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  1. For me, I guess they sound the same... I believe Axl is the one with the special material and Slash can make that even better, not the other way round. But who knows?
  2. But in Rio 2001 he looked ok...is it possible to change so much in that short amount of time?? He did look weird at the nba finals
  3. I may be one of Axls biggest fans out there, but let's be honest guys, any material from 2017-2020 will sound more or less the same. There wont be any good Estranged, SCOM, NR, etc performances. One can be a bit better than another but that's it. If we got more 90's footage no one would ever play "Play" on this videos again
  4. Does Gibbo have good information??? I need good news after Maradona’s death in order to pump my heart my joy
  5. GREAT ALBUM...some songs may among the best of Metallica (Spit Out The Bone as my favorite)
  6. It would be ridicoulous to throw away any good ideas from Axl just because it was written years ago... Perhaps, Hardschool, Atlas and specially State of Grace are GREAT songs that can be released adding some Slash to it...It would be pretty dumb to throw them away
  7. SOOOOOOO BAD.... God we fans know about suffering Do tou guys think a surprise release would have effect on the general public??? Not us fans, we’ll be there supporting these mfcks but would it work for the masses???
  8. I believe music is already done...its a matter of whether Axl decides to release it or not
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