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  1. Eh another cover? Albeit I’d take anything over The Seeker. Especially when they are already playing You’re Crazy
  2. Sorry is one of Slash’s better takes cos it’s so bluesy but it pails in comparison to buckets bluesy tone on that song. No noodling whatsoever with Buckets rendition. Every note fits the aurora of the song
  3. Right. Except Matt respectfully left out “Only a gig to pay the bills and his divorce”
  4. SMKC will blow away everything GNR & Caram have produced. No doubt about it
  5. Yea that’s because drummers like Fitz, Brain & Adler add life to the songs. Better cymbals and more pop in their snare sound. It’s very easy to notice just by comparing their YouTube videos. You also notice the difference in the crowds energy when the drummer plays the songs right
  6. Some people especially celebrities like to hide behind hats and now Covid masks. It works. Not only hides your identity but very effectively hides wrinkles, double chins, yellow teeth and no makeup. I see a lot of women and men use these masks effectively
  7. Sounds like his IEM went out at the end. His vocals were trailing the music. Jeez what a wreck. Baltimore was much better. The Baltimore crowd was also better. Their energy hardly waned for 3.5hrs
  8. And it’s a beautiful thing that Axl recognizes the greatness of Scott Weiland. To honor him on the anniversary of his death was a really special moment
  9. Such a terrible shirt. Worse probably in the history of gnr. Worse than the 02 cheesy font shirts
  10. All things considered I’m in the same boat born 1983 but think about where we were in 2010. No Estranged, no Don’t Cry. Certainly no Coma or Locomotive. I can go without ever seeing UYi fillers like Pretty tied up and Bad Obsession played. I think we’ll live
  11. Thank god Shadow is a terrible song. Reckless life 1mil times better
  12. 3.5hr show. I was there for a good 2.25hr of it. 2 & a quarter not bad lol😛 i’ll take the long show with all the deep cuts and numerous piss break opportunities over the 2hr greatest hits show any day
  13. I took piss, smoke & dinner breaks during these songs: KOHD, Rocket Queen, The Seeker, Slash solo and considered stepping out during Shadow & You’re CraZy but the latter was especially good live
  14. 30mins or so. I couldn’t believe the quick turnaround. GNR WENT ON 8pm sharp played til almost 11:30!
  15. Yea he Said he’s like Bob Ross. The happy little tree painter😛
  16. Just give me Madagascar & Don’t Cry and my night is complete
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