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  1. At first the second video gave the impression of rerecorded live DTJ... But its not, thank god
  2. We heard it through fan filmed videos..:Im not sure I want to listen to the soyndboard of those performances hahahaha What does Axl think of his actual vocals??? Now thats an answer Id be interested in hearing
  3. I hope that board had names of all new songs to be released with Axl on vocals...thats all I want
  4. He wouldnt block anything unless that board had to do with Guns album... How much hype is there about a Loaded album???? Hahah come on... Whats frustrating its that its taking sooooo fkn long
  5. You surely need to listen more Buckethead...he has that intense buildup and melodic noodling but he has PLENTY of just melodic and that soulful feel in his catalogue.... You thank me later!!!
  6. Paris 92, Buenos Aires 92, Rio 91 and Rock Am Ring 2006
  7. The latest select was the best we can expect from this Axl and Slash...Faaaaar from their prime but great for their age. Now cut the BS and give us new music
  8. Its amazing that some fans want to insist on a live album of the same old songs, performed much worst than they did at their prime. JUST A SUGGESTION: START A CAMPAIGN FOR A NEW RECORD!!!!!!!!!!
  9. So you want us to give them an excuse to release something instead of new material.... PLEASE DONT
  10. What a topic...I tend to recieve bad reactions to my opinion about Slash actual playing. I wanna make clear Slash has always been my favorite guitar player. I know he cant play like Bucket or Malmsteen or Gilbert or Satriani...but his melodies and note choices made him number 1 for me. That said...its been quite a long time since I lost the appeal for his live playing. His UYI tour days were the best of the best for me. Just compare his version of DTJ or Godfather from those days or even KOHD and try comparing them to whatever he plays nowadays. This I love was HORRENDOUS, Y
  11. I didnt like Slashs solo at all...god I wish we could get the old slash back...hope Axl makes him record enough takes of whatver he will put into his songs in orden to get our Slash back
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