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  1. I can't find my original avatar now. No one will know me!

  2. Hey.. where'd you go??

  3. lol, I just saw your message now about GNR playing in Canada. Annnd, while I was late in seeing that message, I should tell you that I did go and see them on January 25th when they were in my home town of London! Great show, and thanks for the heads up (even if I was a little late). Cheers, man!

  4. Thanks, but I must insist that you're "the man."

  5. Thanks. You've also achieved "the man" status.

  6. You deserve a comment from me, so here ya go! I still love most of your music tastes :P

  7. Rumour has it that I'm the man. Seems like you started that rumour, so 5 stars for you.

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