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  1. The video from that clip looked very good, may very well be for a proper video. GNR really need to start releasing official videos for their singles to not do so is resulting in them being punished by the algorithm. Same reason why they should be uploading more frequently (lyric videos etc)
  2. Passed 1,000,000 views on the official audio today (woo hoo ) I really hope they release anything for an official video to help boost the single, and get the song in some spotify rock playlists ASAP. Interviews would also help, why does Axl hate promoting songs he spends decades on?
  3. It is so surreal to see an ad for a new GNR single in Times Square
  4. Awesome that Hard Skool has gone into the set list! for a first performance it wasn’t too bad
  5. I hope GNR really continue to support Hard Skool Get an official video out, some live performances on late night shows, interviews etc. Even add some new 'Hard Skool-ed' US dates since the band seems State-bound until 2022.
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUTCj7oFoWp/ New Aus & Nz Dates And they mention Hard Skool in the caption! Unreal times to be a GNR fan
  7. It’d be cool if we started getting these EP’s for different tour legs. A couple new songs and a couple live cuts. maybe add some of the covers.
  8. I’d actually rate this the number 1 rocker from CD! Miles above anything on that album (and I love CD), way more immediate and has a strong chorus.
  9. Cool that the ep rumours seem to kind of be true. More GNR releases will always be good in my book. Surprised it’s don’t cry and you’re crazy instead of any of the covers. The seeker and lineman would also have slipped in really well. Throw on all the covers from nitl and we’ve got the spaghetti incident pt 2
  10. Wow new GNR music on a physical disk!! Isn't this one of the signs of the apocalypse? Is it overpriced? Yes Will I buy it? Too F'N right That CD single is going to be great!
  11. Agreed, I think people here just like to complain about mixes endlessly. I’m sure if people go looking for things they could have done differently in the mix they’ll find them. But the song still kicks ass.
  12. Spot on! GNR fans haven’t had it so good in years. And when it finally gets good how do some react? With needlessly pedantic moaning
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