, but hey, spend 12k on our shiny pin ball machine! Fuck you slash! I love slash but what a pissant move. 
    team Brazil are so incredibly brazen that they choose to make their money off shit that they know only the casual fan will buy, rather than actually throwing a few gold nuggets at the fan base by officially releasing a 87-93 show or getting their acts together and releasing the documentary footage that they know very well the hardcore fan base would be interested in whilst the wait for new music goes on! its an incredible “fuck you” to the fan base! 
    anyone with half a brain could manage this band better. Here’s a thought, if no new music is on the table, try cementing your legacy and officially releasing what you do have left from the vault, make it the absolute best you can, get the documentary out, get every live show from that era released and just be up front that this is it. So many good opportunities have been pissed up the wall. 
    Here’s an interesting tidbit,, Gibbo told me on his fb channel that all of those live shows have not been moved to digital as yet. Fernando confirmed it... 


    the rats are probably eating them as we speak! Left to rot in a warehouse somewhere... it’s unfathomable how inept and unprofessional it is to know this is happening and not fix it. 

    No... axl doesn’t get a walk. He’s complicit in all of it. 

    the end. 

    Hold on a minute. You're saying it's confirmed all the old golden era proshots haven't been digitised yet or are you just talking about NITL footage?

  6. 1 minute ago, DownUnderScott said:

    With all due respect mate, AC/DC songs suit Axl a lot more these days. They are challenging in their own right, I’m sure, but are way slower and don’t have long sentences that are too hard for Axl from a pulmonary perspective (out of breath). 

    I’m sure too though that Axl also wanted to give it his all and impress a band that he grew up loving. So yeah, there’s that too which makes you right 👍

    I wouldn't expect him to sing exactly like AXL/DC for every song. But some like Out Ta Get Me he definitely could.

    If I had it my way at this time at Axl's age it'd be a shorter set(with new songs and lots of rotating alts) and meaner, even if that means a little slower, vocals. He should move around the stage less too, that probably helped him with ACDC.

    I'd love some acoustic shows.

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  7. On 9/26/2020 at 7:41 AM, janrichmond said:

    This is first time that it's been openly said, so don't think you were the only one that didn't know. A lot of the original WT posters will be shocked. 

    I'm not shocked just creeped out. Who the fuck was Frey then? One of the psychos?

    On 9/29/2020 at 12:08 PM, janrichmond said:

    I don't miss certain posters :P

    *urge to talk shit intensifies* :lol:

    On 10/10/2020 at 1:43 AM, MurielWeathers said:

    My daughter wants to be Circus Baby from Five Nights At Freddys. I find it hilarious that she's eleven and I had to get her an adult Medium costume since she's almost 5'4". They may do something at school, but she isn't trick or treating. My husband broke his leg in January, then again in May. They had to replace the femur and knee with titanium so he isnt able to give out candy and scare everyone this years. The first year he made a teenage girl cry and run away. I'm glad to be taking a break from it all. My doctor put me in a heavy dose of Doxepin and it acts as a sedative to slow your mind down so you can sleep. So I've pretty much been drugged up. I'm going to my general practitioner on the 23rd to get this fixed. I need nerve pain medication that isn't going to make me a zombie.

    How'd your husband make them cry? What was his costume?

    Good luck with the med stuff.

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  8. 4 minutes ago, IrishgunnerII said:

    You make it sound as if axl isn’t at fault even slightly for the things that have happened to him over the years. He doesn’t deserve all the blame but certainly the lions share of where the band is now and how it was perceived in the past. It’s his fault for the severe lack of new music over the past two decades and nobody else’s. I’ve no doubt there were issues created by others but axl at times has used these excuses to do nothing.

    In the years after the UYI era line up disbanded, I’ll agree that slash and duff and Steven talked far too much about axl but axl is an adult and had the means to push back against the narrative against him and he forfeited his chance and sat in his home for years on end. Rightly of wrongly perception becomes reality even when that perception isn’t true. 

    On axls voice, I think it’s very fair to be honest and say he’s not trying to keep it to something like it was and again that’s on him and nobody else. Other singers a generation older than him seem perfectly able to protect their voice and age related issues aside sing as good as they have. Within the last few years axl has sung with AC/DC and funnily enough he sounded good there so the ability to sing well is there. He just decides to not put the required effort into that for GNR.

    Axl sounded fucking incredible with ACDC. Wish he'd put that level of effort in with GNR.

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  9. Despite all the bullshit I'm still a big fan of GNR music and I'm a big fan of Axl. I'd be just as keen for any solo stuff from him as official GNR tracks and keep my ear to the ground for if/when a release happens but I'm no longer desperately yearning for it to happen - partly due to the consolation prize of all the leaks, which I'm still very grateful to The Chairman for. But at the same time I'm even more eager for new material because I loved the leaks I guess I'm just worn out enough that I don't have the energy to be unbalanced lol.

    Just like most other fans I understand he's a human being and don't need to be reminded of this. There's a small element of extremely toxic negative psycho fans but most are good normal folks. Criticising his looks or whatever if done obsessively with actual raging hatred or whatever yeah that's over the top and mean spirited but on the other hand if someone posts some funny fat Axl meme, I'll laugh.

    It is what it is. 

    Good luck with whatever it is you're going through.

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  10. 12 hours ago, Len Cnut said:

    Well my argument is that it doesn't.  Its all a load of bollocks.  These people don't give two shits for the common man.  Here's how to run a country successfully right, keep the banks full of money and serve the interests of the few, its as simple as that.  For your common man it don't matter if its a Bush or a Trump or a Clinton or a Nixon, these people don't give a fuck and would have me and you and our families blinked out of existence if they thought they could make a few bob out of it.  They don't give a shit about me and mine so why should I give a shit about them?  These people that fuckin' poison the waters (ask the people of Flint Michigan what their votes worth), send kids off to some foreign rathole somewhere to get shot at, destroy entire villiages and bomb nations 'back to the stone age' (thats what Armitage said right?), there is are inummerable charges of such crimes against humanity that you can levy on any one of these motherfuckers...and I ain't just havin' a go at the yanks either, our lot ain't much better, Russians ain't much better...and you expect people to fuckin' care which ones in charge?  Its all bullshit, its all a big con, I might not be Mr fuckin' Politics or Mr Historically Aware but I know a fuckin' hustle when I see one and thats all this shit is.  The only difference is with Trump, or the cardinal difference is, that he doesn't do a very good job of hiding it but in real terms I don't think he's a lot worse than these other guys.  So you can vote Democrat or vote Labour and lull yourself into thinking that you had no better option (and perhaps you didn't) but I reject it, I reject the whole thing, I think it stinks and I simply cannot stand behind people like this, I think they are thieves and murderers in expensive suits, just with a different line of bullshit to cater for whoever it is they are trying to take for a ride.  Fuck em.  And yeah yeah, if everybody thought like me then evil would reign right?  Well, I'm not responsible for everybody, my conscience is my own and it wouldn't feel any better supporting any one of these guys over the other.

    This is the reason why we have low voter turn outs and apathy, because a lot of other people think like me i.e. there's not a lot in it between any of these cunts.  

    Pretty much how I feel mate. I still vote though because it makes a bit of a difference. Better to make a bit of a difference for the better than not at all.

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  11. On 10/3/2020 at 9:41 AM, -W.A.R- said:

    Rick Moranis is not only famous but universally loved. Definitely the wrong one to randomly punch.

    I doubt the guy even knew who it was though.

    Rick Moranis seems like a genuinely lovely guy. The scumbag who punched him is a disgraceful little shit.

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  12. 5 minutes ago, SoulMonster said:

    My personal lowest point from yesterday's debate is likely when Trump refused to denounce white supremacist groups but instead said to Proud Boys that they should "stand back and stand by." He also said someone should do something about "Antifa and the left." Proud Boys is over the moon after being endorsed by the President of the USA and his tacit approval of their fight against Antifa and left-wing opponents. What's your lowest point?

    Realising I'm gonna have to learn Chinese.

    But I for one welcome our new overlords!

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