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  1. Always excited for some SMKC New single this week?
  2. Take a chill pill, Nando. It's only a rock n' roll band
  3. She's insane. She is even on Slash's instagram right now. I don't remember seeing her there when Slash was a cancer. Wtf Shut the fuck up, Beta!! Know your place!
  4. I like it. Which it even surprises myself, since I was so ready to hate it It's a banger, the drums are good, and it has that distinct Guns N' Roses sound - *enters Sluff *. I'm bit off regarding the 20 year old vocals, but I'll get over it.
  5. I'm wondering the same thing. Legally Guns N' Roses are Axl, Slash and Duff. Will they split this loot equally? Is Fortus in this? Mellissa? Dizzy?
  6. I'm feeling very uncomfortable, I'm not recognizing this band today. What the hell happened?
  7. I just hope that he recorded the vocals recently, otherwise meh.
  8. Yes, iTunes is still a thing and indeed it probably will be available for you to buy it. If you have any Apple device go to the music app, if a windows you can download it from microsoft store.
  9. Not a fan of what Slash is doing on YCBM. I mean is not the worst thing that is happening to YCBM, but still.
  10. Axl knows he is here. Dude you are fucked
  11. Every time he hits us with a Mickey moan a part of me dies
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