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  1. It just makes no sense why Axl goes for the thin falsetto to sing the entirety of this song. We know he could easily sing it in a deeper voice that he could project better. Why does he do this?!
  2. Dude it's 2020 It's simply baffling the vocal choice he makes for the LALD verses. He kills the screams then goes to a really weak delivery, and has done since 2001!!
  3. Quite enjoyed this selects, great song selection. Generally a pretty good 2019 performance and the actually managed to get an NA crowd up moving, quite the feat. Proportionately more footage of Axl(good!) yet they still seem to be trying to put as little video of him as possible in there. One thing I'll say is that by focussing the footage on the stationary members of the band it makes them seem rooted to the spot. Yet you can see from the wide shots that Axl covers the whole stage. Just a weird side effect of their video editing. A good selects to end the year on, top 3
  4. Cool, Glad that SOYL will get an airing. Nice they end the year with something at least.
  5. I want to do a long topic post about how the GNR reunion compares to Liam's comeback. Compare how Liam courted the hardcore fans, worked to improve his vocals and the constant releases to how GNR are managed.
  6. I find Axl and Hetfield interesting opposites in terms of vocal ability at the moment. Hetfield has a great "base" voice that he can use throughout most songs, but struggles a bit when moving outside of that. While Axl tends to ace the "explosive" parts of songs (LALD screams etc) but struggles to find a consistent, good sounding, voice to use for the verses and such.
  7. A fair assessment but Jagger doesn't do the same level of vocals as either Axl or Tyler. Aerosmith put on a great show. And part of that is that they've created a great backing vocal 'illusion' that lifts Tyler's already great voice. Someone suggested more prominence of background vocals and that would maybe be a great idea for some songs. Once example I can think of is Paradise City. WHY is the NITL way of playing the song harder to sing (the intro in particular) that the recorded version!?
  8. I think the number one thing that needs to be done, is that Axl has to have a top to bottom review of HOW he sings each song. From using weird vocally tiring techniques on parts that should just be sung lower and/or clean (Nightrain verses) to trying to sing parts of songs too high (Estranged, November Rain) he is just spreading his voice too thin. This even goes to the likes of Mr Brownstone, why does he sing this so high? The voice from the breakdown in ISE should be used far more. A nice powerful vocal that retains the dynamics with screams. Go listen to Nightrain from the
  9. I think Slash's guitar from Wichita Lineman might be pregnant after that... Like this Select, a pretty good showing of a 2019 gig. The 2020 delay in touring might actually be to GNR's benefit in the long run, Axl's voice sounds tired, good, but tired.
  10. Excited for GNR to finally post something Hope they've picked a good show, looks like it's from 2019. We got Locomotive too.
  11. Always glad when they post these. Though it's very odd that they just keep throwing these out at random. Why not announce it at the start of the week?
  12. Was listening to some bits N' pieces from ACDC discussing their new album. Angus was saying that covid had led to them releasing the album later than they wanted. Would make sense that IF guns intended to release an album they would be impacted too, and also their label would probably try to avoid ACDC as chart competition.
  13. Jesus Mists of Time is solid gold.
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