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  1. They didn't congratulate him last year. Does it mean he could be back only for a little while?
  2. Chad, Taylor Hawkins, anyone but Frank... Don't forget Chris Chaney nailing it as well!
  3. All part of Post Malone's New Year Eve stream. They absolutely nailed it. Chad is killing the drums. And Slash... he's playing and sounds better here than since he rejoined Guns. Enjoy! 2:17:17
  4. For those interested, there's a completely new Knockin' video, professionally/crowd filmed video by L'Arc itself. Worth checking out!!
  5. Of all the shows from NITL they choose the 3rd to last... (needless to say Axl had been sounding progressively worse since the tour started). Why not give us something from 2016? LA?
  6. Wow... such a great throwback. Who remembers these years? Probably the last time Axl cared. Just look at him... singing like hell. Also, probably the last time we witnessed one of the riots/speeches -- about Bon Jovi sucking his dick. Good times indeed...
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