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  1. Glad it’s going ahead but glad I caught the original trio too.... Are cheap trick the support act at the date your hitting?
  2. Not so underrated among musicians.
  3. I’ll hold out a little hope there will be some changes. Mostly based on Meegans post. I’ll stick my neck out and say 3-5 songs will be added. (I have NO reason to believe this and am braced for the same old same old with Axl sounding possibly worse)
  4. The entire time they were on may be an exaggeration, but there was a lot more flying when they started than any other band and there was at least 2-3 bottles each song.
  5. this all makes sense unless you have kids who aren’t vaccinated yet. Every person not vaccinated isnt necessarily by choice, it’s just not their age range yet.
  6. I skipped them at the download 2005 festival to see Therapy?, DKT/MC5 & Motorhead. I don’t regret it, but I regret not seeing him behind a kit once. He was a killer drummer. He really proved that at the previous years download festival, he played most of Metallica’s set when Lars was ill. He killed a few of those tunes in a way Lars couldn’t.
  7. Yeah this is the tits. I have tickets to see them in April with Cheap Trick opening. Rip to man who gave the top their bottom.
  8. Yeah they were killer that day, I was there to see Black Sabbath primarily and headed down the front of the crowd early in the day to get a good spot. Anthrax were good, HIM were bottled the entire time they were on. I thought Velvet Revolver were tighter than they were 6 months earlier. Watching the footage back years later confirmed it. I’d still take the 2 Dublin gigs in 2008 as the best of the bunch. I liked a lot of the libertad material and it was great live. The Ambassador in Dublin only held about 1500-2000 so it was really intimate also. Donnington is a major crush if y
  9. They were good. I caught them in 2005 twice, Dublin & the Download Festival and again twice in 2008 both nights they played Dublin. Both those nights they were brilliant, no way of knowing then that they were among the last bunch of shows they ever did.
  10. Born to Lose... This is the best sounding mix of the LAMF album I’ve heard.
  11. I was at the Dublin gig on this tour. It was great for me to hear that album in full. They’d played Dublin the year before on the “Eddie rips up the world” tour so got the warhorses on that tour. It wasn’t so great for my brother who was seeing Maiden for the first time! They played 5-6 oldies at the end of the MOLAD material, so he was happy enough, but an entire new album is hard for a casual fan turning up to the gig. (He had been forewarned) Maiden are one of those bands who it’s great to be a fan of. The tour cycles since a brave new world have been a dream. Old material, new
  12. Reads more like a 14 year old writing an essay about his weekend in whatever new language he’s learning.
  13. Well Kudos on the job you done. There’s nice space in between the drums/bass they each get to breathe if that makes sense. It’s hard make a mix where each instrument hits that level where it can be enjoyed on its own and in relation to the instruments around it. The track sounds great. But it’s a great song, no mix saves a shit song.
  14. Great song guys. Got a bit of a Velvet Revolver vibe to it. The solo and outro vocals are killer. The mix is great, everything is in its place and nothing overpowers anything else.
  15. Pissed they dropped Vancouver from the tour. This will be the first tour since 1999 I’ll have missed out on. A good time to all who do go!
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