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  1. This just popped up in the last few days and is well worth a listen if you’re a Let it Bleed fan. Great quality audio too.... Couple of Exile tracks towards the end.
  2. Are you talking about the white plastic bag with the GNR logo and official merchandise on it?
  3. Johnny Depp lost his Libel case. The judge said that out of the 14 alleged assaults, 12 were proved “to the civil standard”.... So he’s a shite example. But your take on it is a good example of something else that goes on. Wood came out in the last few days and said Mansons current wife and some of his circle were threatening to leak “embarrassing photos” of her when she was underage. Wood then filed a police report about it. That was in mid December this happened. I’m guessing it’s being brewing for a few weeks, and his record company and now manager have both cut ties bec
  4. Happy Birthday to Axl. To me the fact the original 5 are all still alive, is something I find hard to believe.
  5. Get yer ya yas out: The Stones. Absolute best version of sympathy caught on tape...
  6. Book deal/publisher 1st, then divorce lawyer....
  7. July 2016 they started Crossfire Hurricane.
  8. Politicians typically bend the truth to suit themselves. But this is obscene
  9. Amazing producer and writer. Shit human though.
  10. Why are you so anti weed. I don’t drink but don’t care who else does, I’ve never taken coke or ecstasy but lots do...people have their choices. Smack, crack, fuck all that stuff. But people have a right. It may not be what’s right for me. It’s said a lot that weed is a gateway drug, but most people I’ve known were drunk before they tried anything else. Even smoking. Alcohol is as much a “gateway” drug as any. all things in moderation.... if suited to you.
  11. That’s a killer tune and a great album all round. Summer wine is a classic. Primal Scream covered this tune with Kate Moss on vocals also. Izzy - Crackin Up cover.
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