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  1. Doug said Axl just did some touches but didnt overdub complete songs...I stopped the video after that. Do this people think we are stupid??! COME ON, there are obvious re recorded vocals on entire songs like RQ, PTU, Nightrain, My Michelle, half of YCBM, half of Estranged... Im pissed
  2. All their songs sound the same to me...Myles bores me to death in SMKC, I kinda like him better in AB. Slashs seems to repeat himself a lot...he definitely needs Axl to push his limits again
  3. TREMENDOUS BAND...Halford has an insane vocal capacity, Tipton and KK...just WOW
  4. Everytime I feel frustrated about the lack of new music I go to htgth forum and read all the positive comments out there hahahaha its amazing how Jarmo defends every senseless move made by TB...hilarious
  5. Have we got any clue of the supposed Slash guitar track on the pinball???
  6. Absolutely agree but design something new, you dont need to replace the original cross logo... Just make something that represents the new line up...they are waaaaay too lazy
  7. The extended AFD cross is as disrespectful to their history as it may get.... WTF are they thinking about?!?!?!
  8. At first the second video gave the impression of rerecorded live DTJ... But its not, thank god
  9. We heard it through fan filmed videos..:Im not sure I want to listen to the soyndboard of those performances hahahaha What does Axl think of his actual vocals??? Now thats an answer Id be interested in hearing
  10. I hope that board had names of all new songs to be released with Axl on vocals...thats all I want
  11. He wouldnt block anything unless that board had to do with Guns album... How much hype is there about a Loaded album???? Hahah come on... Whats frustrating its that its taking sooooo fkn long
  12. You surely need to listen more Buckethead...he has that intense buildup and melodic noodling but he has PLENTY of just melodic and that soulful feel in his catalogue.... You thank me later!!!
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