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  1. So you're telling me nobody questioned it til recently? Nobody in your country was aware of blackface etc? Didn't your country start apartheid and shit? I find it very difficult to believe everyone there is skipping around in clogs and as good natured as you and that there isn't a hateful/mocking history behind it. Me personally if I was doing something I sincerely thought was innocent then found out it wasn't I'd feel guilty then adjust and rectify. But that's easier for me because I think tradition is almost entirely foolhardy. Tradition is almost always either redundant because it's a good
  2. Yeah I know that you're not racist and that it's not a consciously hateful celebration for the most part. I do understand. That doesn't change the context and meaning in the real world outside of the willfully ignorant bubble it's done in. The notion/assumption that it'll be seen as anything other than racist and poor taste regardless of intention is an absolute playing coy pisstake lol and bothers me even more than it being done. Kids aren't aware of stereotypes which is why adults should know better. To me, it's like hearing something insane like SoulMonster, out of joyful Christmas spi
  3. Huh? Gravel driveways are posh? What's your driveway made of, feces? Zwarte pieten lol. I genuinely like you a lot, Evan, I sincerely hope the extent of your suffering doesn't go too beyond enduring my fervorous condemnation of that stupid tradition. I'm fond of you and my boy Leonard. In ways, I could or at least should be more like him. But sometimes I feel so resistant and moody and dark unfortunately whether I want to or not. This reminds me of a particularly unpleasant lonely year at school that was tormenting for more than several reasons and I decided fuck this next year I'
  4. You ate all your sperm, didn't you?
  5. Everyone is gonna have huge loading times and lots of pop-ins with future games without this tech. I'll get an entirely new rig at some point, current mobo only supports pcie 4.0 x8 and I'll want a new cpu and gpu and storage so yeah.
  6. /End of devastating massacre thread. Glad the worthless pathetic scumbag has no chance of parole. Should be imprisoned back in Aussie imo and hopefully he has an unpleasant stay. As a kiwi and human being I still feel very emotional about it so I can only imagine how the family's of the victims feel as well as the Muslim community in general; who are part of this country.
  7. Yeah go with that and a 2080ti(make sure you get a good variant, I like MSI) if you're not waiting for the 30 series. Go with 32gb ram(4x8gb) at 3200mhz+ is the sweet spot. Go with a nice 1440p screen that's 144hz+
  8. Go with the latest Ryzen CPU.
  9. Joseph Staten is back as the new Campaign Project Lead for Halo Infinite! FUCK YES! Time for those useless twats at 343i to stand aside.
  10. Go into it knowing it's more metaphorical sci-fi than scientifically accurate. Which personally I have no problem with because it's a movie and I'm forgiving of that sort of thing if there's genuine heart there.
  11. I saw this the other day and was blown away yeah very next gen. It literally is the entire planet with time of day and weather. Amazing. I immediately thought, can I crash the planes into things/people? Mods will be very interesting. Imagine a zombie or alien invasion game on a planetary scale. The possibilities are huge. I don't know if this is possible but if you can fully scan the world's ocean floors you could have the underwater world too, submarines. Aside from gaming possibilities if they keep adding and improving it could be a great tool for education.
  12. In Diesel's mind being an abhorrent troll is playing 4D chess. Maybe open a window. Go get your first girlfriend lol.
  13. And the people who can't grasp that are nefarious fucking idiots.
  14. I just found out Louis CK is making a comeback! Finally. Thank God. I love Louis.
  15. "13th" Some things I was already aware of some I wasn't. Absolutely heartbreaking and disgraceful. Very much worth watching.
  16. You've convinced me. I'm hunting down my previous neighbour to indulge in vengeance. I went to a boxing match years ago actually and I was sort of alarmed how into it I got it bothered me that one of them basically pussied out and didn't go for it causing the fight to basically fizzle out. Now I'm reminded of how satisfying I found it when those racist "it's just a prank bro!" cunts get dealt with. Have you seen that? They do things like harass black guys, scuff their shoes, talk shit.
  17. Yeah ideally scumbags wouldn't exist or even if they still did, everyone would be patient, wise and compassionate etc at all times. The best we can do is always strive for that.
  18. You're so old! I'm dismayed that I'm turning 29 this year and trying to feel better. @SoulMonster You don't get what I'm saying then? What Dazey said basically. Just to be clear I understand violence is not good. I have no desire to punch you if you disagree.
  19. I joined this forum 14years after you lol you've been on here the equivalent of nearly two thirds of my entire life.
  20. That analogy doesn't work because you're not the same kind of person as that guy. Listen, that guy was asking for that result. Begging for it. He has to accept that. The guy who punched him has to accept he chose to lose control and retaliate that way and that charges may be made. My point isn't that violence is good or morally just my point is violence is a reality in the real world if you 'beg' for violence you may just get your wish. If he died from what he's shown I won't miss him or lose sleep but that would mean greater consequences for the guy who did the punching and he'd ha
  21. Because that's how it is and perhaps needs to be sometimes, in the grand scheme of things. That's the reality of the world we live in. Think it's harsh? Don't be a silly cunt like that guy was being. He did what he did and got the result he was begging for, lesson learned maybe. The guy who hit him restrained himself and on his way out decided to deck him, okay, if charges are brought against him so be it he made his choice. Cunts don't get to waltz around in life with impunity.
  22. I literally chuckled out loud when it happened and replayed it. Is that wrong of me? Yeah. But it's still funny and as you say he had it coming 100%
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