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  1. This would be a good result imo, and not unrealistic. But the thing I can't understand is, if they are going to play a new song, why wouldn't they announce/play/release it before the tour?? A new song would undoubtedly sell a few more tickets (even just through sheer exposure).
  2. GNR Songs(or TSI songs): Locomotive, dead horse, don't damn me, IRS, Street of Dreams , Perfect crime Human being, hair of the dog or ain't it fun are all songs I really love off TSI Would love Don't Cry .alt to get an airing too Covers: Some ACDC song Rock the Rock (just for the fun factor) Also Axl would nail this, turn clean voice to 11
  3. A lot of bands have been releasing make up/hair lines, just imagine Chinese Democracy red eyeshadow November Rain blue hair dye The possibilities are endless.
  4. I just hope they're really well rested and hungry to get back out there and shake the set up. There's potential for these shows to be great.
  5. Sounds awesome! Hope this is from them combing through the UYI vault. That's a shame about Lori though. I've thought for the longest time that they should have an acoustic B-stage in the middle of the set.
  6. This is so Amazing. Exactly what I pictured in my mind for the coffee table book.
  7. I like the idea of doing reviews of old shows They're fun to read
  8. When I heard Slash play the TIL solo for the first time (First Vegas Show) I thought "THATS what the solo was always meant to sound like" However he has added a lot more noodling to his performances since 2018.
  9. Wow, I think that takes the crown as the best selects so far. A mix of deep cuts and hits with really good performances from Axl. They really seem to have finally found their stride with the last few selects.
  10. He probably is! He used to do operatic warm ups
  11. If there's lots of spare tickets will they upgrade yours? That would be a nice little bonus
  12. Wow potentially a rare good marketing move, putting out a (hopefully 2016) selects to promote the upcoming tour. Still a few hits that haven't been put in selects yet Patience Don't Cry The Seeker All generally sound pretty good so hopefully they end up in this. Let's all get our GNR socks on and watch another selects
  13. At the very least it shows they would have him again, he hasn't been excommunicated from the church of GNR
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