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  1. Halo 3 ODST on steam. 2nd only to Halo 3. Best soundtrack in the series.
  2. Realising I'm gonna have to learn Chinese. But I for one welcome our new overlords!
  3. Time will tell if I'm being too cynical or you're being too logical and underestimating how much stupidity, racism, indifference etc is out there. It's not as simple as right or wrong, logical or illogical. America is a banana republic.
  4. What can I say there's a lot of idiots out there and many of them aren't open about it don't underestimate their numbers. I'll admit though I'm pretty cynical at this point, happy to be wrong. No it doesn't appeal to people concerned with substance but Biden doesn't do that either.
  5. He's noisy and aggressive and running the debate. Trump will win the election due to dirty tactics like rigging, he has a mindlessly loyal base whose numbers are underestimated and people will be dismayed/disengaged.
  6. This is an absolute clusterfuck disgraceful 'debate'. The moderator is an inept retard. Trump has total control over the debate. It's The Trump Show with not so special guest bumbling Biden occasionally chiming in. I'm still certain Trump will win.
  7. Exactly what an alien backpedaling to cover their tracks would say.
  8. Hahahahahaha are you fucking taking the piss? Your whole eyes are solid black?!
  9. I'm imagining you with cold solid black reflective alien eyes now you gravel-loving little freak!
  10. That's surprising you struggled with getting it right because one of the things I like about it is it feels like it's not trying too hard almost sort of lowkey, even though it's an emotional song. Basically you make it seem effortless. Fuck you.
  11. Well done. Everything about it is good imo. Wish I could sing as well as you...bastard!
  12. Interesting buyout. Hopefully it means less Tod Howard/bullshit, more quality control, a new engine and Oblivion & Fallout New Vegas getting remasters. If I had it my way I'd hand over Halo to ID Software. It's so insane how rich Microsoft is at this point. I remember back in the 90s Bill Gates was worth 'only' $60billion.
  13. The original was ruined by meddling producers who didn't know their place and didn't give my boy David Lynch final cut. A real shame. This one could be good, looking forward to it. "He who controls the spice controls the universe!"
  14. People can't even tolerate a teenage girl 'talking' about the environment so nature's SOS may as well be via smoke signal amidst a vast forest fire. In the future it'll be commonplace to eat ground-up bugs and drink cockroach milk, it's humanity's destiny.
  15. Only just saw this. Gibbo you're great, especially for an Aussie!
  16. Is there any point explaining anything to people like you? My impression is no, as demonstrated over and over and over again when all the efforts of more patient people than me are completely unappreciated and forsaken. But just to be clear, in and of itself, yeah, waiting for the full picture is the fair and correct thing to do. (If you're not one of the Trump supporters in this thread, my mistake.) Nick Sandmann?
  17. Let me answer that with another question, has the poster you're questioning demonstrated themselves to be a thinking man? These types don't want to debate or reason or argue and they don't want to be saved they want to make noises.
  18. Hmm nah I'd feel a bit paranoid about that tbh but I just checked and it's only like $105NZD for the Aftermath kollection, which I think includes everything? I'll get that tomorrow or something I'll let know when and we can duke it out and voicechat if you want. Mortal Kombat 11 looks great tbh funwise and graphically. It puts me off that MK12 will probably come out soon but I can just wait for the komplete version of that.
  19. Nah mate I should probably get that though it looks cool and you should get MCC. Not sure about RDR2 anymore the multiplayer looks very sparse, they should do an Undead Nightmare 2.
  20. Any mention of the Tiananmen Square massacre has been censored from the upcoming 'Call of Duty: Cold War', globally not just in China, at the demand of the Chinese Communist Party. Not buying it now.
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