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  1. I seem to remember an interview with Matt during the Nu GNR days. He said he ran into Axl at a party in NYC, they talked, Axl gave him a ride after the party.
  2. I met Slash after a Snake pit show at Bayfront Park in Miami 1999. He was much smaller than I thought he would be. They were signing autographs in the Spec's music tent after their set. They signed my Snakepit tshirt, never been worn to this day! I totally fangirled, and he (rightfully) looked at me like I was crazy. I met Duff at the Hard Rock in Hollywood Florida when he was doing a pre-show(KoC) book signing for "How to be a Man" . He was lovely,, chatted and took pics with everyone, he had no recollection that he'd played this place before with Velvet Revolver, lol.
  3. So Axl has Herculean strength to push over a 16,000+ pound fish tank? (A gallon of water weighs 8 pounds.) Lol. The exaggeration is strong with this one. Kim Neely wrote a book about Pearl Jam in the early 90s, so it seems she knew them both.
  4. I went to a Tool show a while back, after being told how they're such a great live band. It was hands down, one if the worst shows I've ever seen. Maynard stood with his back to the crowd the entire show. It was boring as fuck. I'll take GNR all day.
  5. Someone recently asked Kat on her Insta about the B&W photos. She replied that she can only post what the band approves. So its not her fault.
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