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  1. Maybe Axl nixed the “What can I do with a bitch like you” because it was Pittmans lyric? But it was nixed in the Bumblefoot leak so who knows
  2. Oh fuck this is awesome! Can’t believe these feels right now
  3. Axl didn’t say new single. He just said we’ll be able to download it at midnight
  4. Really hope Hardschool is just a decoy and they release and eventually play a brand new song or at least a different reworked track. Hardschool is a throw away decent soundtrack song
  5. Great analogy! It is as ridiculous as 91 gnr busting out Get in the Ring as the first UYI song ever played. At the height of their success!!
  6. I think it has potential but after 21years still seems unfinished with no chorus and really lacks lyrics. The repeating of the word Absurd ruins it. I’d like it better if they kept the original and just added the guitar leads
  7. Dried up. Maggots are the bugs you see on rotten meat/flesh
  8. I doubt they will ever play it again now that the joke is out of the bag
  9. I’d be intrigued to see Slash’s take on Shackler. It would be one of his better takes on CD songs
  10. Yea sucks he removed the hook. Repeating absurd is pretty absurd too
  11. They would play it if Axl could sing it. I don’t think he has it on him to pull it off
  12. It’s up there with Axl getting high and slapping My World on UYI as album closer
  13. The only thing more absurd than playing Silkworms is playing My World
  14. The stream gods will shut down the internet when they finally play hardschool!
  15. I’ll never forget the original periscope troubadour streamer. what was his name?
  16. True in that case You’re a lie > Hardschool
  17. ^that would be nice in a perfect way world
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