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  1. Actually Dizzy played piano on most songs than Axl. I think Dizzy play on Dust n' Bones, LALD, Bad Obsession, Bad Apples, CW, probably KOHD, GITR, PTU and Locomotive while Axl play on NR, 14 Years, Yesterdays, Breakdown and Estranged. So Fine by Howard Teman.
  2. Some years ago the bootleg audio was on youtube, I remember it was Axl and Duff on vocals, but the quality of the audio was horrible.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/dorihanjurado/videos/925562041639668/
  4. On the solo the drummer is using the cowbell, Adler confirmed 100% 😏
  5. I hope they add a Dizzy piano solo followed by a 20 minutes Frank drum solo.
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