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  1. @Pele's acoustic KOHD from 99 intensifies. #notaninsider #imo #fuckinglol
  2. It's like monday night raw nowadays, always the same thing every show. Axl is Vince McMahon.
  3. I just have to say this, the timing on the LALD scream sometimes sounds like Axl stubbed his toe
  4. We gotta take this shit in. It's Axl's revenge for the 2019 leak. There was never any intention to actually release it. Then to add salt to the wound he instead released Absurd.
  5. Wow this song has really turned into a soundcheck anthem
  6. Here's the thing, Axl's vocals tonight are from '99
  7. be freaked out if they played Madagascar straight to DC. For sure Seeker will come next and then PC. lol
  8. Decent Rocket Queen outro vocals. I think he can pull off HS with that voice.
  9. But we didn't know for sure where their slots in the setlist were. If I was to decide I'd remove Zika and Wichita to bring both PTU and Think About You
  10. Probably to give way to Absurd and possibly HS
  11. Duuude, 2010 is on a '93 level of vocals. He sounds good tonight though.
  12. You're not gonna believe this but... it was followed by Mr. goddamn Brownstone!
  13. Y2J debuted the night Hard Skool was released
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