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  1. Also, brace yourselves for this festival. Setlist will go like: It's so easy Brownstone Chinese Jungle (...) Oh. We may get 'Down on the vineyard' with Adler on drums for a change
  2. Oh yeah, that's where Paul Tobias used to be. Word has it that's where TB store Slash and Duff now.
  3. Just watched it. Axl is in top form, he just keeps on running and running and running, its like 90´s Axl running on stage on steroids. He also juggles when he needs to think which explains a lot IMO. And he just screams ´STOP, STOP' a couple times, and oh man all those memories Bet Slash got PTSD symptoms if he watched this show. You can watch it on watch.boomerang.com, they have a free trial. Supposedly is not available outside of the US but that´s why they created the VPNs
  4. Having a closer look at animated Axl, one can see that he's definitely less bloated and, you guessed, cracking up jokes
  5. Well, at least he's keeping himself busy during the pandemic. Good for him! You might think a musician would lay down some vocals, maybe write new songs. But no, not Axl
  6. Why you killing the Slaxl when it's already dead and buried?? Might as well let it die beautifully in our hearts, ok? OKAY? Btw. Not here yet? You all know it's missing. https://www.instagram.com/p/CK9gMZFFnLH/?igshid=1v5x85tqpgsdv (I had to go through skeletons, monsters and vaginas to get hold of this post. At least some things never really change)
  7. There's Slash. Playing a machine partially designed by Slash, full of images, references and memorabilia from Slash, it's playing a song about Slash's high school friend, also written by Slash. The video is silent because of the song copyright. Laughable, really. 'Never happened, all made up, fallacy and fantasy. Not one single solitary thread of truth to it'
  8. Gonna happy birthday Slash and Dijon Gonna 'tweet from my iphone'
  9. https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2020/12/slashs-new-pinball-game-brings-concert-experience-to-guns-n-roses-fans-in-a-new-format.html Can you spot the difference between 'there’s 20 songs and we’re gonna start back up next year' for SMKC and 'Duff (McKagan) and I did some jamming and we also worked on the Guns record' for Guns? One is real, the other is wishful thinking.
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