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  1. Was Axl wearing that same tshirt at the show? He doesn’t change outfits from tour to tour anymore but he does change shirts
  2. Why would she make that up after such a kind gesture from gnr and Axl?
  3. MetLife is New Jersey. I love 10mins away. I live in NJ not NY😛
  4. No. Sounds like he was celebrating that they killed him and also dump him dead in the ocean where he belongs. Fish food
  5. Dope shirt. Nice nod to the original shark attack of 1916 in Matawan, NJ that inspired the movie Jaws
  6. Yes his current politics will definitely help soften the blow of and when the woke crowd attacks him like they did to Manson
  7. I wouldn’t trust any international documentary on gnr. I barely trust American made ones. Especially the UK with the Princess Diane fiasco. My guess the American press ignored her story so she took it overseas
  8. Anyone know if they were offering pit Tix for dirt cheap? Hoping that’s the case for Baltimore in 2 weeks
  9. Sure they get together on the rare special occasion but it’s not what it was in the 80s even 90s they have separate lives
  10. ^Then how do you explain old men belting out opera? It’s clear it can be done. The key is how you take care of and maintain/train your voice. And yes years of drinking/smoking will permanently effect your voice
  11. Yea could be as simple as Dizzy telling Axl he’s headed to see Gilby or to hang out and Axl saying tell Gilby I said hi
  12. I’m gonna try the same for the Baltimore show. Just don’t know if I should wait til the day of show or not. Hopefully they have $59 pit tix or something around that price like some of the other shows like Detroit
  13. I wanna say Bucket will never associate himself with gnr again but stranger things have happened. would love to see him on Twat & an extended Nightrain
  14. Axl doesn’t even hang with the current band outside of team Brazil nevermind old members lol Maybe Brain talks to Team Brazil but that’s it. no way he talks to DJ!
  15. Yea it so fuckin stupid but what isn’t stupid in today’s world Ha this is the time I miss the old Axl. He would’ve probably killed someone that night
  16. Top acts like gnr & foo fighters should boycott these asshole shows I always assumed curfew wasn’t about noise but union labor due overtime for venue employees no? im assuming if there were any residences around the venue they’d be drunk on wine anyway
  17. Frank-no pop in his wrist. No pop in his snare. Demoralizing
  18. When I hear this is always refer people to Brain clips if u want to hear what energetic gnr music played the right way. The difference in snare sound between Frank vs Brain, Adler & Sorum is night and day. Frank is as dull and boring as it gets. Sucks the energy right out of these classic songs. Such a let down
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