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  1. Another question: Whats the best band you’ve seen in a random way? I once walked into a tent at a festival in 2001, purely to get out of the rain and the band onstage were killer, I remember thinking “another great band who no one will ever hear” anyways it was the white stripes...
  2. Naff question, but where would Meatloaf fall here I wonder. He hits some pretty high notes on the bat out of hell album. (bat out of hell was one of the few rock records my parents had, so I listened to it a lot back in the day)
  3. Exile on Main Street- The Stone’s
  4. I’d have thought Bruce Dickinson would have been in there. Axl’s range live would interest me more than in the studio. Some of the notes he hit on the illusions tour were insane. Especially while having that grit to his vocal. As for the OPs comment on Lemmy, I love Motorhead caught them live 10-12 times over 25+ years, but Lemmys range was between Jack Daniels and Marlboros. It was a growl mostly.
  5. They’re almost as good as these lyrics: I feel a diamond shine Somewhere in my mind When I hear the sound shine The 8th of December in 2004 The wicked tragedy and horror that would shock us all The was a diamond shining Shining so bright out there A bright and shining star of Texas shining everywhere Silent insane and evil Thoughts stolen from his mind He has come to destroy Dimebag Where he plays and shines The Alrosa villa Columbus Ohio Damageplan are rocking out doing their metal show Up to the stage he's walking The gun is in his hand He starts shootin
  6. LAMF - The Heartbreakers
  7. All good clean fun, have another stick of gum, man you look better already...
  8. Still don’t know what bag you’re looking for
  9. Neil Young / Motorhead / Therapy? / Mudhoney and Donna Summer....
  10. Hard question to answer as there’s been great bands like REM who wrote songs together... but solo songwriters (mostly) Kurt Cobain & Noel Gallagher come to mind....
  11. Motorhead & My Bloody Valentine were without doubt the loudest bands I saw live. The bit in “You made me realize” where they do the white noise thing on that one chord is almost intolerable.... My ears would whistle for at least a day or two each time I saw Motorhead... Where did you catch the Stones?
  12. I’m talking bands you’ve seen multiple times only, individual gigs I’ve been to over 400... The stones do a lucky dip option, 2 tickets for $50... You can get a $600 ticket or a $75 ticket in the dip, and thus be anywhere in the stadium. but I’ve mostly gotten tickets in the $250- $600 range. The last “run” of stones gigs I went on was in 2018, I went to the first 5 shows on the European tour and I spent about £200 in total on tickets. Ryanair flights make it easy and cheap to follow tours in Europe. The 2 Stones shows I’ve saw since in Seattle and outside Toronto cost me $
  13. Part of my boredom during Corona has led me to pull out my tickets stubs and go through them. I was surprised at how many times I’d seen some bands multiple times..Over 25 years of concerts I’ve seen: Neil Young x 16 The Stones x 15 Therapy? x 22 The Pogues or Shane MacGowan solo x 17 Black Sabbath x 13 Iron Maiden x 7 Motörhead x 8 Sex Pistols x 5 Jesus Lizard x 5 DKT/MC5 or MC50 x 7 Mudhoney x 8 Stiff Little Fingers x 8 AC/DC x 8 Guns N Roses x 6 REM x 7 Primal Scream x 7 Oasis x 5 The Who x 5 Me
  14. Why the band couldn’t have pulled it together enough, to include either a complete gig, or a compilation of tunes pulled from gigs in this period and add it to the Appetite box, I will never understand. I understand.
  15. Don’t get involved in antiques dealing, or investing in wine. Videos like this are part of HISTORY, may only be the history of a band, but still a document of an era. (and the past is mostly what you’ve got when it comes to GNR, the last studio album was released 13 years ago, prior to that it had been 17 years... 1 album in 30 years kinda forces you to the past for material) I personally have always loved bootlegs, it was most of the music you traded in the 80s and 90s and a band ain’t worth shit if they can’t play live. So often you get bands that only make sense in
  16. Hell yeah, the ride on the nightrain solo for the few seconds it plays for is amazing. You can hear izzy, which by 1991 you barely could. They were a band then.....Now they’re just a group. Fuck hoarders man... IF this guy is looking $100,000 as mentioned earlier, he’s scum. I have a genuine hatred for people who make money from music that’s not theirs, touts at gigs, wankers demanding high prices for bootlegs, and worst of all the eBay selling autograph hunting fuckers. I once stood in line for slash’s autograph behind a guy with a les Paul copy ready to be signed and sol
  17. He is a cartoon. Some weird caricature of a guy who used to be in this rock n roll band 30 years ago.
  18. I should be tired, but all I am is wired. Aint felt this good for an hour.
  19. My 3rd Neil Young gig, and the best at point. He was on fire. Great this boot turned up a few weeks ago and in good quality too. Neil Young is the Fucking King.
  20. Between Jan of 1967 and April 1971 The Doors released SIX studio albums and a killer live album. And their last album was as good as the first. Between Feb 1970 and Sept 78 Black Sabbath released the EIGHT Ozzy Albums. Iron Maiden 16 albums, Motorhead 22 albums, AC DC 17 albums, Metallica 10 albums, The Stones 30 albums..... etc etc etc. Basically everyone on the list has released more albums than GNR. Once there was this gnr band, rolling on the street, time went by (lotta fucking time) and it became a joke.
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