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  1. Very true, you can see and hear a lot more energy in this performance. 2016-2017 had lots of momentum and managed to re-establish GNR as a major act. I very much wonder if the 2018 tour was driven by the the AfD remaster?
  2. They finally did it, they put out an awesome selects. Camera work was so much better, and band was tight. Plus "Used to Love Her" and Rocket Queen
  3. Glad they are keeping these going in 2021 WTTJ will sound mega
  4. Such an exciting time, hearing clips from them together again was awesome. FWIW today is possibly THE best possible day to release the Troubadour footage (Or at least a few Selects) but I can bet we'll get nothing instead.
  5. Personally I really liked the selects. They represented a rare instance of the band producing something for the fans during a dry spell when no other content was coming out. It'd be nice if we could start getting a "Selects" between the legs of tours to showcase the best performances. HOWEVER the fact that there used to be countless fan channels that produced far more content of a much higher quality is simply ridiculous. GNR has such a passionate fanbase that would be more than happy to comb through old performances and find the best (no fan would have picked mostly 2018-2019 for instanc
  6. Back in 2008 Gilby Clarke featured in the video for "I Don't Care" by Fall Out Boy alongside a bandana wearing 'rocker' that, to me, would seem to be an Axl stand in? Pete Wentz is a big GNR fan so he would understand the implication. Was there ever any indication Axl was onboard with this? As it seems kind of weird that the stand in looks like 2009 Axl as opposed to either a 90's or 2006 style. Just a bit of GNR related media that has always interested me.
  7. It's certainly been a while since the last one. They've still got to put out WTTJ, Patience and Don't Cry in terms of 'hits'
  8. FWIW Meegan now has a tiktok account https://www.tiktok.com/@meeganhodges?lang=en Some videos of them playing the new pinball machine
  9. Track list aside I think the album should have been out 2002 at the latest. From the start Nu-GNR was doomed to fail when it didn't have a record of their own to promote. If Axl truly wanted a 'new' era for GNR he'd have had CD out, have it make up the majority of the setlist, and play smaller venues. CD should have been the radio-friendly/casual introduction to the new band which could have been followed up by experimental albums once they'd established themselves. I think Going Down would actually have been a better "single" than anything on CD in terms of casual appeal, th
  10. It just makes no sense why Axl goes for the thin falsetto to sing the entirety of this song. We know he could easily sing it in a deeper voice that he could project better. Why does he do this?!
  11. Dude it's 2020 It's simply baffling the vocal choice he makes for the LALD verses. He kills the screams then goes to a really weak delivery, and has done since 2001!!
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