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  1. Axl is fucking with us for sport. He's 22-0 now.
  2. Well aren't they the weirdest motherfuckers on earth
  3. Looks like there will be no mention of HS at all
  4. I would respect the fuck out of them if they played all alt songs and left Hard Skool unplayed just to spite us.
  5. Let the instruments introduce themselves to you. I'm on my 436th loop now and I heard a sub lead from Fortus during Slash's slide solo.
  6. Axl will probably say "impatient motherfuckers" or "downloading motherfuckers"
  7. Nah, he was probably Paul Tobias escaping the vault at midnight trying to drive us nuts.
  8. I think Pele was just inside of all of us all along. Our minds created him due to lack of new songs. Now Hard Skool is out and he doesn't exist.
  9. I can taste a faint synth on the first verse. And a sharp guitar bend before Axl starts singing. Felt like Richard.
  10. "Oh I get why something was off at this mark of the song" Once they find out it's Frank
  11. That was Buckethead? Thought I heard Fortus doing that bendy solo on the last chorus. They gotta let us know the personnel on the track! Ha!
  12. I think I hear Fortus doing the old solo on the final chorus on my left earphones while Slash rip it on the right.
  13. Nope we don't hear shit like this right now. Playing it loudly hope you hear it through your windows.
  14. You could be the key. Maybe Nando is just waiting for you to update your signature
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