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  1. I hope they add a few intimate US shows this year.
  2. That was a pretty solid Hard Skool vocal towards the end.
  3. That's the problem with wikipedia, anyone can input useless shit. Have you seen Absurd on wiki? I had my fun removing the "Alternative Nation's Brett Buchanan" line on the page and the clickbate fucker keeps putting it back as if he's a credible writer.
  4. See motherfuckers? An actual audience member said he enjoyed the show despite few issues. Glad you got a different setlist for this show!
  5. I wouldn't feel bad for people who looked like they're having fun. I'd feel bad for people like you who got to attend a show on this leg and still find a reason to bitch and whine on a forum.
  6. The setlist switching on each shows though. This 2021 tour has been the most interesting since they reunited.
  7. I think he miscalculated the timing of the scream after the solo. Just simple human error on his part lol would be cool if he just held a raspy scream for most part of the 2nd to the last chorus before the guitar tapping part
  8. There was some improvement vocally, but the tempo messed up big fucking time
  9. something about writing YCBM and how cold the lyrics were haha
  10. he fucked up thought he was gonna do the band intro already
  11. Kinda raspy on the RQ or is it just the stream?
  12. That scream before the solo. Delicious shit.
  13. Before they played actually played the song right after Absurd. But they're already on Estranged now. Haha
  14. Axl said in the last show they were supposed to play it early on the set before he got issues with his audio/in-ears
  15. Should they be playing HS earlier on the set now?
  16. Does he sing high notes like Axl? The only guy that has defy age IMO is Steven Tyler.
  17. No one is forcing you to watch. Us here in this forum have seen Axl working on himself. Since the start of the NITL there's been ups and downs but on this leg, Axl's efforts are evident on the shows. Rasping when he can, hitting notes men of his age shouldn't hit, him losing weight, more interactive lately with the crowd. Oh and 2 "new" songs released in between. To say I'm happy with what GN'R is doing right now is an understatement buddy.
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