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  1. KK is one of the best heavy metal guitar players of all time, no doubt about it... For me, he's up there with Adrian Smith, Mustaine and Hetfield
  2. I know we would all want new music from scratch with axls vocals from 2016 onwards just to know how he sounds in studio. That said, if vocals already recorded are the best he can sound, I’ll take those happily. Hardschool vocals sound great, they shouldnt be changed. Im more concerned about what these guys (Axl+Slash) can bring to the table together as a band again. And that would obviously mean actual vocals as well
  3. When Axl sings in his trademark voice he goes back to being the best voice to ever grab a mic in the RnR/Hard Rock world… Just the GOAT
  4. Yeah with new vocals with more rasp sort of like Angel Downs Axls vocals…that would turn a great song into a memorable one
  5. I liked the demo, and liked this new version. Axls vocals are great, why chenge them just for them to be from nowadays. Give me Axls rasp in any form and I’ll be happy. This is a good song to start with…what makes me a bit sad its that its nothing new for us hardcore fans, we already heard a version of this a long time ago. However, I hope we get a full album in the near future
  6. Did she say anything else???? Did it sound like the leaked version???
  7. Is that you Doctor Evil? How’s it going?? 👍🏻

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    2. Yowza!


      Haha.. are you the dude in Brazil that did a cover of Patience with me a few years back? I was pretty sure it was you but apologies if not! 😂

    3. Alejandro GNR

      Alejandro GNR

      Hahhahaa no, im from Argentina my friend. Im sorry!!!

    4. Yowza!


      😂 Whoops! My bad.  He is also called Alejandro and I was pretty confident that was his username - guess not! I will have to find out his proper username now! Sorry to have bothered you, quite funny tho! 👍🏻

  8. It would be much easier for Axl to sing Perhaps or SoG rather than Hardschool
  9. Am i the only one who cant make a note out of Meegans last ig videos? Thats supposed to be HS?
  10. I loved Axl singing Honky Tonk Woman, but that Axl’s voice doesnt live anymore
  11. Is there anything else aparte from the little clip that was going around the last time which was just the intro?
  12. Im stunned that they chose the worst of the vault songs to play as “new”. UNBELIEVABLE I hope this was a joke for us diehard fans who have been demanding ANYTHING newish
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