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  1. If anyone’s got a spare Dublin ticket PM me.
  2. I prefer GnR to Zeppelin yep. They’re a better band for me. It’s not a popular opinion just my own. I’ll take slash & Axl over page & plant any day.
  3. I used Bill Bailey to show the guys just human. He’s a talented one, but he’s just another guy in a band. He’s fascinating if that fascinates you. I don’t get what makes him unique. His voice is the standout example, but there’s lots of great voices. Within the realm of music. He’s another dude. He’s special in the way he’s contributed to music, but lots of bands and artists do that. Unique for me is something that you see once in a lifetime, changes their artistic field, turns it on its head. Hendrix did that. John Lennon did that. Axl could have done it, but didn’t. Maybe that’s what’s fascinating about him in the end. What might have been... Anyways, I didn’t mean to nitpick or whatever, I just wondered what makes him fascinating as opposed to any other guy in a band.. To me they’re just a great band. There’s a lot of great bands.
  4. That’s what I said initially. He’s one of the dozens of “characters” that make up rock n roll. He’s unique, just like all the rest I mentioned. No more and no less “fascinating” than any of the rest of those “characters”. Maybe if you feel a personal affinity with these “characters” it’s different. But Bill Baileys just a dude like all the other dudes who ever made it in rock n roll.
  5. Axl had a great voice, he was musically talented, he wrote some great lyrics. But he’s one of dozens. I love GnR and it wouldn’t be it without him. But he’s a singer in a rock n roll band, there was almost 30 years of it before him. What did Axl do that others didn’t? Even fucking off for a few years under mysterious circumstances had been done by Brian Wilson. Brilliant as GnR were in their hey day, they were Zeppelin for the 80s. (Better than in my opinion, but that’s not a popular opinion). Axls voice soundtracked a generation but so did and, have many others. His lyrics are interesting, but so were Jim Morrison’s. What he’s done had been done before.
  6. There’s always been an Axl Rose. He’s one of dozens of “Characters” within rock n roll. You finding him fascinating doesn’t make him so. Jim Morrison was fascinating, Hendrix was fascinating, John Lennon, Lemmy, Lurt Cobain, Keith Richards, and a couple of dozen more could be labelled fascinating also. Axl’s just another rock n roll guy.
  7. The gigs on this run have been excellent. The setlist from last night in LA was great. Rocks off is one of my favourite stones tunes off definitely my favourite stones album.
  8. .It was a Brilliant fight. Wilder took some serious punishment. Respect to him.
  9. Thanks for the review powerage! Glad you had a good time. From the streams, JJF immediately stood out as sounding better. Rambler was going to be the biggest change I felt, but I think with a few more shows under his belt it’ll be even better. 19th Nervous Breakdown is a welcome addition to the set for certain. Living in a ghost town is working well live. There’s been some really nice moments between Mick & Keith on the dates so far. Jagger is unreal for 78. His voice and harp playing are great, dunno how he has the lungs for the Vocals and the distance he covers on stage each night. I pulled the exact same ticket only Keith’s side last Lucky Dips I got in Seattle! It’s a nice vantage point. I really wish I’d got to see them on this leg, alas Twas not to be. We’re definitely into the last 18 months of this band I think.....
  10. Yeah the 2 shows so far have been excellent, the sound on the streams has been great. It’s should sound amazing in person. Jagger is unbelievable for 78, I’ve always been a Keith guy, but Jagger is phenomenal for his age. His voice, his harp playing, his stage presence... Unreal energy for a 78 year old. It’s been nice to see the interactions between Mick & Keith on this tour, the tributes to Charlie have been touching. Steve Jordan had brought a bit more drive into the set and Keith seems to have upped his game slightly to catch up. The tempos are a bit faster. It’s sounding great. @Powerage5 you should have an amazing time at the gigs you’re hitting. Make sure and let us know how they were in person.
  11. The sound was really good from the streams, how was it in the venue? Must have been excellent.
  12. There is no such thing as too high... He said something like “stop fucking around you two”
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