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  1. I'm trying to create a playlist to play for hours on grey, cold winter days. I have to admit I haven't gotten very far and could use some input. Any suggestions? Edited to add: I'm looking for songs you associate with winter, snowfall, cold, mist etc. It doesn't have to be literal.
  2. Afaik Slash only did the solos on Give In To Me, but they are GREAT and underrated as well. 2nd solo 🥰 Edited to add: Afaik. I'm pretty sure Slash doesn't play the riff on the recording (Bill Botrell?). But what I am certain of is that there are hardcore MJ fans on this board who will roast me for spreading half truths. 😃 Slash definitely didn't write the riff, though.
  3. My favorites are Street Of Dreams, Sorry, I.R.S, Madagascar and Prostitute. I do own a really expensive boom box, but husband and kids have zero tolerance for "mommy's wild music". 😅
  4. The 'Slashing Chinese Democracy to 45 Minutes' thread on D&N reminded me that a while ago I (like a nerd) made my own Invincible cut. I have my own little running order. And I think it works well. What do you guys think? 1. Unbreakable 2. Heaven Can Wait 3. Heartbreaker 4. Invincible 5. Break of Dawn 6. Blue Gangsta 7. Speechless 8. You Rock My World 9. The Lost Children 10. Whatever Happens 11. Threatened I encourage you to try it out and mercilessly critizise me. 😉
  5. Reading the article and this thread just reminds of how much I like the album. It's been a while. Putting on my headphones right now. I admit Scraped gets skipped a lot.
  6. I want to point out that the decision to get vaccinated is not solely a personal one. Your community is directly affected by your choice. Not getting vaccinated harms other poeple and may directly lead to a death that could have been prevented by your action. This is not an opinion. It's a fact based on sufficient evidence. When someone drinks heavyly we can agree it's their choice and their business alone. But we as society forbid they drive their car while drunk, because it endangers others. Personaly I admit it makes me angry, when poeple go about their life without caring about others and considering the consequences of their own actions. I don't speak to anyone in this thread directly.
  7. I've seen them four times. 1992, 1993, 2006, 2017.
  8. I like the original version better. I'm no expert in different versions or remixes at all. I just like the feeling of the ov more. The melancholy.
  9. I realize most of you guys aren't familiar with the artists and won't understand the lyrics, but this song got to me like no other in a very long time. 😭 Eta: I met my husband at a Soap&Skin concert in 2009. Oh those sparks... 😄
  10. I honestly don't think there is any truth to your theory. People usually acknowledge Myles talent and professionalism. He too is regarded a nice guy by most people who critizise his artistry. His expressions, even on his ambitious solo records or AB, just don't resonate with me, especially on a deeper level. It feels bland, tried and simple. I even believe MK is a genuine music fan and into what he does, but it's lacking the transcendence aspect that makes art great. I'm even happy he has fans. And he has many. He obviously does not need me. My opinion on Myles has nothing to do with Axl.
  11. I plan to take an extensive roadtrip in the summer of 2022. It will be mostly me and my 3 children, because husband doesn't get time off. I first want to travel Italy (Venice, Bologna, Ravenna) then take a ferry to Korfu (Greece). Spend time there exploring. Afterwards I plan to take a ferry to Albania or northern Greece and travel the whole Balkan up north. Albania, Montenegro, Croatia. I want to see Budva, Kotor and Dubrovnik. I want to visit Lake Skadar, ancient cities where the muezzin calls and numerous Croatian Islands. I'm excited, because it looks like it's going to be a real adventure.
  12. Oh, it's one of my least favorite on that album too, but that album is insane! So many hits. One fabulous pop song after the other! It's my favorite MJ album for its consitency. My Bad song ranking: 1. Dirty Diana 2. Smooth Criminal 3. Man In The Mirror 4. Liberian Girl 5. Another Part of Me 6. Speed Demon 7. Leave Me Alone 8. Bad 9. IJCSLY 10. The Way You Make Me Feel 11. Just Good Friends MJ fans, please join in to the Bad discussion/ranking. I'd love to read your thoughts.
  13. I'm glad Bad gets some love. It often gets overlooked even by fans.
  14. Yesterday I was at a somewhat hip pizza place in the small town where I'm living. During the hour I spent there they played 3 MJ songs AND Welcome to the Jungle. 😀👍
  15. This has nothing to do with anything. Beta just shared a picture of MJ and Paul from Say Say Say. Made me think of this thread. 😀 So I just watched the video. It's been a while.
  16. lilacmess

    Tori Amos

    Another new song 'Spies':
  17. In my mind I always view BOTD as EP and never think of the remixes. Love all the new songs. My favorite is 'Morphine'. It's one of the better songs about drug addiction out there and musicially haunting. Very bleak at the end. "You just sit around. Just talking nothing. Just taking morphine." 'Is It Scary' was mentioned here many times. Rightfully so. These must be amongst his best lyrics for sure. I feel 'Morphine' and 'Is It Scary' are some of MJ's more personal songs. And MJ = King of Bridges! 'Blood on the Danceflor' is a killer track. Very underrated. Love the video. Burgundy red suite, burgundy red lipstick, french plait, sitting on a chair. Truly bold and unique. Really like 'Ghosts'. And like 'Superfly Sister' too.
  18. I guess it would be easy for Gn'R/Axl to book some PR gigs. Go on a talk show. Be funny. Release cool looking images or promo clips. Create some kind of buzz. Everybody else does it and proper PR obviously works. It looks like they simply don't want to do it. And of course this affects sales, popularity, etc. in a negative way. Imho it's a choice anybody has the right to make. I wouldn't mind the lack of popularity, less sales and certainly not concerts at smaller venues, if there woud be a new album. I guess we all can agree Chinese Democracy could have done much better with proper promotion. Back then I actually didn't even realize it had in fact come out for a very long time. I don't claim to understand what they're doing and why (and why it always takes so long), but I"ve always to some degree enjoyed what we've got so far. I really like Chinese Democracy, loved the reunion, liked the tours and had/have a blast with Absurd and Hard Skool. Of course I notice a lot of your critizisms too. I guess at the end of the day I don't take it as seriously as some of you guys. I've loved being a Gn'R fan so far. It's seriously entertaining. The drama. More so in the past, but also ongoing. Remember for example Niven and Goldstein accusing each other via press of using Black magic. Priceless. LOL. To conclude this rambling: I hope for a new record. I have no idea if and when it will come. All Interviews indicate that they want to put out more. But yes, this is Gn'R.
  19. Axl's mother was 16 years older and his stepfather was actually only 14 years older than himself. So he's not that far off. You can thank our own @Blackstarand @Lumikkifor doing some extensive research.
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