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  1. Yeah fuck this band. I'll still listen to the same tracks I always have because I love them, and honesty it's all we got anyway. I mean Axl will sit there and bitch about the Trump admin killing 80,000 (although the virus did it actually as it did all over the globe, and Trump had no hand in that), but at the same time go forward with a concert in Mexico when every other tour was getting postponed even then. Where was his sympathy for human beings let alone fans at that time? The band or management or whoever blocks fans from enjoying their concerts and footage in a time when EVERY band i
  2. MY GOD THE SLASH JAM! Whatever you think of Axl's voice, or the rest of the band. It's worth a listen to get to the Slash jam when he is introduced!
  3. Yeah at the time I was psyched about Faith No More too (had no idea then that The Black Crowes were even a consideration) , but with Guns and Metallica on the bill that was all I needed. I got into Faith the 1st album Patton joined as the singer. So yeah I was ecstatic over all of it.
  4. Sounds like we are pretty much the same, but flipped flopped. Metallica came 1st for me because I found out about them listening to an alt college radio station before I knew of Guns. Like a lot of others though once I heard Appetite all bets were off. You can imagine how out of my mind I was when the big tour with two of them was announced. Then I found out later down the road that my other band, The Black Crowes, were considered (maybe even asked?) to join. I was still disappointed that did not happen even years later after learning of this. HA!
  5. Metallica was "my band" before Guns (my 1st heavy metal concert was on their Damaged Justice Tour in '89). At the start of my teenage years their heavy fast sound was right up my ally. Then of course came Guns and they gave me the classic rock/hard rock/heavy metal/punk fix all in one band.
  6. Meanwhile on Metallica's YouTube Channel (FREE): - Metallica: Live in Paris, France - September 8, 2017 - Metallica LIVE from ACL Music Fest 2018 on Red Bull TV These are just a couple of live sets on their YouTube channel. Move on over to their Met Club (also free to join) and I can and did download for FREE: - 30 Years of Justice (entire Justice for All tracks live dating from late 80's to close to present date) - WorldWired in Europe: 2017-2018 (Live WorldWired tour from 8 various concerts) And to top it off I just paid $50 to join their vinyl club that ships
  7. HA! As a forum member I log into to check the EXACT same things everyday. And like you I am disappointed everyday. I don't even bother with google because I know there is another nut job forum member here that is constantly hitting "Refresh" on the "New Guns-n-Roses Album" google search to do it for me.
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