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  1. Thanks for the info. So it seems my impression was correct and combined with Noam Chomsky -who is a real straightshooter I admire- thinking Antifa is not good/counterintuitive, I'm convinced. You're someone else I describe as a real straightshooter, do you agree? It reminds me of feminism in the West, fundamentally good values and intentions that have now been hijacked and devolved into a clusterfuck. This is why I try to avoid signing up for an idealogical label, even if I strongly agree with the views, because idealogies can't share the commitment they will inevitably be distorted
  2. My impression of Antifa is this: The only one I've ever encountered is a disgraceful pathetic simp who does things like hanging out alone at parks to stare at females and uses prostitutes while audaciously maintaining the guise of a condescending woke feminist. And I've heard of them hijacking causes like BLM for the main if not sole purpose of spouting their right-on-look-at-me bullshit. I'm sure the establishment and facism is shaking in its boots lol. They seem completely lost and counterintuitive. Has Antifa ever actually done anything good/productive that I'm not aware of? I feel lik
  3. @Ace Nova That's me in the religion thread mate Most threads.
  4. It's nothing compared to the rampant chaos going on in places like USA but you have to have this attitude to control covid, unfortunately. I still feel like this whole situation is surreal like a movie.
  5. I love people who understand Halo and that 343i are shit. Makes me sick seeing the forced positivity and absolute ignorance.
  6. It's a sad toxic situation. The trolls are fucking pathetic while 99% of the fans are good wholesome folks who are passionate about the music and what this band at least used to be. I really appreciate what The Chairman did. Apart from it just being a cool thing to do it gave me some closure so I could eventually disengage somewhat, enough that I'm not desperately yearning for new material and pining over how I wish things were different. I hope we get new stuff etc but it is what it is. Fingers crossed.
  7. I've been wanting to watch that but can't find it anywhere, what streaming service do you use? Can't remember if I've already said this but I've started watching One Piece and love it. 5/5 so far.
  8. This is besides the point but I'd argue videogames are the most collaborative art form but other than that yeah I agree with you, as usual. I don't think I've ever not agreed with you actually...and you're an Aussie!?
  9. Halo Infinite is delayed til next year. I'm very pleased. What they showed recently looked fucking terrible.
  10. Went to the supermarket this morning wearing a mask and plastic medical type gloves - which were useless and got shredded because they were too small I guess. 99% of people didn't wear a mask or even social distance. They're saying the origin is unknown but I guarantee they're just saying that because they can't announce "It's from the people we keep letting flood into the country via poorly managed border quarantine facilities."
  11. @Ace Nova I'm concerned about the handful of cases just announced and the economy but yeah compared to some countries we're in a very fortunate situation. Hopefully it gets much better for all of us ASAP.
  12. Being announced right now, four new covid cases here after 102 days of zero community transmission. Time to squash it again. Source is unknown. No known link to the border quarantine. Hopefully we can get it under control before it goes rampant like in places like Aussie. Auckland going to level 3 for 3 days (4 is highest). Rest of country going to level 2.
  13. Sidenote, we follow halal here so everyone can enjoy our high quality products and according to my stepdad, who knows much more about this than you or me, it is good for everyone because it ensures more attention to detail and therefore consideration for the animal. I'm visiting today where he has a number of cows on part of his land who are destined for the slaughter house. They're looked after well and fed grass and plants. I was actually feeding one the other day and was scared it would nip my fingers. They're pleasant animals though and have tufts of hair that look like amusing haircuts. I
  14. Looking after the livestock with as much care as possible and giving them an easy death before butchering them is bigger than eating that meat while morally raking the people who did the butchering over the coals. I guess if we're to use your rape analogy you'd be the guy watching safely from the bushes having a wank?
  15. There is a way actually, that person says hey Russ did you mean to upset me? You say no. That should be the end of it.
  16. Yeah religion isn't the only thing to blame but it's a key, imo. I'm not saying we definitely wouldn't have behaviour like cancel culture without religion but it's fair to say there'd probably be less inclination for irrationality and mob mentality if it had been replaced with reason, critical thinking, wisdom. Is there any other thought process or concept that is so up its own ass that if you state the obvious, that it's ridiculous, it's considered discrimination? That's cancel culture's wetdream.
  17. Religion is the supreme overlord of cancelling people, cultures and thought and I think it's fair to say this has consequences in society that go way beyond the irritation people like me feel and it sets a very real precedent. Look at it this way, if religion never existed and instead critical thinking was always paramount and this attitude had been ingrained into society for thousands of years instead, do you think the world we're in now would be different? Do you think something like "cancel culture" would have less or more chance to exist? I can't think of an example like the Pope canc
  18. Did you read what I said? Did you watch that video? I've already justified what I said. If you disagree, okay, but I find that baffling.
  19. Well, when you put it that way!
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