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  1. The thing with Guns N' Roses for me right now is the fact that we don't know anything. From their side, they could be preparing something awsome, which I don't believe, but from a fan's perspective this is all getting boring and frustrating. I mean, I coud totally get it if they told or showed us a snippet that they are doing something else other than booking concert dates, but the are doing nothing. All we have right now are those hoarders that try to lure people into paying exorbitant amounts for those ''leaks'' and that is all there is unless I'm missing something. So, what now ? I've grown out of patience waiting, without anything visible on the horrizon. 


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  2. 19 hours ago, shotsfired cro said:

    A matter of taste.  I say the band sounded by far best with Sorum, the most ideal sound IMO. 1991 - 94 best era and finally ideal sound for Gunners. From UYI era they finally became propper mature sounding band. Big fat sound, technically everyone way better players. I always found AFD record speed irritating, whoever decided to speed it up ruined the record.

    I found Adler overused that cow bell. Gunners musically much better band in 1991-94 era.

    Then again, some will like one of the hired drummers and still nobody will like Frank, so...

    You can never have enough of a cowbell

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  3. 3 hours ago, PhillyRose said:

    What's the matter with YOUS ?? It's fuckin' CARTOON for CHILDREN & look at how many pages of comments there are & views .... Do you think it's NORMAL for grown men to act like this over their favorite singer appearing in a CHILDREN'S CARTOON ?? I'm just worried about ya'lls mental health really 

    I still buy Donald Duck Disney comics. Does that mean I have a problem with my life ?

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  4. On 16/07/2018 at 12:37 AM, Ninjapie24 said:

    Maybe the fact that it’s “new” is why I like it more. Although I always felt Bad Apples was a little weird, and is one of my least favorite of their songs (I still love my “least favorite GNR songs”). Also, it took me until the reunion to appreciate CD and consider it GNR. And the covers have always been an important part of the band, so I feel excluding them is taking out some of the best parts.

    I have the intro of Bad apples as my ringtone and I like the funky side of the song. Each to their own.

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