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  1. If you go around baiting people, harassing people, instigating - you're gonna get knocked the fuck out. Welcome to the real world. Is that the epitome of calm reason and moral justice? No. But it's reality. Bitch should've known better lol.
  2. I didn't see a video no sometimes links don't function on here for me. So those journalists didn't read it either I guess and leaked the parts of the information that could be used to target Americans(If true, who, how and why?), what's happening to those journalists? Is it actually confirmed Snowden didn't read the leak he sent to those journalists who then recklessly released it and if so what's he said in regard to that? It's not just metadata it's pictures, audio and video; constantly - regardless of consent or whether you're one of the people who want to sacrifice personal privacy an
  3. Who's saying Snowden risked lives and was reckless? The people who want him punished? Because he stated otherwise. Legality is not morality or even security or anything really. It's intangible. The law is a set of rules meant to serve society's best interests and desires - you fairly point out that largely society has completely surrendered and allows the way things are - but that doesn't make it right or any less sad. Was the information he leaked highly sensitive or was it already publicly known and redundant?
  4. I see. Well, the short of it is I don't approve of or have any faith in that officially mandated whistleblower process, the people who run the intelligence community or the people who allow things like PRISM. Spying on everyone at all times is not merely an intelligence operation it's oppressive and Orwellian and sets a very dangerous precedent.
  5. Why do you think Snowden's a criminal who should be punished?
  6. "They all think..." aka his mum lol.
  7. You don't have to change the topic, of course, I've just always felt compelled to poke fun now and then. To me Slaxl is a strange disgusting fever dream of a thing lol. I don't get it. There's a hilarious South Park episode actually about girls doing fan fiction of two boys until it confuses and bewilders them into accepting they're in a relationship haha. My thoughts on the kid's book is please god no.
  8. It's quiet...too quiet...I wonder what's going on in the women's thread... "SLAXL"
  9. Some people shouldn't be parents lol.
  10. And she doesn't have that repulsive look-at-me I'm a central female character tryhard vibe. She just gets on with it. Maybe they're cancelling it because it's not realistic that a woman would need a powerloader - a product of male industrialization. I hate SJW/woke/PC retards so much. They're reprehensible. Feminist swamp gorillas and horrible little simps. Someone should make a movie, probably a romance, about a feminist and her simp lol.
  11. Some people here protesting the lockdown. One of them is a stupid bitch carrying an American flag lol. Please keep them in USA.
  12. I'm pretty sure the pay gap is a myth in the West. Confused statistics mistaking wages for earnings.
  13. You can't even beat up your son? Or Evan? Pussy.
  14. She wanted his money. I believe her claims against him only started after realising he'd lost a lot of it? But yeah I don't know the guy or all the details she's definitely a psycho though. Unfortunately, I have to tolerate a meth-head scumbag irl and everything that goes with that so am not exactly eager to defend drug addicts. As I said I actually automatically believed her at first.
  15. Yeah I have disdain for women beaters but a last resort out of self-defense is a different story. Because of my size though you can basically guarantee I'd automatically always be blamed regardless so realistically I'd just run. Maybe get some evidence. But if I fight back I am fucked. While I'm a protective guy and do feel like men sort of need to be as forgiving as possible with women. There's a fucking cheek to it, isn't there? Imagine going up to an MMA fighter slapping and punching him etc with the attitude of "Yes he's stronger. And that's exactly why he's wrong if he retaliates." T
  16. To be fair I haven't studied the goings on and don't know every detail but from what I see Heard has come out of it looking significantly worse. Heard: physically violent, abusive, manipulative, narcissist, cheater, liar, slanderer, holier than thou, has cost Depp millions. Depp: Uses drugs. All of his ex's have come forth to testify he's a good person and not an abuser.
  17. Better to restrain/calm them or if necessary maybe shove them away and escape lol. Full on frenzied attack or wielding a knife - something like that, is where I'd send them to the moon, as a last resort. Abusive behaviour is so fucked up it's sad that it happens apparently quite often.
  18. Wait you'd react like that even if it was only a slap? Jesus Leonard. You fucking men's rights activist.
  19. Real talk, would you rather punch a chick in the face or have her cut off your finger?
  20. Lol I know what you mean but some guys can't handle it, it's not in their nature and it's not fair to blame guys like that for getting abused. She's done things like thrown pots and pans at him, punched him repetitively in the face in fits of rage, severed his finger. I like a bit of sassyness tbh. That sexy bitching you know lol. But severing anything and mindgames and shit like that is way too far.
  21. In her own words he leaves every time 'she' brings violence into the relationship. She's been caught lying about things. At this point it's very clear she's the abuser.
  22. No, it's nothing like that. I've followed the case a bit and I've listened to a recorded phone conversation between Heard and Depp where they both acknowledge she is repetitively physically violent and every time she has a meltdown - he leaves and removes himself from the situation. And she whines and gaslights him saying him leaving and not engaging in her meltdowns makes her feel unsafe like he doesn't care lol. She is a manipulative cunt. P.S. I'm not a huge fan of Depp and before looking into it I assumed she was right and he was in the wrong but no it's the other way around
  23. Amber Heard is a narcissistic sociopath.
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