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  1. July 2016 they started Crossfire Hurricane.
  2. Politicians typically bend the truth to suit themselves. But this is obscene
  3. Amazing producer and writer. Shit human though.
  4. Why are you so anti weed. I don’t drink but don’t care who else does, I’ve never taken coke or ecstasy but lots do...people have their choices. Smack, crack, fuck all that stuff. But people have a right. It may not be what’s right for me. It’s said a lot that weed is a gateway drug, but most people I’ve known were drunk before they tried anything else. Even smoking. Alcohol is as much a “gateway” drug as any. all things in moderation.... if suited to you.
  5. That’s a killer tune and a great album all round. Summer wine is a classic. Primal Scream covered this tune with Kate Moss on vocals also. Izzy - Crackin Up cover.
  6. So the court sworn affidavits of some who were in the capitol “at the request of the president” are bullshit? Nazi punks fuck off
  7. Viking guy spoke with the FBI and stated in an affidavit he was sent to the capitol “at the request of the president” https://heavy.com/news/jacob-chansley-jake-angeli/
  8. I was thinking, there has to be some people who voted for Trump in the election, who given his behaviour since, would not now vote for him. I wonder what that percentage of people is.
  9. Ziggy Stardust And the spiders from Mars - Motion picture soundtrack. Mick Ronson fucking great guitar player....
  10. The Libertines - Up the bracket The Libertines - The Libertines Rem - Monster
  11. Sonics Rendezvous Band - City Slang Sonics Rendezvous Band - Live Detroit 78
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