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  1. In the clip he says ‘ I was beginning to think you guys were going to be a no-show’ bah haha! I hope the rest of the episode has subtle references like that!
  2. Felt so bad for everybody in Texas. What did you and your family do for heat? Glad your power is back on!
  3. So Soon's been banned and Diesel Daisy has been run off with pitchforks. Good going people! Who the heck is going to keep SoulMonster halfway in check now?
  4. Whaaat?!? Gonna have to go back and re-read all of "their" posts now!
  5. Yeah, I think one of the underlying issues here is "rudeness". It just really bothers me, and I don't think there's ever justification for being rude to someone just because you don't agree with their opinion or they don't seem educated enough for you. Unless someone has wronged you somehow, or you know directly where they have wronged someone else, there is just no need to be rude. It would go a long way toward healing our society instead of dividing it. Lets build each other up instead of tearing each other down.
  6. Stereotypes exist for a reason! Yes, we love all three, BUT Tim Hortons has been corrupted, it now has too many items and is more like a cafe than just a donut shop..its now just too complicated, too many food items, not enough yummy sweets. And for some reason we just aren't that in to football, it's all aboot the fast action hockey for us. Maple syrup festivals and apple picking, how can you go wrong?. Of course, there are places in the states that have this, just not where I am.
  7. I don't know how to multiple quote, so I'll have to tag.. @Swampfox Canada and the US are very interconnected, so whatever happens in the states usually has some kind of direct influence in Canada..and even if America doesn't know, or reports on, what is going on in Canada, believe me, Canada's media shows everything going on in the States. And not everyone in Canada is as liberal in their views as Soon and Downzy either, some of us have just learned to stay away from the mob with pitchforks in the politics thread @Ace Nova I would call myself a conservative in Canada..but that does
  8. I haven been in this thread from the beginning, so yes I have read everything. And I happen to think you are way off base here, pretty much about everything. And going a bit overboard too. Sorry my friend. Well since you have been correct about everything, and are obviously correct about this, by all means, please go back to being condescending and mocking those with concerns. edit: I see you have acknowledged that part at least.
  9. @SoulMonster the problem is not that your views and recommendations on the virus changed, as that is to be expected when a new virus that we don't know much about emerges..it's that you mocked people and were condescending toward them when they took the threat seriously at the beginning and took extra precautions at the early onset...which turned out to be the right course of action. And while you will admit you were wrong about some things in terms of the virus itself, you refuse to acknowledge that someone like @action turned out to be correct in some of the measures he took. And still now
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