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  1. Venom - Black Metal Dead Boys - Young, Loud & Snott
  2. The Doors - Detroit 1970. Absolutely killer stuff. Iron Maiden - Seventh Son Of a Seventh Son REM - Eponymous The Rolling Stones - England’s Newest Hitmakers The Rolling Stones - Aftermath The Jesus And Mary Chain - Psychocandy The Jesus And Mary Chain - Automatic The Jesus And Mary Chain - Honeys Dead Listened to all these this afternoon/evening/night. Love me some Jesus and Mary Chain.....
  3. Hit to death in the future head - The Flaming Lips Sebadoh - Bakesale.
  4. The KOHD 12” single has the live version from The Freddie Mercury Tribute, I think some of the proceeds of that single were donated to the Mercury Phoenix Trust. Maybe the DJ dude played the b side instead of the A side!
  5. Glad to finally get an affordable version of the Brussels gig. They were on fire....
  6. Interview him as “the real deal”, if he’s full of shit, it will soon be revealed.
  7. Yup, I remember this news when it was news! Sucks getting old....
  8. Owning a pair of Johnnys tweeds is cool as fuck! Nice one. I like the Dolls stuff too, over talked but underrated. I picked up a RSD release of the “looking for Johnny” soundtrack on red vinyl last year or the year before. Great guitar player and songwriter.
  9. Search through the forums, most of the threads you create are about topics that have been discussed to death.
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