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  1. Yea he Said he’s like Bob Ross. The happy little tree painter😛
  2. Just give me Madagascar & Don’t Cry and my night is complete
  3. Yea that’s the kinda thing I’m looking forward to. Maybe it’s too late to ding into those Izzy VR songs Matt made reference too. Maybe we will hear them someday
  4. Any chance we see Izzy’s footprints on this record. It can be the difference between a great rock record vs a timeless classic like AFD/UYi. Im not good at pulling up old stories and we’ve discussed it over the years. I’m referring to the period when Izzy was in VR and they wrote all those songs. Matt said there were 10 songs there that would make a classic GN’R record. Also the songs Duff was working on with Izzy while Slash was out doing SMKC. Just before the reunion happened in 2014/15 Any realistic possibility or is it too much for the cash cow that is current gnr to have to split royalties with Izzy? It would be great. Izzy could make make a few live appearances without being a full member. Let Steven play on a few classic gnr sounding songs that he can help elevate etc Obviously Izzy played a vital role in the classic gnr sound we all love. His interplay with Slash. How he allowed the songs to breathe. His memorable hooks, rhythm & melodies is exactly what has been missing from Slash & duffs work over the years. I love VR but the songs for the most part were too straightforward and punk. However, Weiland saved that band with his creativity. VR would’ve tanked without him.
  5. Well they got rid of the long drawn out unnecessary intro right? So makes sense it be shorter
  6. This song with Izzy & Adler would be gnr. Right now it’s VR with Axl which isn’t a terrible thing
  7. Eu so Brasileiro meu. naci en São Paulo. 5 anos fui pro estados unidos👍
  8. Yes pretty much. Like live if hard and teaches you tough lessons. School is hard but you come out of it a better tougher person. Better prepared to face the world
  9. Yea the drum sound is terrible. Especially noticeable in the middle part. The typical muffled snare sound we are used to hearing these days. I can envision what this song would sound like with a more explosive drum track.
  10. It’s fine as a one off single barring they release a full album of more genuine Axl slash duff material. Like Set Me Free was released immediately. Before VR even started working on Contraband collectively. This is still like an action movie soundtrack song to me but I think I have to admit it sounds better than what I expected. Thought the original demo checkmate was trash at the time
  11. He posted pictures of her on his Instagram recently. Good lookin woman for sure
  12. Yea guess he moved to LA and remarried. That’s definitely not his ex-wife. He used to live in my county in NJ
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