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  1. Although I had a great feeling seeing Axl on stage again, I could note his voice wasn’t the same. I was far behind from the stage so I could only see the big screens, but I agree there was a good amount of weirdness during the band introduction and Buckethead’s strange moves. It shocked me also when he had Beta on stage saying lots of personal things and things like “don’t kill each other in a soccer game against argentina”... that was “unexpected” at least.
  2. I was not at that Hotel. I had to drive 4 hours from São Paulo with my brother and find a cheap hotel to stay for one night only. We had no money, we’re just interns at the time and we got to the concert area at 1 PM. If I’m not wrong they hit the stage around 2 in the morning after Oasis, of course with almost 3 hours in between. I remember it was damm hot in Rio, more than 40 degrees Celsius that day. My brother and I were dead by the time they kicked off WTTJ. But at the time everything stopped. Hearing his voice again after so many years was unbelievable. One guy next to me was on his knees kissing the floor,and the energy there was amazing. Having Axl on stage was epic, but to me, not seeing the classic line up sucked big time, as much as sucked the samba school at the end of the concert, which finished almost by 5 in the morning. My brother and I walked to the parking place , got in the car and drove back to São Paulo. I nearly slept over the steering wheel on the way back and had to stop for an half hour nap. We still had to go to work that morning... good old days.
  3. Just horrible. I wonder if Axl approved these “selection of shit performances”
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