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  1. I'm stoked they played it. I'm depressed by the fact this may be all we get. I honestly don't think the band is even concerned about new music. I heard Duff and Susan play it on his radio show today but all he said was it is a new GNR song. He really didn't sound excited about it at all.
  2. Has Guns ever done a second Encore? (I have to keep hoping)
  3. There is no possible way that Axl doesn't at least announce Hard Skools release tonight. Right??
  4. Imagine Maddy DC locomotive HS and then PC as the encore. Of course it won't happen.
  5. Just enjoy the show!!!! Best setlist so far this year!! Let us losers watching from home whine about Hard Skool.
  6. At least we don't have to hear that " It's 20 year old vocal shit" .
  7. https://www.facebook.com/kristie.miyamoto/videos/1230516264115368/
  8. I keep imagining him going " on guitar..... mmm bucket...nope bumble... nope... umm robin....shit what's his name DJ hell no.. he Is SLASH!"
  9. https://www.facebook.com/kristie.miyamoto/videos/570237777437807/
  10. He always kills Shadow. It should be an every night tune.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/kristie.miyamoto/videos/623510235307870/
  12. Just our luck for the only stream to lag every 2 seconds on the night of Hard Skool.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/cgoddardmd/videos/233102572119593/
  14. I'm surprised Axl would make that joke knowing that many fans would welcome Frank's departure.
  15. If she likes all his social media posts they know he posted the clip. Since you like almost every post wouldn't you also know he posted it?
  16. I am not so sure about that. Beta watches and likes almost every post on Slash's social media.
  17. I'd rather them fill Oct with a bunch of arenas in cities not visited since the reunion started.
  18. At least Estranged is awesome as always this year. He struggled with it on and off even in 2016.
  19. I think he could actually work it out like you said. It may not sound like the studio but would be a kick ass vocal.
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