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  1. They should cancel because of the NONEWMUSIC-20, am I right? I'll see myself out.
  2. I'd say 2033. They'll release a new single with the 12th Terminator movie.
  3. So he'll do a rant during a few shows and go on tour in 2022. Nothing will change.
  4. But it is for nothing when they're making money and the frontman is Axl Rose. This article will have the same impact as the negative threads on here: Zero.
  5. Meh. This has all the impact of a fart in the wind. The band isn't going to sit back and go, "Oh shit, they're right. Let's release that brand new album we've been sitting on at midnight!" It's all just yelling into the same void as before.
  6. I wish, but there's no way that's going to happen.
  7. I'm usually an optimist, but there's no way we're getting a GNR album this year. I'll eat sewage if they come out with a new studio album in 2020. And to add salt to the wound, we'll have to hear more boring SMKC music before any GNR album would ever come close to the light of day. I know people enjoy it, but in a world where GNR could be releasing music and just don't bother, SMKC is not even close to a consolation.
  8. Zeppelin

    RIP Neil Peart

    I'm broken up by this news. I immediately thought of his family and hoped that they were at least able to enjoy their time together beyond Neil's retirement. I had no idea he even had brain cancer. Rush is my favourite band. Like @Powerage5 said, Neil's playing just gets into your head. Even if you only listen to him once, you'll remember so much about his distinct style. He's impossible to forget. The entire band is like that, really. But there are times where I will just listen to Rush and pick out many individual parts, and realize just how exciting they still are. They're exhilarating
  9. These kinds of write-ups just replace one type of logic for another. Han doesn't have to be good at flying just because he's a smuggler. They could've introduced his character and then established Chewie as the main pilot who did all the flying. There's no logic there. That user is just assuming that Han's an established pilot because he was a smuggler. Doesn't really make any more sense than anything else in the SW universe, really. Viewers will connect the dots, sure. But if someone says to me, "Well, Han is a great pilot because he's a smuggler," then I'm not really caring about that. It's
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