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  1. Just got the first dose of moderna vaccine yesterday.Arm aches a tad and a slight headache today but from my understanding the second shot can do a bit of a number in you for a couple of days
  2. Probably Ozzy’s and Pearl Jam’s new records.Two of my all time favorites so I guess that’s easy I really haven’t discovered anything new so to speak this year.Need to give more listens to the new AC/DC
  3. I wouldn’t say given up completely.But I have been there done that if you will.I won’t go see them live as I have seen them 5 times during their AFD/uyi days and now 4 times since they got back together.Unless theirs a new album of all original material I just don’t see a reason to really pay much attention.Theirs a ton of other bands who still try and put out new music and then play live shows whereas Guns continue to rest on their laurels from 3 decades ago.I hardly ever if ever still listen to them and when their songs come on the radio or on my Spotify playlists if I’m out for a jog I’ll e
  4. Sad but kind of hard to think of anything different .Theyve shown us who they are over the last 30 years content to play songs that they recorded in a very short heyday and never evolve.To me maybe they’re just artistically bankrupt as a unit without Izzy in the studio .And to me CD was an Axl solo album,I know people strongly disagree but I’m entitled to my opinion as well
  5. Well Slash is coming out with new music.Album with Myles Kennedy to be released in 2021
  6. R.i.p. to a legend was fortunate to see him once live has to be in the discussion with the all time great six stringers.F**k u cancer and 2020 as well
  7. Went to two shows on that tour and as a previous poster said Metallica going on first kind of took the wind out the sails in terms of energy in the Guns set.Both played good sets and they were fun shows but Metallica is an extremely difficult act to follow.First time I seen them they opened for Ozzy and it was a hour set and energy was incredible when Ozzy came on it wasn’t quite the same as well.Couple that with Metallica played a full set and a very lengthy intermission between the 2 sets (Guns stage set was huge ) and Guns really didn’t have a chance to stack up with Metallica in terms of e
  8. By the sounds of it,it looks like college football is not happening in the fall.Hard to really make an argument to play when students aren’t on campus and the situation is much worse then in the spring when NCAA tourney and all spring sports (baseball softball lacrosse )The supposed plan is to shoot for a season starting in the spring
  9. Steven Tyler is almost 20 years Axl’s senior (Or maybe he is don’t know exact age )dude can still tear it up.Seen Aerosmith in Vegas last year still a great show and Tyler is a great frontman.
  10. Release a new album.Include 4-6 new songs off of said new album.Scratch all the covers include a different song of off lies a couple of uyi ‘s deeper cuts a new song off of TSI,play AFD in its entirety.Play one or 2 max CD songs.
  11. Their show from Irvine Damaged Justice tour is up on YouTube must watch imo.For me that was peak Metallica seen them at Irvine and Long Beach for that tour not sure if night on youtube is show I saw as they played three nights but they rocked that place.I had seen them open for Ozzy after MOP was released and was hooked.One of my fave live bands with Maiden and Pearl Jam
  12. Looks like you were right unless something is announced super late.This band .....,I often wonder why I still bother ...lightning in a bottle for 5 years three decades ago and mostly headaches ever since although the reunion shows were good and fun the 4 I saw but I think I’m just kind of done.
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