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  1. I think that's the reality of the band now. Axl only getting stuff reworked by Slash and Duff. And then allowing them to do their own thing with their bands and solo records. Slash and Duff get their GN'R money, then release new music with other people to get that "new music" shit out of their systems. 

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  2. 26 minutes ago, Blackstar said:

    Only in Slash interviews (and 6 times in an article about Slash by Alan Niven)


    EDIT: The phrase is also found 28 times in Slash's autobiography :lol:

    Is there an updated version of this? I see it's only up to 2010. We should start calling slash, Saul "All things considered" Hudson

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  3. 56 minutes ago, Pele said:

    There is an obvious reason they all give deliberately vague answers.  Rose doesn't write/record, they all know this, they are terrified to push the issue in case he retreats again, so they all just stutter,lie or give vague answers which are open for interpretation when asked about new releases.

    I'm sure if they interviewed Pele he'd say "all things considered, 99 vocals this and KOHD 99 vocals that" 

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  4. 5 minutes ago, DownUnderScott said:

    1. It would be distracting because you would have a normally functioning band like SMKC releasing singles, releasing music videos, playing live on talk shows, doing interviews on various media platforms (Electronic and Print), while the interviewer would be saying "So how was it back in the studio with Axl Rose after many decades". "Did you and Axl get along well?" "Would Axl turn up to the studio on time to record?" "Did you have many disagreements with the type of input you were able to have on the songs that were already actually written ten years ago" "What the fuck is up with that song Absurd? Did you have to see a Psychologist to get over actually being a part of that abomination?"

    All the while Slash is going " It was great working with Myles again, and"  Interviewer "What about Steven? is he coming back in to the band?"

    I think you answered your own question directed at me with your point 1. 

    And I reinforced the ridiculousness of it all by expanding on your point 2.


    the realistic answer from slash is "all things considered, absurd this and hardskool that"

  5. 58 minutes ago, Blackstar said:


    EDIT: The store sells bootlegs, too, so it may just be a new bootleg release.

    Probably bootlegs of Hard Skool lol

    The excitement remains at a minimun.

    I've changed my stance and at this point I'm fine thinking that they may never release an LP. At least I have seen and listened to how Slash and Duff sounded on a GN'R song in 2021, even though Axl's vocals are old. Them working on a song and actually releasing it is probably enough for me. 

    If a new record arrives good. If not then okay. My excitement for a new record is now focused on the chili peppers with JF.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Martin Riggs said:

    I watched the videos hoping he would sound good. Unfortunately he didn’t IMO.

    Why would you raise that bar of expectation so high knowing how he sounds at this age? I'm just happy he can still rasp when needed and hit notes, maybe a few miss on some tracks but it is what it is. That Paradise City from the 10-03 that you guys have been shitting on has been the raspiest version in a long while. I don't know how high your standards are for that song, but to me it could be up there with other 2016 performances. 

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  7. 37 minutes ago, Chester 524 said:

    what should happen?  

    1. release a new album

    2. tour on the albums for a year or two

    3. pop up arena tour featuring the AFD Five playing the entire afd album, lies and a few illusions songs 

    4. next leg of the tour features Gilby and Matt making guest appearances promoting their contract with Netflix which has released the behind the scenes UYI tour vault videos for a limited time


    what will happen:

    1. Hard Skool toy school bus

    2. GNR launches a Wheel of Fortune online game.  only letters the player can choose are "F" AND "N".

    3. a pinball machine that costs 30 grand. there is a rubber fist that punches the player directly in the crotch at random times so he can accurately sing along to the NITL versions of our favorite hits.  

    4. Perla gets remarried and Slash is off the hook for alimony payments and then quits GNR


    You had me at the mother f'n toy skool bus 

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  8. I would totally be pessimistic about the future, but this tour really changed things for me. I really hope for an LP that has actual new songs in it. I won't mind it being a half CD leftovers and half NITL line-up written songs. 

    This tour though, made me think they're actually listening to fans.

    The minor changing of song orders for each shows. 

    2 new singles.

    Axl showing real effort even when he's sick. 

    I guess Fernando has fully turned face now. 

    Heels here might disagree with that lol

    Also You're Crazy from this leg has been a fucking highlight.

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  9. 36 minutes ago, mingsubu said:

    Are there any songs from this show where he doesn't go full mickey?

    Wichita, Seeker, You're Crazy, Absurd, ohh and on Paradise City he was a full rasping motherfucker. 

    Other songs barely Mickey. He was rasping here and there. 

    But why do you care, don't you feel bad for those who watched? 

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  10. Just now, Gunsdrummer63 said:

    Damn why does this leg have to end? Everyone sounds great right now, the set list is changing (order wise) largely nightly and some new songs added here and there, slash's tone is off the charts, and axl is in a good mood. Really bad timing for this leg to end

    I hope they add a few intimate US shows this year. 

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