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  1. Foo Fighters last night in LA.Always a good time with the Foo Fighters.Trip though how Dave Grohl is so far out front and his band mates stand so much further back on stage.They sounded great and of course Grohl knows how to have a good time and get the crowd going
  2. Never mind.I checked online they are permanently closed.Another covid casualty
  3. For those going tonight hope u have fun.If u are looking for a spot to grab a bite and or a drink ,the fields right next door is a cool spot.You’ll literally be at the stadium entrance in a minute.Haven’t been there since covid so I’m not 100 percent sure they are open but since most restaurants and bars are now would assume they are as well
  4. As a matter of fact I just checked it’s mostly singles and resale
  5. Idk if they are going to go any lower.Not as many left as their was with other shows on day fo show.If u go to Ticketmaster and look at map theirs isn’t a ton of seats left
  6. I didn’t realize show was moved to Banc stadium.Had tickets to Black Crowes tonight so wasn’t going to make it.Seen Maiden a couple years back there,it’s a nice stadium with a cool little area right outside to grab a quick bite and a drink or 2.Place is called the The Fields.
  7. Not necessarily bothered.Would prefer that they start from scratch and get to a studio and come up with something fresh.But I’d definitely listen to a completed album of cd leftovers and give it a chance
  8. Was somewhat surprised to see that’s it’s nearly a sellout.When I checked a month or so ago on Ticketmaster it was more like 50/55 percent sold tickets.
  9. Not a huge fan of CD but if I had to pick a song that I would choose as my favorite this tune would definitely be it.Maybe like the op pointed out it’s more in line with the classic Guns sound.
  10. Live Nation will require proof of vaccination or a negative covid test starting October 4th for all shows
  11. Looks like a beautiful place to see a show.Tried to get Pearl Jam tickets to no avail a few years back,was going to make a trip out of it.To those going tonight hope it’s a great time
  12. I think that’s a great question I don’t know the answer to that.I seen an article on it this morning and in it their was no mention of refunds
  13. Dead and Company just announced you will have to prove vaccination status or a negative covid test taken 48 hours prior to any show your attending on their tour.Also pit ga is open only to those who are vaccinated
  14. Black Crowes,Rise Against Foo Fighters and Ohana festival with Pearl Jam headlining.All those shows in the next month and a half.Seen Bruno Mars in Vegas last month (my girls favorite ) not my usual jam but was a great show and had a great time
  15. It was my understanding in the beginning of the vaccine rollout that is was highly unlikely for vaccinated people to catch or transmit the virus.Masks mandates were lifted here in California as recently as a couple of months ago for those who were vaccinated.Since then those mandates have been put back in place as their is now ample prove that those who are vaccinated can catch and transmit the virus.I know numerous vaccinated people who have been infected with covid.I just got off the phone with my uncle yesterday who has covid.my aunt went to Florida (vaccinated ) to visit my cousin got infected and now my Uncle who was home is also infected.This is just one example numerous people I know here in town are or have been infected since being fully vaccinated.My point in my earlier post was the we shouldn’t vilify people who choose not to be vaccinated.While yes mRNA has been tested for a long time it has never been used in such a wide scale on humans ever.The vaccine may be affective now but none of us know what the long term effects are or if their are any to pretend otherwise is simply wrong as it is not possible.I got vaccinated I have a son who has a rare severe form of epilepsy whom I care for who is considered high risk of complications from covid and I know quite a few people who have died and some who are 3-4 months out and still feel awful.Covid is an awful disease and we seem to have the antidote for it so I went for it but those to dont I understand their position.To me to make someone put something in their body that has not survived the test of time (vaccines normally take 5-10 years to go through rigorous studies /testing ) before they get to general public is wrong in my opinion.Again this is my opinion it’s not a right or wrong statement.It’s just my personal opinion and I feel if I knew I got covid I never ever would’ve taken the vaccine and theirs quite a few people who have.So at this point you’re asking someone to get the vaccine to attend events and in reality that someone may not benefit much from it as he/she has natural immunity.Yes I know you can catch it again just like you can still get it when your vaccinated but theirs obviously a level of protection from it.
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