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  1. The versions of double talkin jive on this tour are consistently great.
  2. I also have 90% of my concert tickets, and a lot of gig shirts from over the same period as I’ve collected music in physical formats. It’s a way of life for me. Yep, this. I like flicking through parts of my collection and picking out a few records to listen to based on my mood. I have a lot of Motown, chess, etc alongside the punk / rock / grunge / metal stuff. The biggest thing is the story behind each Vinyl, CD and cassette I own. I have one cassette that is a copy of Nirvanas - In Utero on blank tape, I got that tape in May/June of 1993 a few weeks before it was released officially. A guy I went to school with, his older brother played in bands, one of which had supported Sebadoh at a Dublin gig in the late 80s or early 90s and from there on he and Lou Barlow traded live bootlegs, demos, etc etc. Lou sent this guy In Utero like I said weeks before it was released. The quality wasn’t great, the songs were in a different order and Marigold & I hate myself and want to die were on there also. They didn’t get on In Utero as it was released. Each time I look at that cassette a million memories come. And that’s just one blank tape. Every single, album, ep, cassette, CD, vinyl, tells a story to me. Hitchhiking 10 miles each way to buy Dirt by Alice in Chains. 10 benson & hedges and sitting listening to it for the first time. I think people that love physical musical media are a different breed in a way. Ritual plays a part, but it’s a total lifestyle methinks.
  3. That would be pretty cool in all fairness. YouTube etc also.
  4. Guess your username makes sense now. Dr: Why are you always tired? You: I've got Gnrgigitis.
  5. It’s not a need, it’s an addiction, a pure lust!! It’s been part of my life for 30 years, I still have records I bought aged 12. I remember when and where I bought them, and what was happening at that time.
  6. His advice to himself in 1991 is pretty much the same advice he needs in 2021. 😂
  7. Live Santa Monica 1972 - David Bowie. (Why does Mick Ronson not get more kudos as a guitarist?)
  8. Do you really hope so, like to be in the room hoping, watching Axls fat ginger ass bobbing up and down, do you hope he’ll call you over too? One day you’ll lose your virginity and you’ll grow out of this type of nonsense.
  9. Most bands I’ve been in have involved fucked up people. It’s like a past time for the insane. Or the one thing the ADHD fucker can focus on. Drugs and Alcohol are an acceptable part of the process. Fighting is usually part of the process. But fucking over women is not on. Self destructive behaviour is one thing, messing with other people for your own pleasure is another. I believe you’re a raping piece of crap or your not. You can’t be a bit pregnant for example. Most bands I’ve been in, the majority of the members would also be from parents who’d split, left school early etc etc. Are people in bands less fucked up now than the 80s & 90s? Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran don’t scream Cigarettes & Alcohol to me...
  10. That Wyman thing was fucked. I’m a Stones fan, but fuck that, they even used that scandal to promote the tour after it. I have the following shirt in black. I bought it at a stones gig in 1994 when I was 15... I wouldn’t wear it now... https://flashbak.com/the-rolling-stones-were-proud-to-withstand-under-age-sex-the-1994-poster-and-t-shirt-9356/
  11. This stuff has been about FOR decades. The punk/grunge movement actively tried to tackle the sexist behaviour in rock over 30 years ago. It was a problem for people then. It’s why guys like Cobain were wearing dresses and not wanting to tour with GNR. (In some far flung reality, Axl ends up in prison and the line “turn around bitch I got a use for you” takes on a new meaning)
  12. One of the best tracks on Beggars...
  13. Correct. It’s the fact it Does not use power chords that makes it sound they way it does. The Dsus2 chord and the B7 chord give the tune the flavour it has. The run at the end is a pentatonic scale. (I think) (I play guitar, I don’t know much about “music” so open to correction if any of the guitar players around can do so)
  14. It’s youtube man.... If you were there in person you would have seen the special cables and wires...
  15. His talent is obvious, but I think it’s hyperbole to say “Never before or since has one person embodied such supernatural levels of talent in so many different areas” I’m not a prince fan or a Stevie wonder fan, but I can see both the same as MJ. He was a talented guy no doubting that. This might seem dumb, but what is his music? Is it pop or R&B or both?
  16. Never liked his music, and it was EVERYWHERE when I was growing up. Thriller was huge, Bad was massive... It was unavoidable. His concerts in 88 were big hype affairs. 5 nights at Wembley stadium!! I like a lot of the Jackson 5 stuff, but the stuff he did solo I don’t get. Back then (the 80s) it was music chicks liked. Michael Jackson is one of those artists where I keep wondering, what is it I’m not getting, I tried a few times, and really don’t know many who don’t like him. So I figure it’s me. Just taste I guess
  17. You’re a joke pal. One that’s run it’s course.
  18. Apparently it’s happened to Foo Fighters, The Cure & Neil Young in years past. https://datebook.sfchronicle.com/music/bottlerock-pulls-plug-on-guns-n-roses-for-breaking-curfew
  19. Better- Not one of the better vocal performances this tour. It’s pretty weak each night.
  20. Nice one! Enjoy the show and glad you got sorted! FYI, you’d be amazed how easy it can be to “upgrade” yourself!
  21. Can you kick him in the Bollocks and run once he’s answered?
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