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  1. Take a chill pill, Nando. It's only a rock n' roll band
  2. She's insane. She is even on Slash's instagram right now. I don't remember seeing her there when Slash was a cancer. Wtf Shut the fuck up, Beta!! Know your place!
  3. I like it. Which it even surprises myself, since I was so ready to hate it It's a banger, the drums are good, and it has that distinct Guns N' Roses sound - *enters Sluff *. I'm bit off regarding the 20 year old vocals, but I'll get over it.
  4. I'm wondering the same thing. Legally Guns N' Roses are Axl, Slash and Duff. Will they split this loot equally? Is Fortus in this? Mellissa? Dizzy?
  5. I'm feeling very uncomfortable, I'm not recognizing this band today. What the hell happened?
  6. I just hope that he recorded the vocals recently, otherwise meh.
  7. Yes, iTunes is still a thing and indeed it probably will be available for you to buy it. If you have any Apple device go to the music app, if a windows you can download it from microsoft store.
  8. Not a fan of what Slash is doing on YCBM. I mean is not the worst thing that is happening to YCBM, but still.
  9. Axl knows he is here. Dude you are fucked
  10. Every time he hits us with a Mickey moan a part of me dies
  11. They are not on yet. Vanessa just posted a video arriving to the stadium. So I guess we are gonna get a late start again since the lead singer is still on his way
  12. Jebus, and then they say that we, diehards, are the tough crowd. Facebook is full on dissing Axl's voice He doesn't even sound bad. It's just a variation of his low pitch, which IMO sounds perfectly fine. I'd rather hear this to out of breath Mickey Do casuals know about Mickey?
  13. I think they'll play it regularly from now on. Axl voice works for it. And, let's be honest, for the band it must be fun to play something different at this stage, whatever it is Besides I do believe Slash may love the lyrics. 'A pussy full of maggots'? Say no more. That's something for Slash's instagram
  14. Who knows? The can of worms is opened now. Literally
  15. What.The.Fuck. Only Axl, dudes, only Axl I just checked it and, even though 'a pussy full of maggots' is an image I'd rather not to have showing up in my brain, I think they sounded good overall - Axl included. I don't even know. Crazy motherfucker. Maybe next show they'll debut Cornshucker
  16. Well, at least he's showing up for soundcheck, which is really a big step for him as he rarely does it Maybe he's aware of the Hershey trainwreck after all. Good for him!
  17. Well, I'll say that's the issue. If his confidence was not shaken by the terrible performance he delivered, he's more delusional than what we suspect
  18. The thing here is: Axl is going to sound better in 4 to 5 shows. He will Mickey his mid-range songs but he will sound good enough for his high and low register songs. We all know it, we been there before, it's like a freaking deja vu happening in every single first show after a tour break. But it's just maddening at this point. It's fucking disrespectful to his fans, to his bandmates and to every crew member that work their asses off without sucking his balls, because we know that this happens because he is just unprepared and he doesn't give a shit about it. Every other person doing the same he does would be fucking ashamed on how shitty one can sound. When he was bitching in November Rain about not being able to play the piano due to tech issues, I was raging with secondhand shame. Same when he did some 'jokes' with the crowd. Just be prepared or call it quits. Band is being affected by it, Slash was noodling non stop, completely in auto-pilot. The November Rain outro was all over the place. What the hell was that? It amazes me how he seems so oblivion of everything that he can't hear how awful he sounds. Can't he really? Can't he open YouTube on his phone and actually hear how ridiculous he sounds? It's embarrassing and humiliating really.
  19. Hey! I'm kinda glad the forum was down, cause otherwise we would be seeing huge meltdowns in this thread. So let’s vent now, shall we? What to say? Seriously. It was the worst performance by Axl since the Golden Gods back in 2014 or whatever. He was constantly out of breath, struggling in every single song, he didn't sing half of YCBM, he fucked up the tempos, he skipped lyrics, Mickey showed up for all the songs, but not his regular Mickey, it was like Mickey with pneumonia. Even Slash was all over the place, noodling like crazy, sometimes even out of key. It was pretty clear that the band was playing intros here and there to accommodate Axl, so he could take multiple breaks. The setlist was shortened because he simply couldn't sing more. Glad they started the Iggy cover when they did because if Axl sang anything right after YCBM he would definitely faint on that stage. It was sad, it was really, really sad. In the IG live one could hear people laughing during November Rain. We all know how this goes - he'll probably get better as the tour goes - but yesterday was rock bottom for him. I can't wrap my head around how can he be so unprepared after an almost 2 year break. What a disgrace
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