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  1. I thought about doing a list with proshots that exist and could make the definitive live era dvd. Only Frans can make it look and sound brilliant. I'm sure there's a lot of work but the result would be epic. I tried to cover as many concerts I could, so the diversity would be big. Some songs can be choose from many concerts, others like Coma, My Michelle, Dead Horse etc we have only one option. Have a look and maybe someday Frans would want to make this huge project reality. Cheers! 1. Perfect Crime - St. Louis - 1991 2. Mr. Brownstone - Alpine Valley - 1991 3. Right Next Door To Hel
  2. My first 3 choices wold be : 1. Las Vegas - 1992 2. Wembley - 1991 3. Inglewood - 1991 Or scrap all the above and release the "Perfect Crime Documentary".
  3. In another post un reedit he says that they're "working on giving the fans long waited video material". I wonder what "long waited" means.
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