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  1. The UI is making me wish we'd got that planned GNR Guitar Hero game. That would have been awesome.
  2. The footage used for the locomotive video is so much better than previous ones. Interesting that they used the first performance from 2019 as the subsequent times they played it were definitely better (same for dead horse). Hopefully we get Dead Horse too.
  3. They uploaded the individual tracks done from Selects so far on YouTube, easier to find the song you want.
  4. Indeed. They need to start making more 'high-end' merch that isn't thousands of dollars in pinball machines. It's certainly possible. roughly 200 pages long and a hard cover would be cool. No need for it to be excessively expensive.
  5. When Meegan posted that Slash was working on something top secret I hoped against hope that it was new GNR music. Seems it must be the instrumental track on this. That's a cursed monkey-paw wish right there.
  6. I will never get over how ugly that shirt was. They genuinely thought that was a good idea.
  7. It would be a great way to relaunch them to a new generation on a wide scale. However Slash is on record as opposing the idea (because this band seems to literally hate good publicity). Whatever happened to that planned biopic for GNR announced years ago?
  8. The inclusion of ACDC on the Iron Man 2 soundtrack was a genius marketing move. Managed to get their music into a totally new generation of fans. Obviously they didn't know how big Marvel films would get but even so, smart licensing of their catalogue is something GNR need to learn. GNR really need to either get their songs attached to a successful film/Netflix series or they need to produce a 'The Dirt' style biopic. Neither of which they will do. Agreed. ACDC's charm is their simplicity. Band's should take what their fans want to hear into account, at least somewhat.
  9. They really need to release a 'when do we get a new GNR album' themed tarot deck or magic 8-ball. So at least we know they're in on the joke.
  10. Tbf I don't mind them finally giving some minor benefit to having Nightrain (even if it's just the ability to spend more money). Some cool stuff there. Have they said anything about rolling over Nightrain memberships to next year? Considering the main appeal (early tickets) cannot be accessed? They should start doing 'loot-boxes' of unsold merch. Like $25 a month to get a random t-shirt+keychain tat, with a random chance to get the higher end stuff thrown in.
  11. The repeated-revelation that Trump is a GNR fanboy is certainly one I didn't see coming. Maybe he posts here
  12. Literally the reason I bought it. Wish there was a version of "dust in the wind" on there too!! Love the re-recorded vocals but wish the 'Live Era' was 100% live and they'd released the newer vocals as a separate album. This guy knows what's up. Best performance of TIL too.
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